Sacred Arts Starter Kit Class Bundle


The Sacred Arts Starter Kit Class Bundle is for the newcomer and seasoned practitioner alike. Whether you want to brush up on some skills or dive into the Sacred Arts this kit has a little bit of everything to get you going on your way.

Classes included are:

Beyond the Hedge – Foundational Techniques for Embracing the Liminal. This 3 part class gives clear, deep, instruction on how to begin relating to the Otherworld, working with it, and engaging in liminal experiences.

An Evening with the Ancestors – one part course on encountering and working with your Beloved Dead and one part active imagination to go in and meet the Ancestors who are ready and willing to support you on your journey.

A Fixed Star to Guide You – what does the soulful seeker do when life is full of dramatic twists and turns? What kind of magic can assist us in stabilizing ourselves and rising above the 24 hour news cycle and daily dramas? That is the topic we explore in this one session class as we look at, and learn to work with, the many faces of Fortune.

The Unruined Castle – how does the soulful seeker relate to the physical body and the gifts and limitations that go along with it? What is the role of the physical body in magic, spiritual practice, and life? What are we to make of the physical challenges we experience? And how can we see our body as the Holy Helper that it is? In this one session class we examine the relationship between the Sacred Arts and the Sacred Body through ritual, magic, and active imagination journey.


The Sacred Arts Starter Kit Class Bundle is available through Midsummer 2018, after that all of these classes will go poof in order to make room for what’s new and next.

Available: Open from April 24th – June 21st

Format: Audio download. Beyond the Hedge and Evening with the Ancestors also include pdf workbooks.

Cost: $150 (together these classes add up to $450, so it actually IS a deal)

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