Root and Bone Custom Ritual and Ceremonial Services

Magic. Ritual. Ceremony.

You know, the real stuff.

Candles, incense, prayers, and sumptuous altars.

I am very happy to once again offer custom ritual commissions for those of you who wish to imbue your life with a direct and potent infusion of pure magic.

Creating custom rituals and ceremonies is one of the most complex and gorgeous ways to bring so many of the Sacred Arts together.

This is not a journey for the faint of heart, the skeptic, or the person who says that they want transformation…but doesn’t really mean it.

This IS a journey for the courageous and creative soul who wants to improve their circumstances, give themselves a magical edge, and go even deeper in their spiritual communion.

Interested to learn if custom ritual work is a good fit for you? Apply today.

Commision: $1,000 $500 through September 2nd 2020
Duration: New Moon to Full Moon or Full Moon to New Moon depending on circumstance

Custom Ritual and Ceremonial Work is considered on a monthly basis. Please use the form below to apply to work with me in this manner.

Ritual Application

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