Here Be Dragons Community Ceremony Petition Form

Dear Soulful Seekers~

Yay for community magic making! Use the form below to send in your petition for this ceremony. If you need some tips on how to write a petition, you may want to read this article.

Here Be Dragons - Community Ceremonies Petition and Intention form

  • This Ceremony is ideal for those who: Desire to increase their personal wealth and/or the wealth factor in their business dealings. Are working to manifest more abundance, joy, and pleasure in their lives. Would like to get unstuck in any area that has been feeling like quicksand. Find that they are in need of more beauty and pleasure and/or would like to come into a deeper relationship with the experiences that truly bring pleasure and joy. Need to find a better rhythm, routine, and/or flow that allows you not only to get stuff done but also to get it right. Are ready to SLOW down. Want to give themselves permission to simply enjoy.