An Evening with the Ancestors

It begins with slow, buttery sun-lit afternoons and days of rain and cool wind.

Trees catch fire, apple and pinion woodsmoke fills the air, the farmers markets overflow with fruits of the harvest and the aroma of green chiles roasting is everywhere. This is autumn in the Southwest. And as the weather begins to turn and cool, the animals grow ever more focused in their efforts to store enough for oncoming winter, and we break out the scarves and hats, we hear a rustling of bone and breath, a sigh of yearning, and feel a Presence just behind us.

It is the season of the Ancestors.

The days continue to darken, the nights are studded with stars and glorious moons, and we feel Them coming closer and closer, for their Feast Day is upon us. Samhain for the Celts, Dia de los Muertos for those of us in the Southwest, All Souls Day, Halloween. We celebrate our dearly departed because though they may be gone, they are not, ever, forgotten. We celebrate because we each have a line of Ancestors reaching back into the deepest mists of time, they are our teachers, our godmothers and godfathers, our source of lineage, memory, and soul deep, bone true knowing.

It is time once again to break bread with them, to hear their stories and receive their blessings. This is what they tell us: it is time.

This year as I began to listen to my own kith and kin I heard another story, a story of many people coming together from different parts of the country and the world, coming together for an evening of communion, celebration, and remembering, coming together for an evening with the Ancestors.

Unlike community altars of the past, Evening with the Ancestors is a participatory community altar. We will gather together and learn about our Ancestors — what are they, who are they, and how can we connect with them — not just at Halloween — but throughout the year. Then we will engage in an active imagination journey to meet our ancestors, be in Their presence, and learn from Their knowing.

An Evening with the Ancestors is a self-study class.

You’ll receive the mp3 recording of our class call, and the companion book in PDF.

Price: $50

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