Ancestor Encounter

A Divination, Ceremony, and Self-Study Course inspired by and in honor of your Beloved Dead.

I have a deep love for working with Ancestors. Our ancient peoples remember so many vital lessons and have so much to teach, to contribute to our personal growth. It is out of this love that The Ancestor Encounter was born.

The Ancestor Encounter is one part ceremony, one part tarot reading, and one part class. It includes:

  • A ceremony that I create in honor of the ancestor(s) you wish to connect to.
  • A tarot reading based on your ancestral work, giving insight into the next year of your life.
  • A free copy of my class An Evening with the Ancestors so that you can continue to develop your own relationship to your people.


The Ceremony: When it comes to creating ritual and ceremonies, I believe that the most powerful expressions are the ones that come straight from the heart. That said, sometimes it is helpful to have an experienced ritualist crack open the door. That is what I do for you and your ancestors in the Honoring Ceremony. This is a specific rite that I perform on your behalf and that opens the road of contact between you and the ancestors you wish to be in touch with. How the contact unfolds is up to you and informed by your own personal preferences but the road will be opened and the way made clear. I will give you the seeds of the ceremony so you can cultivate and grow your own.

The Reading: For those of you who know my work, the Sacred Imagination that I call upon in this work is deeply creative and playful, yet serious in the real insight it offers.

The richness, freedom and revealing power of the Sacred Imagination is at the root of all the Sacred Arts – storytelling, dance and music, active imagination and divination practices and ceremonies prayers and blessings.

For this reading, we will activate the energy of the Sacred Imagination, and work with the tarot under the guidance of your ancestor, or in some cases a group of ancestors, who are ready and willing to show up and provide insight into the future.

The readings yielded up by this approach are predictive in nature, deeply personal, and take an interest not just in the individual querant but also the querent’s primary relationships, and cover an entire calendar year. These readings have been the most accurate and precise readings that I have ever experienced because our Beloved Dead who have gone before us see and understand time differently than we do. They also love us, and, as my traditions teach, are present with us not just at certain times of year but every day and all of the time. Most of all, our Ancestors are quite practically minded, so the information received is immediately relevant.

The Course: An Evening with the Ancestors is a very popular class I have taught on how to honor and come into deeper relationship with your ancestors. There are written and audio components to the course that you may study at your own pace as you learn to deepen your connection to your Beloved Dead.


Kind words:

I think it’s so hard to say definitively that something has changed your life when you’ve only just received it. And, yet, I know in my bones that this has. This is quite probably the deepest, most intimate reading I have ever had. That alone blew me away. But added to that were concrete action steps and predictions for the upcoming year that give me a sense of next steps and the energy I am walking into. And I am so grateful to know that I’m not walking into it alone. This is the most holistic and cohesive reading I have ever received. I am so incredibly grateful for each word of it. Thank you. – Kasey, California

What it is: A custom ceremony that I perform on your behalf, a divination with tarot, and a self-study course inspired by and in honor of your Ancestors.

Who is it for: Anyone who wishes to come into contact or deepen their relationship with a member of their Beloved Dead.

Delivery via: The divination and any messages received during the ceremony will be delivered via email.

Offering is limited to: thirteen individuals at this time

Please note: once you order the service I will be in touch with you via email to get some basic information about the Ancestor(s) you would like to connect to and the questions you would like me to read on.

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