Celestial Happenings-Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Retrograde-oh my!

Divination and Dreams


ear Miracles: When I opened my inbox yesterday I had an unusual event — client after client was sad, frustrated, and confused. Feeling all of these…feelings, and yes unable to communicate them! It was just a whole big mess! On Monday I wrote about healing a broken heart — somewhat presciently I suppose. (Imagine that!) And as I heard the sad stories I paused, looked up at the sky, squinted my eyes and nodded sagely. I know what’s going on (or at least part of it) and I thought I would share it with you.

1.) Sun moved into Pisces — yesterday 2/18/13 at 6:02 am central time to be precise. Pisces is the sign of FEELING! Most of my readers know that I am married to a Pisces, my little boy is a Pisces, and my ascendent is also in Pisces. So I am somewhat of an expert.

The heavenly manifestation of Pisces occurs through art, music, dreams, and salvation. Pisces is here to synthesize and to save.

The hellish aspects of Pisces deals with escapism, addiction, imprisonment, and styling oneself as a victim. It’s easy for Pisces to be pushovers and get themselves into tangled nets then feel sorry for themselves without reflecting on how their actions contributed to their state of unhappiness.

The mode of Pisces is feeling. The fish feels deeply, completely, and in some cases overwhelmingly. No matter where Pisces is in your own natal chart, this emotional, feeling, creative energy is around all of us right now making us feel a bit softer and more open-a bit more raw, but also more honest.


2.) Mercury goes into retrograde on 2/23. I have written extensively about how to rock this period here — but given the Sun in Pisces, this Mercury in Retrograde promises to be especially tender. Remember, Mercury in Retrograde is a time when we refine, revise, and pay attention to loose ends. The loose ends in this case may be our deep feelings, dreams, and fragile hopes. The theme I am giving this period is seeking greater connection and understanding of the deep self.


3.) Full Moon in Virgo — tomorrow I will send out a newsletter with all the goodies about the upcoming full moon in Virgo. You can sign up here.

Generally speaking all the messiness of Sun in Pisces and Mercury in retrograde can lead to some amazing and deep insights that will feed your soul for the rest of the year. The full moon in Virgo is a wonderful way to represent those reminders to yourself and to create structures around them so that you may honor them more fully. Por example: if you realize that you quitting cello lessons was one of the biggest mistakes ever during this time, then the full moon in Virgo might be the perfect time to start lessons back up and pop them into your calendar.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a poem/prayer from Emily Dickinson-who captures the season moment so beautifully:


A light exists in Spring

Not present in the Year

At any other period—

When March is scarcely here


A Color stands abroad

On Solitary Fields

That Science cannot overtake

But Human Nature feels.


It waits upon the Lawn,

It shows upon the furthest Tree

Upon the furthest Slope you know

It also speaks to you.


Then as Horizons step

Or Noons report away

Without the Formula of soun

It passes and we stay—


A quality of loss

Affecting our Content

As Trade had suddenly encroached

Upon a Sacrament.

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