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Mars Retrograde

October 30th 2022 – January 12th 2023 Mars Retrograde begins at 8:26 AM in Gemini and stations direct on January 12th at 2:56 PM.

As Mars has a strong resonance with the element of Fire, we are of course honoring this retrograde period with an ongoing candle for Protection + Perfection during the entire RX period!

Ask: Where do I need to reconsider and refine my language?
For more on Mars Retrograde please see this article.


Deadline: Petitions for Mars Retrograde are due by October 28th at noon central time.

Mars Retrograde

Thank you for sending in your petition for the Mars Retrograde period!


Mercury Retrograde in Libra + Virgo Autumn 2022

Retrograde starts at 10:38 PM in Libra, on September 9th. Mercury retrogrades into Virgo on September 23rd at 7:04 AM, and stations direct on October 2nd at 4:07 AM.

Ask: What do I need to re-balance?

Deadline: All Mercury RX petitions should be received by September 8th at midnight central time.

Uranus Retrograde

There is a Uranus Retrograde in 2022 in the sign of Taurus.

August 24th, 2022 – January 22nd, 2023: Retrograde begins at 8:54 AM and stations direct on January 22nd at 4:59 PM.

Ask: What has gotten out of control and needs to be grounded?
For more on Uranus Retrograde, see this article.

Deadline: Petitions for Uranus Retrograde are due by August 22nd at noon central time.

Aerial Expansions PetitionJupiter Retrograde

There is a Jupiter Retrograde in 2022 in the sign of Aries and Pisces.
July 28th, 2022 – November 23rd 2022: Retrograde starts at 3:37 PM, retrogrades into Pisces on October 28th  on at 12:10 AM and stations direct on November 23rd at 5:02 PM.

Ask: Where do the depths nourish me? Where do the fires inspire me?

For more on Jupiter Retrograde, please see this article.

Deadline: Petitions for Jupiter Retrograde are due by July 26th at noon cdt.

US Pluto Return

Pluto Return for the US

Pluto shows us the pieces of ourselves and the pieces of our society that have survived for far too long in Shadow – unseen, untended, and uncared for. It MAKES us see and asks us to step forward and CARE, and through that care to build something new, something different, something that is bigger and has more room for ALL…the Shadow, the Bright, and all that is in-between.

THAT is the work of Pluto and especially a Pluto Return.

The exact Pluto Return occurred in February. Since then it has become even more clear what is not going right and well in the US. So by now you should have a good sense of what the problems are in, with, and for the US.

The next exact Pluto Return occurs on June 21st. For this one, the work to do is to find the GOOD in, with, and for the US. This is MUCH harder. And if you are interested in participating in the energy of the US Pluto Return, then it is the next, necessary step.  What about the US is worth preserving? What about the US is worth fighting for? What about the US gives you hope or makes you proud? I told you, it is going to be hard.

June 21st marks the next exact Pluto Return for the US. Please have your petitions into me by June 18th, noon, central time.

Neptune RXNeptune Retrograde

There is a Neptune Retrograde in 2022.

June 28th, 2022 – December 3rd, 2022: Retrograde starts at 2:55 AM and stations direct on December 3rd at 6:15 PM.
Ask: What deception am I no longer willing to participate in?

For more on Neptune Retrograde, see this article.

Deadline: Petitions for Neptune Retrograde are due on June 26th at noon, central time.

Saturn RxSaturn Retrograde

There is a Saturn Retrograde in 2022 in the sign of Aquarius. For more on how to work with Saturn Retrograde, refer to this article.

June 4th 2022 – October 22nd, 2022: Retrograde starts at 4:47 PM and stations direct on October 22nd at 11:07 PM.

Ask: Where am I being too rigid?

Deadline: Please have petitions in by noon, central time on June 2nd.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini + Taurus Spring 2022

Retrograde starts at 6:47 AM in Gemini on May 10th, Mercury retrogrades into Taurus on May 22nd at 8:15 PM, and then stations direct on June 3rd at 3:00 AM. Access your Mercury RX workbook here.

Ask: Where, and with what/whom, do I need to reconnect?

Deadline: All Mercury RX petitions should be received by May 8th at noon central time.

Jupiter’s Ingress into Aries

Jupiter in Aries brings its hallmark signature of expansion into the traditional areas of life affiliated with Aries.

When benevolent Jupiter is in the sign of the Ram we can expect all initiations and initiatives to be extra-blessed. We find that our first impressions are more powerful and auspicious than usual – the ones that are made on us and the ones that we make.

We are given the green light more often than not to proceed with the new idea, adventure, or endeavor, and though we can often get in trouble when we make like an Aries and leap before looking, with Jupiter in this sign, the blow tends to be softened and we may even surprise ourselves and stick the landing!

May 10th – October 28th, 2022 ~ Jupiter enters Aries at 6:22pm and departs on October 28th at 12:10 AM.

December 20th 2022 – May 17th 2023 ~ Jupiter enters Aries on December 20th at 8:32 AM and remains in Aries until May 17th, 2023.

Ask: What happens when I allow my sense of self to expand?

Deadline: All Jupiter Ingress Aries petitions due by May 8th at noon cdt.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde in 2021 in the sign of Capricorn.
April 29th, 2022 – October 8th, 2022: Retrograde begins at 1:38 PM and stations direct on October 8th at 4:56 PM.

Ask: What elements in my work and career need to be re-examined?
For more on Pluto Retrograde see this article.

Deadline: Petitions should be received by April 27th at noon, central time.