New Moon Blessing in honor of Leo

Lunar Letter


ew Moon Blessing for Leo

Come now and quicken to life bright spark, still now burning in the ashes and ruin and rubble of what was not to be.
Covered over, covered up, hidden from sight still you burn, giving off light, devouring excess and turning it, once more, into bright warmth, one of the oldest magics.

Call us to ourselves.
Call us together.
Call us to one another.

So that we might cook and feast and be nourished.
So that we might dance and laugh and make love, skin on skin under the moon on the coldest night.
So that we might tell stories to each other, looking through the flickering shadows you cast on the walls, and into each others’ eyes.
Witnessing how every soul is radiantly gorgeous in the light you shine forth, through the ruin and the rubble, seeing clearly.
We remember you bright spark, burning in all the shadowed places.
Warm us little sun star spark so that our blood dances, our hands speak, and our hearts beat out the sacred drum, giving beat and resonance as our voices lift up and are heard,
once more.


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New Moon Notes: Adventuring with Aries Edition

Lunar Letter

Dear Miracles,
My Dad is an Aries. My sister is an Aries (her birthday is actually tomorrow ON the New Moon – Happy Birthday, sissie!). My soon-to-be 82 year old grandmother is an Aries — do you see a pattern?
I LOVE the Ram – their bright excitement, their sense of adventure, their willingness to be seen, heard, and counted…we can all learn a thing or two from the awesome that is Aries.
The New Moon at 18 degrees Aries, 6:24 AM cdt on April 7th is potent for so much but really for this question ~
Ask: What big thing am I ready to begin?
That, to me, is the real beauty of Aries – they encourage all of us to say YES more often. I’ve been saying yes in my own life throughout this gorgeous Spring.
Yes to adventuring underneath ancient limestone cliffs that might just lead into the Otherworld
Yes to the unexpected; like end of the season fires in adobe kivas – an unanticipated and late season delight that welcomed and warmed.
Yes to all of the holy places. The ones that are found in high desert mountains under peerless blue skies and the ones that are found deep within your very own self.
Yes to the miracles that so many people walk by on their way to something “better”, like this little hummingbird nest we spied in the brand-new-bud covered tree.
Yes to the places we feel safe and secure and yes to the places that stretch us to something new and gorgeous.
What are YOU saying yes to right now? If you aren’t sure then I have a few suggestions:

Say yes to illuminating the Underworld and finding blessings in the broken places with this month’s Here Be Dragons Ceremony honoring the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio.

Say yes to clarity and ease during the end of the month and May time Mercury in Retrograde period and participate in the Mercury RX Survival Kit.

Say yes to learning about the tricky intersections between spirituality and money in our upcoming Talking Shop episode.

Say yes to upgrading your sacred arts business or sacred arts business dream with coaches who know how to get it done in Andrew McGregor’s Super Successful online course.
Speaking of Andrew, say yes to listening to him and I jam about all things magical and miraculous in this free podcast.

And finally, say yes to everything that honors and celebrates the wonder that is life right here and now, perfect in all of its many imperfections.

magic, miracles: receive my lunar letters

ARRIVING on full moons each month.

New Moon Notes – Sagittarius Edition

Lunar Letter


hoosh! That is the sound that I always hear when December begins. Though this year it was more crackle and pop because we have been enjoying weekly fires at our hearth.

Although December is one of my busiest months out of the year, I have gone into this month with a clear and solid intention to Slow Down and Enjoy. So far, so good! And lucky for us, the gorgeous New Moon in easy, breezy Sagittarius on December 11th supports exactly that vibe.

Sagittarius moons, whether New or Full, tend to bring out the inner free spirit in all of us. This is a wonderful time to plan a mid-winter adventure (and if you can do it outside all the better) or have a rousing philosophical/theological conversation with someone near and dear to you – after all, Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy and religion among other things or travel to a new and distant land or to a familiar face and friend.

There is a bit of Astro inspired tension brewing in the squaring off of dreamy, sensitive Neptune in Pisces and strict and stringent Saturn in Sagittarius. These two powerhouse planets have already had one exact square at the end of November and are headed into two more over the course of 2016.

Different astrologers talk about this tense face-off in different ways but the phrase I use is: Dreamtime (Neptune) meets real-time (Saturn). This is the best time to bring any dreams that are really speaking and calling you into clear and present physicality. Find what is of use in your meditations, visions, art-making, and dreaming and bring it into the waking world so that all may benefit. Saturn, if you work with its energy, will inspire you with the discipline and structures needed to accomplish this fear, and Neptune will call in the juicy inspiration that keeps you moving.

At the same time, IF you have been supporting any illusion or delusion that is keeping you back and not allowing for liberation, prepare for that to be blown to bits by this celestial event. You have time to align yourself with the changes ahead and the following questions to consider on this bright, dark, new moon might help:

Where do I hold myself back and why?

What story/event/encounter from my past am I stuck in and how might I release it?

What do I need to know about my deepest dream right now?

How can I bring my art more fully into my community, my local place, and my world?

What do I need to know about my relationship with time and time management?

As you consider these questions you may discover that as the year comes to a close you are ready to release one, or one hundred ideas, habits, notions, and beliefs that are not only no longer useful but maybe positively harmful. I find this is true for me and that I am always especially aware of it at the end of the year. That’s why several years ago I created a Banish and Burn community ceremony. This annual tradition is open for registration once again. Last year we have over 300 participants – won’t you join us in creating more space for deep grace? Register HERE.

Adventures in Soulful Seeking

I wrote a Litany for Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose Feast Day is on December 12th. I’m also hosting a free community altar open to all petitions, prayer requests, and blessings, go HERE to send in your words, thoughts, and heart deep desires. Here is a wee bit of the post:

“Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in Mexico City in 1531 to an indigenous man known to Spanish and English speakers as Juan Diego but known in his own tribal tongue as Cuauhtlatoatzin – which translates to something like “Talking Eagle”. Guadalupe is variously understood as the New World Blessed Virgin Mary, as a Catholic overlay of Tonantzin, the Nuahatl Goddess of life, fertility, and mothers, and as the patron Saint of Mexico. I understand her to be all of this and more. Having lived almost all of my life in “Guadalupe country” here is what I can tell you about Her.

Wherever there is a need for nurturing, mothering, calming, nourishment – there She is.
Wherever there is a need for healing, soothing, anointing and blessing – there She is.
Wherever new mothers, new fathers, and children of all ages need care and support – there She is.”

Read the full post HERE.

In other news, for those of you enrolled in an online class and wondering how to get the most out of said class without living your life online, I’ve got some tips for you.

In my family when we gather for Thanksgiving and Yule we always say a blessing before we break bread. Here is one that I wrote for Thanksgiving this year – feel free to use it yourself whenever you have need.

Speaking of prayer, November’s Full Moon letter asked a tough question: Where Do Our Prayers Go?

Out and About

‘Tis the season for awesome gift-giving, and I have some great recommendations for you:

First of all, the good things in life CAN be free. If you are receiving this letter you are already one of my beautiful subscribers, but did you know that you can encourage a friend to subscribe and they will receive a very special Wonderment reading from me? It is a little gift I give to all new subscribers and (so I’ve been told) delivers amazing clarity, insight, and inspiration exactly where they are most needed. Simply direct your people to my site and click on the “lunar letters” tab to subscribe. Share sacred arts and share the love.

Desiring something extra special? A year of candles lit each and every month on the Full Moon, followed by personal reports and plans of actions might be the perfect thing.
Snag that here (and save an extra $100 in the process – this is the only “sale” I ever do and it happens once a year, through the month of December).

Have an inquiring mind in your life who cannot get enough of all things sacred arts? Consider gifting then with one of my self-study courses on the sacred arts.

For the people in your life who love all creatures great and small, check out Sara Magnusson’s course Animalia. Spaces are very limited and Sara’s work is always superb. While hanging at her site, do yourself a favor and peruse the other delightful offerings at Candlesmoke Chapel, the shop she runs with her husband Joseph.

Then again, there may be a few on your list who are more interested in what’s happening in the heavens as opposed to down on earth. A gift certificate from the radiant Heidi Rose Robbins makes is an excellent choice.

Speaking of gift certificates, my wonderful friend and co-conspirator Theresa Reed has gift certificates for her tarot readings and she is giving away all kinds of swag this month on her Facebook page.

Everyone likes a little sparkle from time to time, and if you are going to give jewelry why not give something that has truly been customized by someone with both talent and mojo. Check out Aidan’s work (I’m partial to the Sacred Heart for obvious reasons).

Have a friend who is into the tarot? Camelia Elias is offering a class that sounds fun and fabulous for all of those who want to make the cards their own.

If you have loved ones who love to smell good (and really, who doesn’t) then get thee to Shelley Henry’s beautiful site and shop her catalog of scents.

Another gifted herbalist and potion make, Jen Rue of Three Cats and a Broom has something in the store that is sure to delight.

And, if you know people who need help with their boundaries, Randi Buckley’s course on Healthy Boundaries for Kind People might be just what you are looking for.

Although Advent has technically started, you can still snag a seat in Deb Smouse’s Advent Series (I did it last year and truly enjoyed myself).

Words and Wonderings

Some of my favorite quotes over the last few weeks:

And for adults, the world of fantasy books return to us the great words of power that, in order to be tamed, have been excised from our adult vocabularies. These words are the pornography of innocence, words that adults no longer dare to use with other adults, and so we laugh at them and consign them to the nursery, fear masking as cynicism. These are the words that were forged in the earth, air, fire, and water of human existence. And the words are:

–From Touch Magic by Jane Yolen

All human beings by nature stretch out towards knowing.” Aristotle, from the Metaphysics

Folklore means that the soul is sane, but that the universe is wild and full of marvels.” – G. K. Chesterton from The Dragon’s Grandmother (You can read the entire piece here).

We all have the same kind of dragons in our psyche, just as we all have the same kind of hearts and lungs in our body.” –Ursula Le Guin

Really interesting article on Believing What Isn’t True by Richard Feynman. This might tick some folks in our community off, because Feynman, who is a scientist, calls out subjects like astrology and magic as prime examples of gullibility. However, I encourage each and every one of you to THINK for yourselves and that includes questioning certain suppositions found in the sacred arts AND in modern science too. Enjoy!

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous book art by early 20th century Czech artists.

Lovely and thought-provoking essay on the Heroine’s Journey by Theodora Gross – this will be of especial interest to all Spinning Gold students!

Was one source of early feminism found in various Native American tribes and their societal structures? This article makes exactly that claim.

I’ll be back closer to the full moon (which falls ON Christmas) but for now, we are all wishing you beautiful new moon blessings!

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New Moon Notes: Scorpio Edition

Lunar Letter


he dark and luscious Scorpio New Moon arrives in all of her glory on November 11th and there is a lovely trine with Pluto and Jupiter which makes this a great time to continue our theme of Milk, Honey, Wealth and Money – although with the Scorpio flavor one would do well to focus on investments and inheritances as opposed to Taurus-ruled cash flow.

Useful questions to reflect upon (and perhaps divine upon) under Luna’s influence include:

  • What attitudes, beliefs, opinions and actions have I inherited from my family and community when it comes to money? (For more on this I highly recommend Fabeku’s Teletastic on UnF#&*ing your Money)
  • What does “investment” mean to me?
  • When I do decide to invest in something where do I put my resources and how do I show up?
  • What are the parts of my inheritance and lineage that I would rather not look at or deal with and how can I support myself in acknowledging their presence?

And now for some New Moon news…

Adventures in Soulful Seeking~

It has been busy at Casa Milagro Roots. I am getting ready to play auntie to my little sister’s first baby, we have been celebrating and feasting with our ancestors, and of course throwing a big Halloween bash for friends, family, and neighbors.

A lot of people think that if you miss Halloween/Samhain/Dia de los Muertos celebrations you miss the chance to connect with your ancestors. Not true. I find this liminal time of year from now until around January 1st to be a wonderful time to remember, bless and be blessed by our beloved dead. For those who want the full scoop on honoring Ancestors, check out my Evening with the Ancestors class. And if you would like some pointers on how to do an Ancestor-informed Tarot reading, go spend time with this post.

Over 200 folks joined in for a luminous community altar service on October 27th – I had so much fun doing this that I have decided to create another – this time it is for writers of words and those ready to find their true voice. Come join us in Here Be Dragons.

The Miracle Tree Sessions has closed for 2016 registration but you can still download the first lesson of the first module right here for free – my two most favorite daily practices are included in this teaching.

Out and About

Theresa and I will wrap up another fabulous year of Talking Shop shows on November 25th at 8pm cdt. Come join us for this end of the year wrap up! And never miss a Talking Shop show again – subscribe on iTunes today.

I LOVE the idea of best friends coming together to create a tiny town. This one is happening in Llano, Texas which is a beautiful area in the Texas Hill Country – neat!

In the mood for more feel good magic that also packs a punch? I highly recommend Randi Buckley’s Healthy Boundaries for Kind People course. I got to talk to Randi a couple of months ago on Talking Shop and I love her and her work – boundaries are a tough subject for so many people and I know Randi’s teachings are wise, kind, and honest.

This is a funny little piece that I came across last month. Within the humor I see something that I see more and more of: how the sacred arts are gently and firmly reasserting their role in the greater culture.

Still not ready to let Halloween go? Terri has written some wonderful articles on her blog Myth and Moor about the season.

Start with this one about the death of the year.

Then read this one about the folklore surrounding the connection between Hares and Witches.

Finish it off with a beautiful piece on Feeding one’s Daemon. (Those of you who have taken Beyond the Hedge will especially appreciate this piece).

In Spinning Gold this month we are working with the story of the Baba Yaga and young Vassilisa. This story is like many of the scarier fairy tales out there – one that has much to teach! For those in Spinning Gold (and for those who love the Baba Yaga) here is a fine poem by Midori Snyder and her daughter on the mysterious character.

Hoping you have a beautiful and blessed November!

In love and service,


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New Moon Notes: Libra Edition

Lunar Letter


appy almost New Moon, Miracles! Now that Mercury has gone direct I hope that you are all feeling a bit lighter. The New Moon occurs on October 12th. A new moon in Libra is a wonderful time to honor love and relationships of all kinds, affirm and acknowledge the role that beauty plays in our lives, and set intentions for partnerships of all kinds. I think some really useful questions to meditate on during this new moon are: What does true partnership mean to me? Where is the true partnership in my life? Where is true partnership lacking? How can I be a better partner to myself?

My wish for each and every one of you is that you experience the thrill of joy and the delight of harmony during this new moon.

And now for some goodies to share…

The Miracle Tree Sessions 2016 has launched! People ask me what the Miracle Tree Sessions is really about. Well, it is about earth and air, fire and water, all that dwells below and all that is above.

It is about a community of soulful seekers that are deep and dedicated. It is about coming into right relationship with creation and the sacred, with magic and with our selves.

But most of all it’s about miracles, the miracles that happen around us all the time, the miracles that are every single one of you. Register here.

Writings and Other Ventures

How do we honor the sacred?

Why walking away is rarely the answer.

The latest daily blessings are available for your viewing (and sharing) pleasure.

My very popular Clarity Call service just got a revamp, you can now choose one, two, three, or four question sessions with me. Check out the changes and let me know what you think.

We are making sacred art posters! So many of you love the artwork that Cassandra has created for my site and various projects, well now you can take some of that artwork home. You can pre-order your fine art print right here. And the best part? They will sparkle!

Reminder: I have changed the way that I process all devotional candle orders. Now candles are lit once a month on the first Friday of each month. If you would like a candle for November please get your order in on or before Thursday, November 5th.

Out and About…

Aidan has launched a new site and it is some kind of pretty.

Paige Z. and Amelia have started the Modern Mystic podcast – the shows are delightful and the hosts are enchanting.

Speaking of podcasts, Theresa and I are featuring the incredible Jessica Kupferman of She Podcasts on Talking Shop. Catch it for free on Wednesday, 10/28 at 8:00 pm CDT

Jacquelyn Tierney makes pretty, magical things.

An interesting article on Why Magic Lost to Technology – I suspected that towards the end the author would conflate magic with technology (it happened), and while I don’t agree with that assessment, I do think the article is well worth the read. HT: Jason Miller, the Strategic Sorcerer.

One of my favorite tarot decks to read with is the Wild Unknown – they are now down to their last sets of first edition decks, so if you want one, now is the time.

Another interesting article on “Necromancy” focusing on the rise of magic on the net.

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August New Moon Notes: Back to School Essentials, Storytelling and Tarot

Learning and Community



Happy New Moon in Leo!

I think we are all feeling the desire to step out, step up, shine out and roar! The desire to celebrate is also strong right now, Leo is the original party animal. One of the big things that we are celebrating at casa de saussy is the fact that my beloved husband and business partner would normally be back in the classroom at this time of the year but instead we are enjoying a working vacation in Santa Fe — so awesome and such a blessing.

But there is much more to celebrate too, and I have rounded up some of my favorites to share with each of you.

For those already enrolled or getting ready to enroll in Spinning Gold (registration closes on 8/31), here is the school supply list to end all school supply lists. You’re welcome.

Speaking of school, for many of us the end of August and beginning of September kick off the back to school season of hustle and bustle, as we roll with this it is a good idea to remember to honor our need for rest.

One of the topics that I see seekers of all stripes get very confused about, very quickly, is money. Wealth. Prosperity. Cash. A few weeks ago I chatted about all of these themes with Bari Tessler Linden as part of the Spinning Gold curriculum, listen and learn.

For those of you who love tarot reading and want to share your insights with your people, I highly, highly, recommend Theresa Reed’s article on how to do a card a day post, Theresa put a lot of work into this one and it shows.

On the other hand, for those of you who feel like being asked to do one more thing is going to make you pull your hair out, then you need to go and listen to the latest Talking Shop episode where Theresa and I spoke to Racheal Cook about how to rock the business and life balance.

More in the mood for visual stimulation? I love @kastaleen’s daily reads on instagram (you can find me hanging out there too)! And of course, don’t miss the collection of Daily Blessings – because we need less advice and more blessing, yes?

I love storytelling. When I decided to create Spinning Gold I knew I wanted the art of storytelling to be front and center, because really, that is how we learn. Meghan Genge is doing some fabulous storytelling too, reading a chapter a week from her novel Unfurl.

Franci Claudon creates beautiful, vibrant art. Feast your eyes!

Jupiter, planet of wealth and abundance, has moved into the sign of Virgo and will be there for about a year. As a result many are feeling the need to examine money ideas that no longer serve, clean and clear financial funks, and generally bring a new level of organization and structure to their financial lives. Limitless Megan can help.

J.D. Rose is taking people on an intuitive journey, sounds enriching and enlivening.

Looking for a new intuitive reader or cartomancer? Check out Sydney Rebecca’s work, she is lovely, kind, and absolutely present.

And finally, if you are experiencing relationship angst do yourself the favor of checking out Jacqueline Freeman’s work on relationships.

As always with the New Moon notes I am not affiliated with any of the products, services, or individuals I promote. I receive no kickbacks or financial incentives and I know each and every single person and have worked with them, often over a long period of time. That’s why I can recommend them so sincerely! Blessed New Moon and Happy Friday!

How are you celebrating New Moon in Leo?

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4 Ways to Honor the New Moon

Ceremony and Ritual


ear Miracles~

For those of us who are magically minded the lunar phases offer wonderful opportunities to observe our scaro-magical work throughout a month. Because a full lunation is about a month long, we can use points along the way to “check in” with our work, our practices, and also to make ritual and ceremony. Traditionally there are at least two such points that sacred artists throughout time and around the world have been aware of: the New Moon and the Full Moon. Today we are going to focus on the New Moon.

The New Moon is the time in a lunar cycle when the moon is conjunct the sun. This moon is not in the night sky at all – it is up in the sky during daylight hours and it sets with the sun at night. That’s why the first view of the waxing crescent is so low in the evening sky – the moon has been chasing the sun. Daylight moontime. Like most all sky objects during the day it gets washed out by the sun and the blue. Also of note, there is no fixed ‘dark side of the moon’ – whatever side is away from the sun is dark. It changes as the moon orbits earth. What is fixed is the far side of moon.

New Moon nights are the best nights for stargazing.

Here are four guidelines to help you attune, bless, and be blessed in turn by the beautiful New Moon:

  • Remember that the New Moon is New. This is the best time to begin new projects, seed new ideas, create new ceremonies, rituals, or simply begin another round of self-care and creative exploration.
  • In many parts of the world New Moon is associated with youth, inexperience, and innocence. This makes it an especially good time to create any ceremonies honoring what and who is young in your life.
  • Menstruating women have the ability to sync their cycles up with the phases of the moon. A woman whose cycle is not naturally following a lunation may sleep under moonlight for a month or two and find that all of a sudden she is in sync. Synchroncity with the moon means that menstruating women are at the peak of their fertility during the Full Moon and experience the onset of their blood time right before or on the New Moon. Therefore, all rituals of self-care, nurturing, and honoring what needs to be shed for now are quite appropriate. Peri or post menopausal women and men still have strong connections to the lunar phases as our bodies are over 70% water and the moon rules the tides.
  • As the New Moon begins a new lunar month, it is a great time to do routine scaro-magical rites such as house cleansing and blessing, renewing protective talismans, and performing a monthly divination.



What is your favorite moon phase?

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ARRIVING on full moons each month.