You’ve gone lunar! Hi there beautiful subscriber!

I have been in the online business world long enough to know that most of the “freebies” offered with newsletter subscriptions are pretty lame. And…I don’t like lame.

What I do like, what I love, is really getting to know you a little bit, saying hi and how are you and hearing a bit about your story.

Best way to do that? Let’s flip some cards together!

This is a special mini-reading that I call the Wonderment Reading. The goal is simple: to give you some rapid clarity on what you most need to know about right now.

Ask your big, little, naggingly persistent question right here. I’ll get back to you with a one card reading via email or audio recording depending on your preference.

Depending on my workload turn around time ranges from 48 hours to 7 business days.

Thanks for stopping by, reading my words, and sharing in the Sacred.

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