Here Be Dragons Community Ceremony Petition Form

Dear Soulful Seekers~

Yay for community magic making! Use the form below to send in your petition for this ceremony. If you need some tips on how to write a petition, you may want to read this article.

Here Be Dragons - Community Ceremonies Petition and Intention form

  • This Ceremony is ideal for those who: Would like to bless and honor their homes and/or families. Are ready to discover what is truly nourishing and commit to a new nutrition program, come into right relationship with food, or succeed in their diet plans. Want to bless their financial investments, call in the wisdom to make good ones, and put out the intention for a higher yield. Love poetry and good stories and want to make more room for those things in their lives. Need to bring healing, strengthening, and blessing to specific family members or close friends with a special emphasis and opportunity on healing any Mother wounds. Are considering moving, buying or selling a home, remodeling, decorating, or finding the perfect home. Honor the Moon and/or feel deep connection with the vast ocean.