Light the Way: Wealth and Wisdom Lamp

Lodestones, and pyrite and coins, oh my!

In November of 2018, a VERY BIG THING happened. It involved beautiful Jupiter, the celestial source of wealth, wisdom, energy, and fun, moving into its home turf and favored sign of Sagittarius – the fiery, freedom-loving archer. This happens every twelve years and this time around I wanted to create something that everyone in the community could participate in, I wanted to create a ceremony that would Light the Way into greater wealth (in every good sense of the word) and greater wisdom for all of our community.

Jupiter, known in old-school astrology as the “greater benefix” is the planet that people work with when they are seeking to attract more abundance, wealth, wisdom, and energy into their lives. Physically it is the only planet in our solar system that gives off more energy than it takes in, and magically it works in a similar manner. If you are looking to attract or draw anything good and beneficial into your life then Jupiter is a planet you want to have on your side. Starting (or deepening) your relationship with it while it is in its “natural” setting of Sagittarius just makes everything that much more potent.

I have been thinking about Jupiter’s move into its native setting of Sagittarius and wondering how best to honor and work with that particular energy and then it came to me – we need to call on the fiery power of Sagittarius and the great generosity of Jupiter to Light the Way – in short, we needed to create a magical lamp! Working with fixed lamps is a type of folk magic that can be found in numerous traditions – any culture that had oil lamps has some version of this magic.

The idea is simple: take an oil lamp and fill it with curios that are in alignment with the purpose of the lamp. Our lamp was built with wealth, wisdom, money, and abundance in mind so I have added herbs, roots, minerals, and yes, money to the lamp that resonate to those principles. Some of the goodies include organic cinnamon sticks, High John the Conqueror Root, Master Root, Solomon Seal Root, lodestone, and iron pyrite (to name a few). The lamp is then lit at the appointed time.

We personalize the lamp by adding our petitions, heartfelt prayers, intentions, and blessings for abundance, wealth, and wisdom.

How it works:

Light the Way: Wealth and Wisdom Lamp is centered around the crafting of a magical lamp, which is one part sacred vessel and one part sacred fire to both hold and illuminates our wishes, petitions, and prayers for wisdom, wealth, and all good things.

To participate you will send in a petition for the rite.

The moment Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on November 8, 2018, will be the first lighting of the lamp!

From that point forward I will work with our lamp every day on behalf of all who have written petitions for the entire time Jupiter is in Sagittarius (until December 2nd, 2019).

All you need to do in order to participate is send in your petition.


What: Light the Way: Wealth and Wisdom Lamp includes:

Your petition, placed into an exactingly made magical lamp constructed and consecrated for drawing wealth, wisdom, and abundant good things into your life through the Jupiter is Sagittarius transit. This magical lamp is kept on premises with me and worked by me daily on behalf of all petitioners.

Cost: $70

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