December Astro RX

Divination and Dreams


ear Miracles,

December is upon us and there are lots of exciting celestial events happening, so let us dive right in.

12/6: Full Moon in Gemini — see the lunar letter for the full details.

  • Remember: Connection, not just communication.
  • Make magic: Honey Jars.
  • Ask: What does real connection feel like?


12/8: Jupiter Retrograde — see full article on Jupiter Retrograde for details.

  • Remember: Abundance is a teacher too.
  • Make magic: Banish all unwanted/un-needed debt. Contact me for details.
  • Ask: What and how is abundance teaching me?


12/10: Venus into Capricorn — Venus is the planet of love and pleasure. Capricorn is the sign of hard work, endurance, and leaving a legacy that matters.

  • Remember: Do what you love.
  • Make magic: Talisman for enduring love and legacy.
  • Ask: How does my love inform my legacy?


12/15: Uranus exactly square Pluto — this may feel like the Grand Cardinal Cross we experienced in April 2014.

  • Remember: There is no healing without tension
  • Make magic: Devotional candle for the clarity to see what needs to be released and the bravery to let it go.
  • Ask: What is ready to transform?


12/21: Winter Solstice/Sun into Capricorn/New Moon in Capricorn — The Sun returns! Traditionally a time of great celebration, the Winter Solstice also marks the sun’s entry into Capricorn and the New Moon in Capricorn.

  • Remember: Honor what you have created this year.
  • Make magic: Business building and business honoring ceremony
  • Ask: What does right work look like right now?


12/23: 23: Saturn into Sagittarius — Commit to what matters most in order to maximize your overall freedom.

  • Remember: Commitment is the other side of freedom.
  • Make magic: Attract the right teacher/guide.
  • Ask: What am I ready to learn? What am I ready to know?


PS: Don’t forget about Omen Days at the end of December!


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