Beyond the Hedge

Foundational Techniques for Embracing the Liminal — Timeless art. Dance that glorifies and transcends the very body that makes it possible. Music that sings to skin, blood, bone, and soul. Poetry that sets one’s hair on fire for beauty. Philosophy that calls forth the truth. Prophecies that change history. Divine revelation. The dreams you have every night.

What do all of these things have in common?

They are sourced from the liminal, the space that is between and encompassing all space, the time that is beyond and containing all time. This is a realm of imagination, magic, inspiration, and mysticism; it is the liminal.

For thousands of years sacred artists of many stripes, faiths, and traditions have worked within the liminal, developing various ways and means of journeying into otherworld and then returning to the world here and now, bearing gifts of culture, beauty, discovery, medicine, and creativity that may be shared with the whole community.

One of the most damaging ideas we have in modern day mysticism is that only the special, anointed, supremely talented few can cross the threshold between this world and the other world. That only a few can dance in the liminal or make sense of the medial. So it is that, usually somewhere in early adolescence, we put down our pens because someone told us we would never put bread on the table by writing poems anyway, we started talking only to ourselves because our prayers annoyed the neighbors, we skipped out on after school band practice because we were “good enough” and never going to be great. So it is that many, far too many of us settle into jobs and clothes, lives and relationships that don’t fit quite right.

And our hearts bleed a little bit every day. And we bravely swallow back or straight up ignore the tears that live behind our eyes, and every now and then we get brave enough to ask if something could, might be, could possibly be just a bit different, better, brighter…and then we close the door on that question just as soon as we opened it because it feels like there is no point and no use.

Let us decide here and now to put a stop to that.

In older times one way of talking about someone who could travel into the liminal realms was to say that they went “beyond the hedge”, an old idiom meaning that they could travel beyond what was safe and known into territory that held mystery, magic, and great promise.
In this class we are going to explore a handful of foundational techniques for crossing into and exploring the liminal. These are techniques that have been taught to me beginning in early childhood and that I have refined and developed through the years of my own practice and work with clients. They include:

Beholding the Body: learning to listen to the intuitive wisdom of the body.

The Ties that Bind: working with the simplest of materials — ropes, lassos, cords, and knots — in a liminal and magical manner.

Encountering the Daemon: discovering the world of allies and spirit guides and what it has in store for you.

Our lives are meant to be inspired and enlivened. It is time to learn how to journey beyond the hedge, beyond what is safe, and bring your dreams to life.

Beyond the Hedge is a three part self-study class.

You’ll receive three mp3s of our class calls, and the companion book in PDF.

Price: $300

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