A Fixed Star to Guide You

A Self-Study Odyssey with Fortune in Her many Faces.

Fortune has been called fickle, a whore, and a bitch but long before she was any of those she was a Goddess – deeply beloved.
Our relationship to Her was not one of simply demanding that she grace our lives with better luck or more money or the right lover.
Once upon a time our relationship with Fortune was one of reverence and honoring; one in which we learned from Her and through Her how to navigate troubled seas and calm tides alike throughout the journey of our lives.
And when we saw Fortune and Her many faces as something Divine, something that was not simply present for our benefit or detriment, but was instead one river of wisdom flowing over our lives; we discovered the deep mystery that lies at her heart – the mystery of Sovereignty.
In this three hour training we will work with the classic tale of Odysseus in exploring the many faces of Fortune and how they lead to ever deeper layers of Sovereignty so that you can grace your life with all of the gifts that Fortune truly has to offer.

Topics covered include:

The Open Sea: Purification, cleansing, removing “bad luck” and establishing right relationship with Fortune
A Stalwart Vessel: Fortune in flesh and blood
Mast and Spine: Finding Your Place on Fortune’s Wheel
Ropes and Wax: Practices, Tricks, and Techniques for attracting the good and repelling the bad
Crew and Companions: Offerings, Support, and Allies
A Fixed Star to Guide You: Magnetizing your Life
Lest you think that this will be an abstract training big on ideas and short on practical how-to’s, do be aware that we will focus on many concrete techniques, including working with lodestones, prayer and blessing, sacred names, and active imagination journeying.

Cost: $50

Format: Self-study course:
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5.) Make friends with Fortune



A Fixed Star To Guide You

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