A Thousand Magics ~ A Sacred Arts Sojourn in Santa Fe

Let’s make magic together this summer…in person! 

I am pleased to announce the first Sacred Arts Sojourn – a weekend of A Thousand Magics. Having taught virtual courses covering a wide variety of sacred arts to hundreds of students, I love and deeply value heart-to-heart work with people around the world through my online community.

Bringing deep intention and attention to the work we do is what matters most. Our connections are real, vital and growing – not at all ‘virtual.’

But one of the persistent questions I have been asked is: When are you offering live, in-person, teaching? The answer, my friends, is this summer, 2017!

What are we doing + What are you getting?

During this training weekend we are going to touch upon all the Sacred Arts. But we’re going to do more than this. The Sacred Arts are not isolated practices: they lead to, complement and support one another.

Our focus for this training is the inherent unity found within the Sacred Arts. I want you to walk away inspired and ready to get to work with answers to the questions:

What would a complete Sacred Arts practice look like in my life?

What tangible benefits might such a practice bring and how would it help support a greater sense of wholeness into my daily life?

Each participant will take home multiple magical goodies, ritual tools, a very special bag of swag, and participate in a pilgrimage to one of my favorite sacred shrines.

Speaking of relationships, this is one of the most essential aspects of committing to in-person experiences: the community of like-minded souls that comes together leads to life-long friendships – the Sacred Arts were never meant to be practiced in a vacuum, social or otherwise, so come and meet your friends and make some new ones!

Need a refresher on the Sacred Arts?

The Sacred Arts as I have practiced and taught them throughout my life hold as their end lives that are whole, healthy, and holy.

They are interrelated disciplines like storytelling, ritual and ceremony, and dreams and divination that may be called woo-woo or “new age” but they are decidedly ancient, cornerstones of civilization and culture, your undeniable birthright as well as one of the foundations for the creative future that belongs to each of us.

It is through an understanding of both the range and depth of the Sacred Arts that we live a life where we know how to see, discover, and engage with a thousand magics.

So…is this a retreat?

This is not a retreat – we are not spending a weekend together in gorgeous Santa Fe in order to withdraw from life but rather to receive training in the tools and approaches necessary to engage fully with the waking world while remaining firmly rooted in the Sacred Arts and the practices they inspire.

This is a sojourn, a journey that will occur in time beyond time and place beyond place so that you leave ready to rock the here and the now.

This is also a training, meaning that you will leave our weekend with inner and outer tools able to support you in your soulful seeking.

Why Santa Fe?

We are going to take this blessed journey in one of my absolute favorite places and home away from home, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Santa Fe is beloved by many and it is an especially appropriate locale for A Thousand Magics. This training is going to focus on bringing the Sacred Arts together in theory and practice, and Santa Fe is one of the places that gives physical and concrete illustration to how that looks and feels.

For the city of Santa Fe (named in honor of St. Francis of Assisi) is a crossroads of many kinds where the waking world and the Otherworld walk hand in hand. It is a cultural crossroads boasting traditions from various Pueblo tribes, old Spanish land-grant families, Mexican-Americans, Europeans, and Anglo-Americans.

It is an artistic crossroads featuring one of the most famous art avenues in the world and one of the two art biennials that occur in the United States. It is also a culinary crossroads boasting some of the best food and drink in the world.

Located in the high mountain desert of New Mexico, Santa Fe is framed by mountain ranges that all play a part in tribal origin stories and there is much about this town that is truly original.

Will there be space during the weekend to explore and just have fun?

I have participated and led my fair share of in-person events and one of the aspects that always aggravates me is how they can feel filled to the brim with class time and active sessions leaving no time to explore. Now maybe if you are in a boring conference center that makes sense but we are going to be in SANTA FE!!!

There are amazing restaurants, miraculous staircases, the mountains, and let’s not forget, 10,000 Waves (Best. Spa. Ever.)We are going to spend a lot of time together but I have also created a schedule that ensures that each participant will have time to explore and go wherever their noses (or tummies) might lead them.

About our meeting space…

Our weekend together will unfold in the gorgeous Pomegranate Studios. Pomegranate is a very special dance and event space in the heart of Santa Fe. It is easily walkable from several incredible restaurants, an excellent Whole Foods, and the world famous Santa Fe Farmer’s Market.

Pomegranate is also within close proximity to numerous lodging choices from a very lovely and inexpensive hostel to the deluxe Hotel de Santa Fe – with our meeting location there are lodging and dining choices that fit every budget.The studio is handicap accessible, offers free parking, and lives on top of a beloved Santa Fe bakery (you can tell Santa Fe is a very foodie town!)

Sample Schedule:

Please note that this schedule reflects the blocks of time we will spend together but that specific activities may change.

Friday: August 4th 7pm – 9pm – establishing sacred space story telling and magic making.

Saturday: August 5th 10am – 1pm (morning session) – discussion, divination, working with signs and omens.

Saturday: August 5th 1pm-4pm – unscheduled time to explore/enjoy/rest.

Saturday: August 5th 4pm – 7pm (evening session) – Candles, Cards, Pilgrimage to sacred site.

Saturday: August 5th 7pm and after – unscheduled time to explore/enjoy/rest.

Sunday: August 6th 9am – 12noon – Dream discussion and analysis, Active Imagination Journey, magic making, Storytelling, Closing space, and departure

When: August 4th – 6th (Friday – Sunday)

Where: Santa Fe, New Mexico at Pomegranate Studios

Cost: $350

Included in the cost: all materials for activities, 3 days of instruction, light snacks and beverages throughout the weekend.

Not included in the cost: lodging, meals, and transportation.

Are spaces limited: Yes. I have 24 spots available and they will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Refunds: due to the need to plan far in advance to create a beautiful and magical experience for all participants please note that there are NO refunds, however, if a last minute emergency comes up you can offer your place to someone else.


A Thousand Magics

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