New Moon Notes: Scorpio Edition

Lunar Letter


he dark and luscious Scorpio New Moon arrives in all of her glory on November 11th and there is a lovely trine with Pluto and Jupiter which makes this a great time to continue our theme of Milk, Honey, Wealth and Money – although with the Scorpio flavor one would do well to focus on investments and inheritances as opposed to Taurus-ruled cash flow.

Useful questions to reflect upon (and perhaps divine upon) under Luna’s influence include:

  • What attitudes, beliefs, opinions and actions have I inherited from my family and community when it comes to money? (For more on this I highly recommend Fabeku’s Teletastic on UnF#&*ing your Money)
  • What does “investment” mean to me?
  • When I do decide to invest in something where do I put my resources and how do I show up?
  • What are the parts of my inheritance and lineage that I would rather not look at or deal with and how can I support myself in acknowledging their presence?

And now for some New Moon news…

Adventures in Soulful Seeking~

It has been busy at Casa Milagro Roots. I am getting ready to play auntie to my little sister’s first baby, we have been celebrating and feasting with our ancestors, and of course throwing a big Halloween bash for friends, family, and neighbors.

A lot of people think that if you miss Halloween/Samhain/Dia de los Muertos celebrations you miss the chance to connect with your ancestors. Not true. I find this liminal time of year from now until around January 1st to be a wonderful time to remember, bless and be blessed by our beloved dead. For those who want the full scoop on honoring Ancestors, check out my Evening with the Ancestors class. And if you would like some pointers on how to do an Ancestor-informed Tarot reading, go spend time with this post.

Over 200 folks joined in for a luminous community altar service on October 27th – I had so much fun doing this that I have decided to create another – this time it is for writers of words and those ready to find their true voice. Come join us in Here Be Dragons.

The Miracle Tree Sessions has closed for 2016 registration but you can still download the first lesson of the first module right here for free – my two most favorite daily practices are included in this teaching.

Out and About

Theresa and I will wrap up another fabulous year of Talking Shop shows on November 25th at 8pm cdt. Come join us for this end of the year wrap up! And never miss a Talking Shop show again – subscribe on iTunes today.

I LOVE the idea of best friends coming together to create a tiny town. This one is happening in Llano, Texas which is a beautiful area in the Texas Hill Country – neat!

In the mood for more feel good magic that also packs a punch? I highly recommend Randi Buckley’s Healthy Boundaries for Kind People course. I got to talk to Randi a couple of months ago on Talking Shop and I love her and her work – boundaries are a tough subject for so many people and I know Randi’s teachings are wise, kind, and honest.

This is a funny little piece that I came across last month. Within the humor I see something that I see more and more of: how the sacred arts are gently and firmly reasserting their role in the greater culture.

Still not ready to let Halloween go? Terri has written some wonderful articles on her blog Myth and Moor about the season.

Start with this one about the death of the year.

Then read this one about the folklore surrounding the connection between Hares and Witches.

Finish it off with a beautiful piece on Feeding one’s Daemon. (Those of you who have taken Beyond the Hedge will especially appreciate this piece).

In Spinning Gold this month we are working with the story of the Baba Yaga and young Vassilisa. This story is like many of the scarier fairy tales out there – one that has much to teach! For those in Spinning Gold (and for those who love the Baba Yaga) here is a fine poem by Midori Snyder and her daughter on the mysterious character.

Hoping you have a beautiful and blessed November!

In love and service,


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