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Briana Saussy is a writer, teacher, and spiritual counselor, and is part of a growing community of soulful seekers.  People who are drawn to Briana’s work want a practical and creative approach to spirituality.  They are open to the spiritual riches of the world religions, as well as the contributions of modern psychology to man’s search for meaning; but they feel a need to explore the often overlooked and forgotten regions of folk divination, magic and storytelling practices. Briana’s work speaks to anyone who is looking for range and comprehensiveness of vision, which is required for a genuinely pragmatic approach to spirituality.  She is well-grounded in the world’s great religious and intellectual traditions, as well as western psychological practices. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Eastern and Western classics, philosophy, mathematics and science from St. John’s College (Annapolis and Santa Fe), and is a student of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit.

The Unity of the Sacred Arts

Let us suppose you finally discover or even just acknowledge you don’t want to have kids; or that you are a man who loves other men; or a woman who loves other women; or that your parents abused you or neglected you as a child; or you find so many other things — what then? The Sacred Arts can help us – not just survive – but thrive with this knowledge.   They can help identify the one or two real questions you are terrified to ask – but need to.  And they can aid in finding real solutions to real practical problems – problems of love and relationship, problems of work and of money.  They can open up choices where we thought there were none at all.  They help us find the maps leading to the greatest hidden treasures of our life.  The Sacred Arts can support our ability to live the life we were meant to live – a magical, wondrous and shining life. Briana Saussy’s fundamental standpoint is that a great body of interrelated sacro-magical practices, which have been the global norm in human civilizations, was thrust into the darkness, “occulted”,  as a consequence of complex historical factors.  Far from being eccentric and fringe, this body of practices, she contends, offer very basic ways in which ordinary people from around the world, so often those without power and influence, were able to empower themselves and seek meaning and guidance through the perilous terrain of human life.  What is popularly rejected as superstition, Briana Saussy sees as entryways and springboards into a grounded and pragmatic spirituality that leads to personal sovereignty, and to a life of wholeness, holiness, and healing.
All too often, these sacro-magical practices or Sacred Arts are treated in isolation from one another, but in fact, they are a community of practices that mutually support and correct one another.  They are a body of arts and practices anyone can learn, just as we learn to read, write and count, or learn how to paint and draw. They are: -Prayer, Blessing and MeditationRitual and Ceremony Divination, Dreams and AstrologyMagic and Alchemy Cleansing and Purification Right Relationship Lineage and Legacy Briana’s scholarly and practical work in counseling and teaching aims to piece together the fragments, clear away the sedimentation, and show how the seven Sacred Arts can be put to effective use for soulful seekers in the 21st century.  Her work is dedicated to introducing the life-changing power of the Sacred Arts to a mainstream modern world without compromising the integrity and excellence of those practices. In her one-on-one counseling capacity for individuals, in her writing and teaching with and through the Sacred Arts, Briana is a big believer in the adage “give a person a fish, and it will last for a day; teach a person how to fish, and there will be fish for a lifetime.”   She does not offer a dogma, a silver-bullet solution or a rationalistic system falsely promising amazing transformation in ten easy steps – or a simple formula. Magic only works if we do, she says. Her practice is built upon a strong foundation of respect for: 1. The sovereignty, creative and questioning capacity of the people whom she counsels and teaches. 2. The perennial wisdom of the world’s great religious and philosophical teachings and practices. 3. The contributions of the science of psychology to our concrete understanding of the human soul. 4. Forgotten and unseen or “occulted” folk traditions of magic, divination, and storytelling. There are many ways people can work with Briana. Briana teaches a year-long introductory class on Sacred Arts and storytelling called Spinning Gold. For those interested in developing Tarot mastery, and who want to make Tarot their own, Briana offers a powerful program called 20 Question Tarot.  Briana also offers an immersive mentor training known as the Miracle Tree Sessions. For those who desire in-depth one-on-one work, or who would like a more customized learning experience with the Sacred Arts, Briana works one-on-one in a counseling capacity for individuals, with and through the Sacred Arts. In addition to teaching, Briana writes a lunar letter which goes out to her community on a bi-monthly basis. Her blog Canto features cumulative writings on a variety of sacred arts topics.  Her writing has also been featured in Elephant Journal, Kind Over Matter, Orion Magazine, Tiny Buddha, Amulet Magazine, Plant Healer Magazine, and various books. She also sends out daily blessings because she thinks the world has too much in the way of advice and not nearly enough in the way of blessing A final thread from Briana’s story: Briana comes from a diverse lineage of South Texas – from Scotch-Irish, Cherokee and Chickasaw, to Mexican and Jewish roots – which has informed her own direct experience with survivals of fragmented folk magic and storytelling traditions. She lives in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas with her husband and five-year-old son, two dogs, and three birds. Beyond conversations that make her think, sweet kisses from her beloved, and good times her family, she finds that strong coffee, good dirt, and true words are some of the best things in life. Is Briana speaking your language? Stay In Touch! While Bri is not on social media you can stay in touch with her by subscribing to her newsletters or emailing her directly at