Blessing Ways

It is time for reverence to become more radical, in the deepest and truest sense, it is time for us to go down to the roots of what we hold most sacred.

It is time for us to collectively and individually bring all that is healing, whole-making, and holy into our daily lives and practices. It is time to ally ourselves with the great freedoms and devotions that the sacred art of prayer presents.

It is time for blessing ways.

We all know this. We feel it in our bones and the tension just between our shoulder blades when we read the headlines of any given paper on any given day. We hear it in the edge that comes into our voice whenever we see yet another wild area destroyed, We sense it when the glory of a sunrise pulls at our gut and makes us gasp in adoration.

We need, all of us, more in the way of blessing.
We need, all of us, more in the way of prayer.

So how, and where, do we begin?

Let us begin right here and right now. Let us play in the traditionally very magical and liminal space at the end of the year and come to a truer understanding of how prayers and blessings really work, how we can integrate them more fully into our lives right here and now, not just on special occasions but every single day.

It is clear to me, clear to many of the sacred artists I most respect and admire, that there is no time to lose when it comes to prayer and blessing. If you have ways and means of blessing yourself and others already, then wonderful, this class will help you explore those ways and perhaps give you one or two new ideas.

If the idea of prayer is one that confuses or alienates you then know that you are not alone, and that there are simple ways to come into right relationship with the art of prayer.

There is no charge for Blessing Ways — it is a gift that I offer in love and in gratitude to all of those in my community. There is however a price of admission: I ask that all who participate in Blessing Ways share whatever they might learn with those they love, their own communities, and all who touch their lives.

Blessing Ways is a gift self-study class.

You’ll receive an mp3 of our class call, and the companion book in PDF.

Price: Free!

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