Sacred Arts Sojourn in Tuscany ~ Star Magic, Shadow, Light, and Sustenance

“In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the way was lost.” – beginning lines of the Inferno by Dante Alighieri


Tuscany Castle

I want to talk about retreats and what it is that we are doing when we go on retreat. One way of holding the idea of retreat is that we are retreating from life, from the daily grinds and the routines that occupy many of us from sun up to sun down. When we think about retreats in this way we often find then an indulgent extra, a luxury experience that we may or may not have the time or money to experience.

However there is another way to hold this notion of retreat. One in which we are retreating from the idea of “too busy to think about that” or “too busy to pay attention to that feeling right now.” This is a notion of retreat that challenges the idea that we don’t have the time, wherewithal or resources to engage in things as essential as wonder, community, or magic. In this understanding of retreat we are retreating from regular clock time and opening into mystical, mythical “time beyond time” as CS Lewis puts it. When we hold retreats in this way we are able to see that a retreat is not a fancy, extra, luxury but rather a necessity: not an event that takes us away from our lives but rather a sacred in-between from which we emerge ready to fully engage with our lives, right here and right now.

Where we retreat matters.

In this case we have an opportunity to go to some of the most ancient land in Europe — the vineyard dotted hills of Tuscany. Tuscany as a location is not just a lovely, sophisticated, or luxuriously wholesome. Some of the most incandescent thinkers, artists, writers, musicians, and poets who helped shape Western culture emerged from this soil. Its groves have been wandered by Dante and DaVinci and its soil held sacred by many Holy Helpers from Artemis of the Wolf and Diana of the Moon to Christ and the gentle, animal-loving St. Francis of Assisi. It is in a place such as this — a veritable cradle of culture that we can come to terms with our own lineage – the inheritances of resource, story, idea, behavior, and belief that we have received from our families of blood and choice as well as our legacies – those resources, stories, ideas, behaviors, and beliefs that we wish to carry forward, to pass on.

When we dip ourselves into the magical well of lineage we become aware of what culture we have taken on and merged from. When we wash ourselves in the sacred pool of legacy we become aware of what kind of culture we want to create…for ourselves and for those who come after.

Doing this work on rich and ancient soil as we will be doing carries its own mojo. When we pair the work with magical ceremonies, active imagination meditations, divination practices and in-depth astrological considerations we find that we are incredibly well supported to walk away with potent medicine and insights.

Astrology as a sacred art will be especially focused on during this retreat because it is so good at helping us obtain a picture not only of where we come from but also of where we might go next. Native son of Tuscany, Dante knew this instinctively. It is why each Canto he wrote in the Divine Comedy ends with a single word, “stella”, Italian for star.

There is a celestial and terrestrial call right now that many of us hear. It is asking, really demanding that we wade into the rivers of our lineage and do the heavy work of cleaning them up, removing the polluting ideas and attitudes that no longer serve and ridding ourselves of the debris of beliefs and stories that have the potential to harm us and all that we care for every single day. We are being called to clean up these waters so that those who come after us and who remain once we are gone, including the Earth itself are fed by clean, wholesome, and nourishing waters – our legacy.

I have found that this is work we are each being given in different ways. There is no avoiding it. So then why not do it in a beautiful, magically ripe place and in community with other like-minded souls? You never know what miracles might transpire in such a place and with such company, and this friends is the wonder of it all.


This retreat is for you if you:

Feel lost or at a crossroads and in need of clarity and direction

Want to come into deep contact with your lineage and ancestors

Desire to get clear on what your legacy is, what creative acts and arts you wish to share with the world

Yearn to spend time in a magical community of fellow seekers

Love the art of storytelling

Enjoy food, cooking, and are ready to learn about the ancient magical associations with food and feasting

Feel a yearning to live a deeper, more soul-centered life that makes regular room for wonder and magic

Have been curious about astrology and want to learn basic astrological principles and how to apply them

Are an intermediate astrology student and wish to learn more about how to combine magical ritual with astrology

Want to experience the transformative power of authentic ritual and ceremony

Desire to connect deeply to the land and the allies and guides that dwell therein

Wish to see how various sacred arts like magic making, intentional dreaming, astrology, divination, and ceremony all work together


About the Teachers

Briana Saussy is a best-selling writer, teacher, and spiritual counselor, and is part of a growing community of soulful seekers. Briana’s work speaks to anyone who is looking for range and comprehensiveness of vision, which is required for a genuinely pragmatic approach to spirituality. She is well-grounded in the world’s great religious and intellectual traditions, as well as western psychological practices. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Eastern and Western classics, philosophy, mathematics and science from St. John’s College (Annapolis and Santa Fe), and is a student of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit.

Jane Reeves is an international retreat leader, author, and teacher of loving kindness. Over the past three decades, she has been seeking authentic ways to share a practice that brings more light, love, and joy into the world. Jane is founder of Radiant Jane Retreats and has led over 70 retreats in 26 years, in the US and internationally. She and her team lead retreats to Italy where guests experience rich restoration through the culture of Italy, Tuscany, art, history, cuisine, loving kindness, connection, and meditation while being surrounded by beauty. More about Jane here.

Danielle Cohen will be offering Photography as a sacred art. Learn how to use the power and magic of photography and photographs as a tool for your sacred practices. Together we’ll explore the ways your camera, and your old and new photographs can help you to deeply connect with yourself and others, manifest your deepest desires, and give you access to a daily practice that is truly practical magic. The photo practices you’ll learn have been used to support parenting challenges, bring healing to the past, and support you in creating your future. This will be an experiential and engaging workshop that will change the way you look at and experience photography. Danielle will also be available for a limited amount of 1:1 sessions, inquire for more information.

Retreat Package


  • Building of a communal altar honoring lineage and exploring legacy
  • Personal Astrological Natal Chart
  • Daily Teachings in the Sacred Art of Astrology as well as suggestions for every day applications.
  • Guided Active Imagination Meditation that create space for us to make connections with our Ancestors and Descendents.
  • Dreamwork and teachings on how to access your dreams.
  • Storytelling
  • 6 nights lodging*
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Group transport to the retreat on Sept. 21, 2pm from the Rome airport (Fiumicino)
  • Group transport back to the Rome airport on the morning of Sept 27.
  • Excursion to Montepulciano
  • Wine tasting
  • Tour of Fattoria grounds and ancient chapel
  • Pici pasta making class
  • Wellness spa access
  • Beautiful classroom studio
  • Bicycles to use
  • Concierge office staff
  • On-site laundry
  • ***Airfare not included***


The Setting

We’re going to Bella Italia! To Tuscany. The land of olive groves and vineyards. Tuscany embraces its visitors like long-lost friends. You’re invited to sit at the table like family, while you are nourished mind, body and soul. Prepare for enchanted moments in the lush bloom of May. Tuscany is a place that once visited, engages the heart, and calls it back again and again. Fattoria Del Colle is our retreat location. You’ll appreciate the gorgeous regional food from the in-house chef of an award winning restaurant, local wine and warm hospitality. It is a tranquil oasis that lies in an untouched corner of the countryside, in the south of Chianti. The estate is a small hamlet miraculously unspoiled through the course of the centuries. At the heart of the hamlet stand the 16th century villa and chapel including the old sharecroppers dwellings which have been lovingly renovated into rooms of the agriturismo. Included on the property are an award winning restaurant, Osteria di Donatella, a wellness space and a cooking school. The ancient land, villas, and chapel are infused with Old World charm, a dose of mystery and an invitation to unfetter your senses. Fattoria Del Colle is home to the only all-female owned winery in Italy, where they produce the memorable Brunello wines.

The wellness center at Fattoria del Colle offers a breathtaking view of the Val d’Orcia and Crete Senesi – Tuscany. In the wellness centre there is a Turkish bath, sauna, relaxation room, sensorial shower, foot bath and Jacuzzi. The massage room and the vinotherapy cave with its juniper wood tub, are known for their detoxifying qualities and magical elixirs. The Casato Prime Donne wines are used for bathing in and for cosmetics such as grape dust, saline wine face scrub, massage wine serum, all of which contain rejuvenating essences. All contain healing energy from the ancient land that surrounds the estate.


*Guest rooms are a private bedroom within a 2 or 3 bedroom shared apartment and bathroom. We’ll pair you with a like minded roommate, or bring a friend! *Upon request, we may be able to provide a completely private bedroom w/ensuite bath. View the estate and rooms here. Fattoria Del Colle is an Agriturismo, translated to “farm holiday.” It’s traditional Tuscan country style. The rooms are clean and rustic. We’re in nature. There is incredible food provided, but if you like certain snacks or treats, remember to bring your own. There are no vending machines at this glorious oasis!

Guests are encouraged to travel to other areas in Italy before or after the retreat, so that the retreat itself can be a time for replenishment, focused on centering into the experience at Fattoria del Colle. If you would appreciate a few insider tips about travel plans before or after retreat, ideal ways to be in Tuscany, and some of the bigger cities such as Rome, Florence, Naples and Venice, just ask. We are happy to help you make the most of your trip to Italy! We will send you an info sheet and FAQ when you make your reservation. Additionally, Radiant Jane Retreats can provide further travel assistance via phone and email at $35 per hour which you can reserve as needed. Travel plans must be made to match the group transfers. No exceptions. Group transfer leaves Rome Fiumicino at 2 pm Sept. 21. (Allow 90 minutes to get through customs.) Group transfer departs Fattoria at 9 am Sept. 27 for Rome. Please schedule departure accordingly. Radiant Jane Retreats will provide a suggested packing list. Bringing a meditation mat is encouraged.


First, click below to make a $1500 deposit in the Radiant Jane Retreats Shop. Next, purchase travel insurance. Radiant Jane Retreats will reach out to you and send:

  • FAQ and information sheet
  • Liability Waiver to sign
  • Cancellation policy to sign RETREAT CANCELLATIONS It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation. Naturally, no one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things do happen, so please purchase travel cancellation insurance once you have made your reservation.

Please do take a moment to review the Retreat Cancellation Policy Click below to secure your spot with a $1500 deposit. Radiant Jane Retreats will invoice you the remainder at a later date.