Star Magic: Training in the sacred arts of astrology, ritual, and ceremony

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When you look up at the stars what you do see?

Possibility? Meaning? Magic?

I know that they are there waiting for you and I hope you know it too.

People love astrology.

Knowing a little bit about our stars and planets gives us insight into our own personal quirks, strengths, natural talents, and areas of challenge.

But often after we have our natal charts cast and analyzed or after a well-meaning friend has told us what our sun sign is really about, we are left with the question…now what?

Where do I go from here?

Astrology like any sacred art, can give us a great deal of really interesting and useful information.

But if we don’t know how to implement that information, how to execute the ideas we encounter, what good does it do us? The fix is simple: astrology, like most sacred arts, was never meant to stand alone.

Specifically, astrology is happiest and fullest in conversation with magic, ritual, and ceremony.

That is because ritual and ceremony-making are the means by which star knowledge is made manifest…in our daily lives right here and right now.

Our ancestors knew it, even our grandparents knew it as they waited to harvest until the moon was dark or waning.

And while there are books and courses that talk about high magic traditions and the influence of the stars, not much has been written or taught about the simple, straightforward, and incredibly potent folk magic traditions that draw their inspiration from the heavens.

In Star Magic you will learn:

  • how to read your natal chart
  • what the meanings of the planets and zodiac signs really are about
  • which ingredients in your kitchen cupboard and spice cabinet can be worked with to honor planetary energies
  • how to magically deal with retrogrades, eclipses, squares, oppositions, conjunctions, transits, and other celestial events so that doors open and roads are made clear.

Best of all, you will look at the stars to find inspiration and then you will know how to act on it.


Week One: Star Stories and your seven celestial compass points, 1st house, Aries, and Mars

Week Two: 2nd house, Taurus, Venus, and Conjunctions

Week Three: 3rd house, Gemini, Mercury, and Sextiles

Week Four: 4th house, Cancer, The Moon, and Squares

Week Five: 5th house, Leo, The Sun, and Oppositions

Week Six: 6th house, Virgo,  Mercury Retrograde, and Quincunxes

Week Seven: 7th house, Libra, Venus Retrograde, and the Nodes

Week Eight: 8th house, Scorpio, Pluto, Mars Retrograde, and Transits

Week Nine: 9th house, Sagittarius, and Jupiter/Jupiter Retrograde

Week Ten: 10th house, Capricorn, and Saturn/Saturn Retrograde

Week Eleven: 11th house, Aquarius, and Uranus/Uranus Retrograde

Week Twelve: 12th house, Pisces, and Neptune/Neptune Retrograde


Your Enrollment in Star Magic includes:

12 recorded lessons following the Star Magic Syllabus

A pdf course companion booklet

Ongoing private blog posts and added classroom content for Star Magic students only

Kind Words:

My relationship to astrology has historically been interested, but conflicted. Open, but super skeptical. Skeptical because 99% of what I’ve run into makes absolutely zero sense + seems to have no practical use.

Either you’re buried in conversations about Venus being triple conjunct the moon in the twelfth quadrangle of your midheaven or someone’s talking about some past life thing that, frankly, seems like a stretch, at best. Nope + nope.

But my interest has remained steady because, despite getting lost in a maze of triple trine blahblah + speculative past life stuff that seems to have zero to do with the actual life I’m living now, I’m certain that our relationship with the stars + planets have a concrete impact on us.

Then I talked astro stuff with Bri. This is the part of the story when the clouds part + the sun shines + the choir of angels sing from on high. Because the stuff she shared? Concrete. Practical. Crystal clear. Directly relevant. Rock solid. Straight on. Babble free. Immediately actionable. Not about past life or conjunct squares, but about today. Now. Here. Rightthisverysecond.

Bri has the rare ability to articulate the magic + power of these relationships in a way that is deeply rooted + deeply potent. She’s restored my faith in what astrology can be when it’s delivered by someone who works with this in a practical way, from a place where what we can do with this + how can this make our life better is the primary focus.

Listen. I’m the last person you’d ever expect to endorse a course on astrology. So, why am I? Because what Bri’s doing is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen + my personal experience with the way she serves up her expertise in this area has both deepened my understanding of the most important facets of my life + made my life demonstrably better. That is, after all, the most potent kind of magic there is. And Bri is masterful at making that magic accessible right here, right now.” – Fabeku Fatunmise

Cost: $600 (Spinning Gold and MTS students, please see your emails and FB groups for your student discount)

Registration: is open and ongoing