Deep Waters

A Cleansing and Re-balancing Rite.

On this month’s Full Moon I will be at the Gulf of Mexico frolicking in some deep waters. The Gulf, for those of you who do not know, has a long history of being worked with magically and is a traditional place of offering especially to the Orishas and the Yoruban Lwa due to the cultural confluences that have  come together around this particular region.

As I was preparing for this month’s journey I felt the persistent tug on the edges of my consciousness demanding that I make a simple cleansing and re-balancing rite available to this in our community who need it. As usual when I feel that tug I DO NOT ignore it. I’m nobody’s fool after all!

Here is how this is going to work.

The intention is for a refreshing and deeply cleansing dip into the ocean and a re-balancing under the Libra full moon. This is a community ritual (meaning that there is more than one participant). I will use a hand-made effigy to represent our gorgeous community members and it will be submerged into the ocean, along with ethical offerings and every participants name and petition will be uttered over the waves under the Full Moon.

If a deep sea and salt cleansing followed by full moon re-balancing blessing feels just right to you then you are a YES for this service. Dive in.

Cost: $24

Registration: is open through 4/17 at 12noon central time.


Registration is now closed.