Spinning Gold Caretaker Carousel with Sara Magnuson

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ear Miracles,

As many of you know registration for Spinning Gold is open through August 18th. In celebration of the very successful first year of the course I want to introduce you to some of the people who helped make it happen. They are the Spinning Gold caretakers and they assist me in holding the space for our beautiful Spinning Gold community. We asked each of our Caretakers four questions and now we get to share their fantastic responses. Best part? You can play too – I would love to hear YOUR answers to one or all of the questions below!

We begin with the lovely Sara Magnuson. Sara is a student, friend, and colleague; someone I have been honored to know for years. She is co-owner of Candlesmoke Chapel and creator of the fantastic Animalia program – if you want to know about how the natural world and especially our fellow creatures speak to your spiritual practices and path then Sara is THE person to talk to!


1.) What’s your favorite faerie tale / folk tale from childhood? Why?

Kartusch by Stephen Cosgrove (part of the Serendipity Series for children) Why? Because I love reptiles and furry creatures! Kartusch is a blind snake that helps woodland creatures, known as the Furry-Eyefulls, learn the value of stillness. As a child, I identified with the frantic nature of the Furry-Eyefulls and my love of reptiles allowed me to hear Kartusch’s wisdom.


2.) What’s your favorite faerie tale / folk tale these days? Why?

Most recently I’ve been obsessed with comic book/superhero stories, specifically Green Arrow! I see comics as modern folk/fairy tales because they have such a depth of imagery, emotion, and wisdom. Green Arrow is my favorite because he doesn’t actually have “superpowers,” but rather is a skilled archer, fighter, and technician. Like Batman and his utility belt or Iron Man and his suit, he is a “regular man” who has worked diligently to master specific crafts and skills. Comic book characters also have their faults and are not depicted as perfect people by any means. They struggle constantly with their desire to fight for justice and the consequences of their actions.


3.) What is it to live an enchanted life?

Perspective. What I feel makes my life enchanted is not living in a bubble; remembering that we’re all looking at the world through our own eyes and we’re all trying to find our way. The most enchanting thing in the world to me is how we’re all connected – people, plants, animals, rocks, wind, water, lightning, everything!


4.) How do you spin gold?

The gold I spin takes many forms! I’m a maker, a writer, a teacher, a sacred artist. Ultimately, spinning these threads together, I am of service. Creating a sacred tool that just happens to be exactly what someone needs right now; finding out my written words changed someone’s perspective; hearing the tone in a student’s voice when our work together has opened a long-lost place in their heart – this is what pure gold looks like.

What is your favorite question? How would you answer?

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