Feast Day of Saint Francis Community Ceremony

This one is for your fur babies, your animal companions, your beloved creature allies, and all that is feral and free.

Saint Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of animals, ecology and also merchants (he came out of a wealthy merchant family). He has become THE Saint most strongly associated with environmental stweardship and care for all creatures great and small.

I am hosting a free community ceremony in honor of his Feast Day on October 4th. As always all you need to do is send in your petition, prayer, blessing, and/or request to Saint Francis.

If one of your animal friends had a close call this year and came through you might want to thank him. If you would like to send solidarity to those engaged in the good work of keeping our planet safe and sovereign this is the time. Perhaps you wish to ask for continued protection for your own blessed animals – Saint Francis is here.

I love this Saint as he is one of the major personal patrons in own family. I know that so many in my community have animal allies that are near and dear to their hearts, our animal friends are not merely “pets” they are family members, beloved children, partners in mischief and comforters in our times of pain and grief. Let us honor them and all that they are on this day!

Cost: free

Participation: Use the form to send in your petition, prayer, blessing, or request to Saint Francis.

Registration closes: 10/3 at midnight central time.

Sorry. This form is no longer available.