Spinning Gold Caretaker Carousel with Jacquelyn Tierney

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he next turn of the carousel features the luxe and lovely Jacquelyn Tierney! Jacquelyn makes gorgeous, one of a kind, ritual goods and has created a variety of unique, an luscious programs for magic makers and sacred artists. She brings elegance, compassion, and a true knowledge of the deep to her work and I am so thrilled she will share that with our Spinning Gold community once more. And now, let’s let the lady speak!

What’s your favorite faerie tale / folk tale from childhood? Why?

As a young child, Cinderella + Snow White were on VCR repeat. I was probably most drawn to these stories for their visuals, like the beautiful castles and garments, and the friends of the forest! Decades later I still love these things!


What’s your favorite faerie tale / folk tale these days? Why?

At the moment I do not have a favorite. But, if I had to choose one…it would most likely include a German schloss and a magical forest. :slightly_smiling_face:


What is it to live an enchanted life?

For me, living an enchanted life is having integrity, honesty and love as the foundation of all that I say and do. It is trusting the magic and tools one was born with and will always possess. It is making something out of what appears, feels, seems to be nothing. It is knowing that there is always light within shadow and beauty within the ugly. It is still singing when times are rough. It is being a vessel for Divine energy and of service to others.


How do you spin gold?

When I hear the words “spinning gold” I see and feel the creative process of making art, a process that involves editing, adjusting, experimenting, and taking risk — and shaping, painting, dancing with the flow of energy in this life. I spin gold through the care and love of nature, gardens, art, family, friends, clients, peers and the self. I spin gold when I trust and honor my intuitive downloads and signals from my body whether those signals and downloads lead me to action or to rest. I spin gold when I say yes to my wants, dreams and boundaries. I even spin gold when I love on my anger and give it that time to be. I spin gold when I find, give and make beauty.

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