Here Be Dragons Community Ceremony Petition Form

Dear Soulful Seekers~

Yay for community magic making! Use the form below to send in your petition for this ceremony. If you need some tips on how to write a petition, you may want to read this article.

Here Be Dragons - Community Ceremonies Petition and Intention form

  • This Ceremony is ideal for those who: Wish to remember and engage fully with their night dreams. Desire to restore their ability to see with the inner eyes and deepen their divination skills. Are in need of healing, soothing, and calming on all levels (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual). Would like to infuse their artistry with depth, scope, and range. Yearn for more kindness, time, and love for self and others. Bless and honor their magical, in-between natures. Want to see clearly and bid adieu to any illusions or delusions that keep us trapped and held back.