The Unruined Castle ~ A Self-Study, Sacred Arts Approach to your Blessed Body

Our community of soulful seekers is game for right relationship.

We work diligently to have better relationships with our beloveds, our friends, our families, our enemies, and the wide, wide world.

We work to have better relationships with ourselves.

But there is an aspect of self that is all too often left outside of the equation: our physical bodies.

It is confusing.

Many traditions, spiritual and otherwise, seem to decry the body all together seeing it as a mortal coil that blocks us in our pursuit of liberation.

Others reduce everything to the physical body asserting that life is all about the pursuit of pleasure – which works just fine unless and until you are hurt, wounded, injured, or ill and must develop a relationship with pleasure’s sister, pain.

August teachers claim that breast cancer happens because of bad relationships with our mothers or because you ate one too many cheeseburgers, or because you didn’t pray in quite the right way or at quite the right time, leaving a trail of pure poison in their wake.

And then there are the schools of thought that simply remain silent about the physical body all together, as if they are a bit embarrassed by all of its processes and would like nothing more than to sweep it under the rug.

Yes, it is confusing.

And through it all our bodies, our precious and beloved bodies, stay with us, whispering in their own ways and own languages of wind on skin and stretching muscle…I’m here, I’m here and I’m waiting to talk to you, will you listen?

In fairy tales there are often places that are ruined, shacks and cottages, mansions, and palaces, and most of all, castles.

The rocks have grown rotten and the skies are always leaden, very little lives and most of which does is venomous and harmful. And, as fairy tales work, invariably we discover that the land that is forsaken and the castle that is ruined is not really this way naturally but rather has become cursed and accursed.

So it is with our bodies and our understanding of our bodies. Our physical natures have many pools to drink from but only a scant few of them are clean and clear.

It is no wonder that we are confused and no wonder that even the most dedicated soulful seeker often forgets about the first place of devotion and first place of knowing…their own, blessed, bodies.

Your body is not a cursed land; it is an unruined castle and in this teaching we are going to uncover and recover a sacred arts perspective on our physical bodies that supports us in coming into deep and meaningful relationships with this closest part of ourselves.

In this self-study course we consider a variety of questions that often come up such as:

  • Why does it feel like our physical bodies cannot keep up with soul-centered practices?
  • What is the real relationship between health, disease, and our sense of the sacred?
  • What is the relationship between our bodies and trauma?
  • Why do we really get sick and/or stay sick sometimes?
  • How do we speak to our bodies and how can we hear them when they speak back?
  • What is the role of our physical body in liminal, imaginative, practices?
  • What aspects of care for the body do soulful seekers especially need to engage in?
  • What standards do we hold for health, fitness, and beauty of our physical bodies?
  • What are the cycles and rhythms of our physical bodies and how do they speak to our sacred arts practices?
  • How can we bring our bodies fully into our practices and lose the feeling of being “un-grounded”, “flighty” or “flaky”?
  • Why is right relationship with our physical bodies our best ally in creating concrete results in other areas of life?

And more.

I share body positive prayers, blessings, rituals, and practices and we will also engage in active imagination journey work.

Cost: $50

Format: Self-study course:
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4.) Listen at your leisure
5.) Start loving and inhabiting your Unruined Castle!

The Unruined Castle

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