Mercury RX Survival Kit

Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Magic Extravaganza!!!

Summer 2019 is featuring an Astro Blowout of epic proportions so I am interrupting my usual Mercury Retrograde services to offer something more…comprehensive in scope. Because we do not just have a Mercury Retrograde in Leo and Cancer to deal with this summer. Oh no. We also have two eclipses occurring on the Cancer/Capricorn axis that is already getting blasted by Saturn and Pluto. Throw in the fact that Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are both retrograde and…well, we have ourselves a party – one that starts on July 2nd and goes until the beginning of August.

This could be a star studded fiasco of epic proportions. Some of you have already emailed me with the typical Capricorn/Cancer warning signs, so you already know. Others might just be feeling like there are some big astro waves out there that are about to break…you are all correct. HOWEVER, you know how I feel about big astrological events – they can be total PIA’s or they can be really potent times of transformation, releasing what is no longer needed and calling in what is. When we work WITH the celestial energies we tend to find that everything is both clearer and easier. 
This is big astrology and honestly it is too big for a single report because there are multiple moving pieces that I want everyone prepped for.
Here is how we are going to tackle this. 
We are going to LEARN:
We are kicking this off with your natal charts as well as the information about where precisely in our chart the Mercury Retrograde and solar and lunar eclipses will occur. With your chart in hand you will then join me on Sunday June 23rd at 10:00am central time when I’m hosting Aural Magic Meeting via Zoom. We will go through the Mercury Retrograde and each Eclipse, talk about its effects and also talk about what specific actions need to take place depending on which section of the chart it lands in for each individual. 
All participants can expect to leave the class understanding generally how the Mercury Rx and Eclipses are going to effect everyone throughout July as well as how they personally will be affected by the Retrograde and Eclipses.
We are going to MAKE MAGIC:
The usual Mercury RX Protection Rite will be performed as will the two Eclipse Magic Rites.
I will also have the Mercury RX special clear communication devotional candle going for each participant throughout the RX period.
We are going to gain clarity, break cycles and patterns that no longer serve, get real about what home means to us and cultivate mastery because that, my friends, is what this astrology is all about!
I hope you will join me and make this the most potent and profound month of your year!

Cost: $250

Delivery via: email and Zoom video and audio conference call

Registration deadline: June 19th, 2019

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