Join Me for a Weekend of Making Magic In the Woods!

Making Magic: Weaving Together The Everyday and the Extraordinary ~Into the Woods Edition~

A gorgeous weekend in the Redwood Forest of Santa Cruz, CA ~ Friday, June 26th – Sunday June 28th 2020

Retreat Details

Join me as I take Making Magic on the road and into the forest this June!

The Wild Wood is a powerful archetypal image and actual place when it comes to telling stories and making magic. There is a reason that so many witches in enchanted cottages can be found only in the deep woods, a reason why so many journeys in story and in life do not really begin until we enter the deep forests in our physical world and in our soul soil.

That’s why I am so thrilled to announce my first retreat of 2020 – Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary ~Into the Woods! I have longed to be able to present some of the core teachings from my best-selling book and expand on them in a place that is both luxurious and magic-filled and I am so delighted that the right place has made itself known. We will spend a weekend in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, California at the most lovely retreat space, learning how to connect with the deep forest and wild woods within our psyches and across our physical lands. We will explore simple but powerful ways of making magic right here and right now that you can then carry back with you no matter where you live.

Discovering the unique Holy Helpers and allies that are available to us in this beautiful place? Yes!

Learning about fairy lore and how it relates to magic? Yes!

Brushing up on our divination skills and learning some new ones along the way? Yes!

Making our own forest-inspired potions? Yes!

We are doing it all.

This magical weekend will be centered around the truth that magic is all around us once we know how to look. We will dive deep with delicious exercises, work directly with the land spirits in the woods, and bring home a number of solid and simple practices, potions and recipes that can inform daily life here and now and wherever you go. There will be nourishing activity but also plenty of time for quiet reflection as we explore the woods within and without.

This retreat is perfect for those who are:

  • Are longing for  deeper and more consistent ways of relating to the natural world.
  • Want to learn about traditional ways of working with the forest as gateway and doorway into the liminal Otherworld.
  • Desire to explore the wild forest in myth, magic, and your own internal soul psyche.
  • Would like to learn how to make all kinds of delicious forest-based magic including sacred sprays, incenses, oils, essences, and more.
  • Need to be rejuvenated, refreshed, and revived from too much screen time and not enough tree time.
  • Long to learn about the relationship between magic and fairy lore.
  • Yearn to meet some of the Holy Helpers that are especially and uniquely available for us to work with in the wild woods.
  • Are ready to brush up on your divination skills.
  • Desire to learn ways of making simple and potent magic with the land around you – no matter where you live.

We will learn:

  • how to polish our divination skills and discover new ones.
  • how to make forest-inspired magical goodies.
  • rites for discovering and caring for the wild forest within us.
  • ceremonies for relating to the Holy Helpers and allies found in the deep wood.
  • how to create offering ceremonies that are in alignment with good land practices.
  • fairy lore and its special relationship to making magic.
  • how to make magic with simple objects found on the land.

The Setting

Our retreat location is in a literal magical forest nestled in the Redwoods in Santa Cruz at the gorgeous 1440 Multiversity. 1440 Multiveristy was built exclusively to host events just like this. The campus is gorgeous, the food is amazing (and organic and sustainably sourced), and it boasts a number of incredible extras – think: hiking trails, spa services, and much more…this is the perfect setting to support us in coming into contact with our own deep magic and bringing it fully into our lives right now and right here.