The Sacred Arts include but are not limited to:

Right Relationship
Ceremony and Ritual
Lineage and Legacy
Alchemy and Magic
Cleansing and Purification

You can find the Canto post that started it all right here.

Sacred Arts Academy

The Sacred Arts Academy endeavors to fill a need for the highest quality integral instruction in the sacred arts. From the perspective of human experience across the world and throughout history, the sacred arts – including Astrology, Alchemy, Ritual – are the norm, not “new age”, “fringe” nor “occult”. The sacred arts are learnable and practicable by anyone who wants to cultivate an authentic sense of the sacred in everyday life.

SAA is dedicated to making the best sacred arts teachings available to everyone who wishes to learn about the sacred arts, and to those who wish to encourage and nurture the practice of the sacred arts in their daily lives. SAA is dedicated to the proposition that magic, miracles, and radical reverence for heaven and earth, body and soul, are essential ingredients to a whole and holy life, increasing our health, wealth, and joy.

Spinning Gold ~ Magic and Storytelling

We all have magic. It is present in our songs and our stories, in our art and our philosophies; it is present in our very breath and bone.

Magic is taught through stories; and it is part of a greater story, a family of practices and ways of living that I call the Sacred Arts.

Knowing that is true has very little to do with belief and everything to do with being ready… to learn, to commit to life-changing work, to remember what you have always know.

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Registration opens August 7th 2019.

Tarot Meanings The High Priestess

20 Question Tarot

Tarot. There are hundreds of books, guides, and websites dedicated to teaching us how to read tarot.

Many of these resources are useful and really quite good. And yet, tarot continues to be a sacred art that befuddles and confuses at least as much as it simplifies and clarifies. Something is wrong with that picture.

Moreover, too many readers from beginners to professionals have what I think of as the “boilerplate” reading, meaning if you have heard it once, you have heard it one hundred times.

Let’s not do that anymore.

The world does not need one more by the book tarot reading – what we need more of is your unique understanding of the cards and your one-of-a-kind way of telling their stories.

COST: $113

FORMAT: 20 Question Tarot is an email course. Each of the 78 lessons arrives in your inbox as a downloadable pdf booklet. Lessons arrive at seven day intervals to give you plenty of time to work through each lesson.

DELIVERY: Email. That means that you get to study the lessons when you want to and on your own timeline. No muss and no fuss.

star magic

Star Magic

Training in the sacred arts of astrology, ritual, and ceremony.

Star Magic is currently closed. Please sign up here to find out when it re-opens.

When you look up at the stars what you do see?
Possibility? Meaning? Magic?

I know that they are there waiting for you and I hope you know it too.

People love astrology.

Knowing a little bit about our stars and planets gives us insight into our own personal quirks, strengths, natural talents, and areas of challenge.

But often after we have our natal charts cast and analyzed or after a well-meaning friend has told us what our sun sign is really about, we are left with the question…now what?

Where do I go from here?

COST: $600 (Spinning Gold and MTS students, please see your emails and FB groups for your student discount)

REGISTRATION: is open and ongoing