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Aerial Expansions PetitionJupiter Retrograde

There is a Jupiter Retrograde in 2023 in the sign of Taurus.

September 4th – December 30th 2023: Retrograde starts at 9:10 AM in Taurus at 15 degrees. Jupiter stations direct on December 30th at 8:40 PM in Taurus at 5 degrees.

Ask: What happens when I work from a blessed foundation?

For more on Jupiter Retrograde, please see this article.

Deadline: Petitions for Jupiter Retrograde are due by September 3rd at noon cdt.

Jupiter Retrograde

Uranus Retrograde

There is a Uranus Retrograde in 2023-24 in the sign of Taurus.

Uranus Retrograde: There is a Uranus Retrograde in 2023 in the sign of Taurus.

August 28th 2023 – January 26th 2024: Retrograde begins at 9:38 PM in Taurus at 23 degrees. Uranus stations direct on January 26that 10:47 PM in Taurus at 19 degrees.

Ask: What has gotten out of control and needs to be grounded?
For more on Uranus Retrograde, see this article.

Deadline: Petitions for Uranus Retrograde are due by August 27th at noon central time.


Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, Late Summer 2023

August 23rd 2023 – September 15th 2023: Retrograde starts at 2:59 PM in Virgo at 21 degrees. Mercury stations direct on September 15th at 3:21 PM in Virgo at 8 degrees.

Ask: What do I need to review and revise concerning my devotion?

Deadline: All Mercury RX petitions should be received by August 21st at midnight central time. Snag your Mercury RX Workbook right here.

Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde: July 22nd 2023 September 3rd 2023

Venus Retrograde begins at 8:32 PM in Leo at 28 degrees, and stations direct on September 3rd at 8:20 PM in Leo at 12 degrees.

For more on Venus Retrograde please see this article.

Deadline: Petitions for Venus Retrograde are due by July 21st at noon central time.

Neptune RXNeptune Retrograde

There is a Neptune Retrograde in 2023.

June 30th, 2023 – December 6th, 2023: Retrograde starts at 4:06 PM and stations direct on December 6th at 7:22 AM.

Ask: What deception am I no longer willing to participate in?

For more on Neptune Retrograde, see this article.

Deadline: Petitions for Neptune Retrograde are due on June 28th at noon, central time.

Saturn RxSaturn Retrograde

There is a Saturn Retrograde in 2023 in the sign of Pisces.

For more on how to work with Saturn Retrograde, refer to this article.

June 17th 2023 – November 4th, 2023: Retrograde starts at 12:27 PM in Pisces at 7 degrees. Saturn stations direct on November 4th at 2:02 AM in Pisces at 2 degrees.


Ask: What spiritual teachings do I need to reconsider?

Deadline: Please have petitions in by noon, central time on June 15th.

Root and Flower ~ Jupiter in Taurus

On May 16th Jupiter moves from fiery Aries into gorgeous Taurus!

Jupiter in Taurus shifts our perspective to focus on tangible goods, food production, land rights, environmental concerns and our relationship to the living world. While Jupiter is in Taurus it is one of the BEST times to do money work and specifically get clear on how you want your money to grow and flourish not just over the next year, but for the rest of your life!

Will there be other prime astro opportunities to do money work? Of course! Is this one that you don’t want to miss? Yes!

You may have heard me refer to this sign change as bringing us Power Pairing #1!

That’s because Jupiter’s move into Taurus also gives us  Jupiter and Uranus together for about a year starting in 2Q ’23.

Jupiter + Uranus is a culture creating and culture generating combination. It is about movements. And movements get spotlighted. (Occupy and the Tea Party movements were both during Jupiter + Uranus conjunctions).

This pair sets a tone culturally and aesthetically and politically. They share space throughout 2023 and then we get the straight up conjunction in 2024.

With the planet of big wealth and big blessings moving into the Fixed Earth sign of the Zodiac, I knew we wanted to weave earth magic into this ceremony.  Venus-ruled Taurus attunes strongly to roses and so, for this rite you send me your petition, it is written out by me at the astrologically appropriate time, and then it will go into the ground along with a Dame De Coeur Antique Rose that will then be loved on and babied so that it flourishes BEAUTIFULLY…as will your petitions.

Deadline: Petitions should be received no later that May 15th at noon central time.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde in 2023 in the sign of Aquarius and Capricorn.


May 1st 2023 – October 10th, 2023: Retrograde begins at 12:08 PM in Aquarius at 0 degrees and stations direct on October 10th at 8:09 PM in Capricorn at 27 degrees.

Ask: What elements in my work and career need to be re-examined?
For more on Pluto Retrograde see this article.

Pluto Retrogrades also often affect those with intestine/gut disorders as this planet rules our waste elimination processes.

My personal observation is that whatever you need in order to truly be in your power will be revealed to your during this retrograde period – that is always a blessing but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it in the moment! So what magic are we making for Pluto RX?

It is very simple. I am going to make a Pepper Protection Pot.
This is a variant on the kinds of hot foot jars we find in the Conjure folk magic tradition but instead of being created with an intention to banish someone or get them away from us, this sacred vessel calls on the power of spice and heat to protect us in our time of need.

Pluto has the ouch and follow up cleansing resonance we find with many peppers and the sacred vessel is perfect given the fact that Pluto spends most of the year in Capricorn (an earth sign attuned to earthy containers) while having dipped into Aquarius (an air sign attuned to aromatics (like hot peppers!)

Deadline: Petitions should be received by April 29th at noon, central time.

Spring 2023 Eclipses in Aries + Scorpio

April 19th + May 15th 2023

Grab your Eclipse Season workbook here.

Deadline: All Eclipse petitions should be received by April 17th 2023 at noon cdt.

Peril and Promise ~ Pluto’s Ingress into Aquarius

Peril and Promise: Pluto's Ingress into AquariusOn March 23rd 2023 Pluto moves into the fixed Air sign of Aquarius. Due to its retrograde motion and slow movement, Pluto will move between Aquarius and Capricorn over the next year and change, but this movement into Aquarius officially kicks off another 20 year Plutonian Cycle…and  it is full of Peril and Promise.

To this end, our ceremony honoring this ingress works with the power of scent, sacred oil, movement and time…all appropriate themes to honor Pluto.

Petition papers will be written for each participant, burned, added to a blend of scented oils, and then released through an ingenious hour glass system. This rite will be worked over the next twenty year period. For my full take on this event, head over here.

Ask: How can I best work with the process of falling down and unwinding?

Deadline: Due to the length of this period of time, Peril and Promise Petitions may be sent in at any point during the next 20 year cycle. However, my recommendation is that those of you who wish to participate from the very beginning get petitions into me no later than March 20th, 2023.

Salt and Spirit ~ Saturn’s Ingress into Pisces

Saturn ingress into Pisces

On March 7th 2023 Saturn moves into the watery depths of Pisces where it remains until May 24th 2025. This is a time of Salt and Spirit and I see the astrological movements unfolding in that pattern.


Upon Saturn’s arrival in Pisces there is going to be a scrubbing away – ideally with some sea salt! – of old ideas, stories, and narratives that no longer hold.

One of the big stories that I feel we are collectively read to release and remove is the one that tells us that magic and all that goes along with it, is not really real and is not applicable to our lives. The salt will scrub away what is no longer needed and reveal new opportunities, new stories, new possibilities…specifically the possibility that magic is real, the Sacred Arts are vital, and a more spiritually centered approach is absolutely needed at this time and as we go forward.

To this end, our ceremony honoring this ingress is in two parts: when Saturn first moves into Pisces all petitions will be loaded into a Salt Jar that is created for cleansing, removing what is no longer needed, and clarifying your vision. The salt jar will be worked with until the Full Moon in April, at which point it will be filled with water from the Gulf of Mexico  (and other ingredients) in a beachside ceremony and set to SUPPORT you in your ongoing spiritual endeavors.

And so, your petition for this ceremony will also have two parts. The first focuses on what needs to be scrubbed away, removed, and left behind, the second part focuses on what needs to be strengthened, supported, and nourished.

Ask:  What spiritual truth am I ready to seek out?

Deadline: All Salt and Spirit petitions must be received no later than midnight, central time, March 2nd 2023.