Burn and Banish Community Ceremony

The Banish and Burn Community Ceremony for 2018 is here!

This is the fifth year I have hosted the Banish and Burn community ceremony and I hope all of you will join me in walking into 2018 fresh and clean!

For many people 2017 has been a tough year full of discord, disappointment, and division. But even for those of us who have experienced just the normal ups and downs that go with every single year, it is goo to realize that as one year ends and another is born we enter into a liminal time where change and magic are afoot.

This is especially true as January 1st kicks things off on the right foot with a brilliant FULL MOON. That celestial event will add extra potency and zing to our ceremony.

This is the community ceremony where we collectively get clear on what we want to release and then we drop it like its hot!

Whatever you are ready to DROP, PUT DOWN, and WALK AWAY from goes into the fire – we banish it by burning it up.

Banishing describes the magical act of removing what is no longer needed in one’s life and fire has long been the choice element to create this kind of alchemy.

I have performed this ceremony personally for over 13 years. Every year I gather the ingredients – woods, herbs, libations, to create a sacred fire and then I write my own petition stating clearly what I am ready to let go of, and then offer it up to the bright flames.

It is simple and powerful magic – my favorite combination. This ceremony includes a banishing blessing that is sent out to all participants.

Ready to step into 2018 with less baggage? Then it’s time to Banish and Burn.


A Special Note for this year’s Banish and Burn offering ~

As many of you in our community know, one of our own experienced one of the hardest things a parent ever goes through – the loss of his child. My dear friend and brother in magic Aidan had to say goodbye to his darling boy Ash.

Ash’s passing has been devastating not only emotionally but also financially, especially for his young wife pregnant with their twin babies. Our community has already pulled together in a significant way to support this family in their time of need. They have created a GoFund Me page to easily accept donations.

We do not have a church or congregation in the conventional sense but I have seen how, several times this year alone, we have pulled together and showed up for one another in the most difficult, depressing, and dangerous of circumstances. In my experience that is what the best churches, best congregations, best communities are capable of doing not once or twice but over and over again. It makes me so proud to know and be connected with all of you.

Now we have another chance to show up because I am donating half of all proceeds from this year’s Banish and Burn community ceremony to Aidan’s daughter in law and his soon-to-be grandchildren.

So, come kiss away your troubles and at the same time make someone else’s life just a bit more bright.

What: Community Ceremony

Participation: register and then send in your petition, I’ll take care of the rest.

Extras: I will send out an original blessing for banishing to all participants.

Ceremony occurs: evening of 12/31

Cost: $13

Registration closes: 12/30 midnight central time

Registration is now closed, see you again next year!