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Astro Rx 2019

All of the essential Astro info for 2019 including the major moon phases, sun signs, planetary transits, Mercury RX dates, eclipses, and more. Complete with questions to consider, discuss, and journal on, and handy links to sync up the celestial info to your ical or gcal.

planning by starlight

Planning By Starlight

Working with astrology in a practical manner that speaks directly to our lives is something we all want to be able to do. Astrology is not one of the most popular sacred arts without reason! And when it comes to figuring out how to work with astrology in a really practical manner, planning with it is right up there near the top of the list.

Talking Shop Podcast

Join me and my dear friend and Sacred Artist in Arms Theresa Reed, AKA the Tarot Lady, for our monthly free podcast. Talking Shop covers a wide rang of topics of interest to the Sacred Artist, Soulful Seeker, and Mystical Business Owner including many practical tips on making your business and practice successful, fun, and prosperous.

Talking Shop Podcast ~ The Archives

Every single Talking Shop show archived for your enjoyment. Listen in and if you like what you hear leave us a kind review on iTunes!

Blessing Ways with Briana Saussy

Blessing Ways

It is time for reverence to become more radical, in the deepest and truest sense, it is time for us to go down to the roots of what we hold most sacred. BLESSING WAYS is a gift self-study class. You'll receive an mp3 of our original class call, and the companion book in PDF.

Get Help ~ Scripts that Assist

In my experience asking for help...and also knowing how to respond when you have been asked to one of the toughest areas for a Soulful Seeker to navigate. A couple of years ago I taught a class on this topic and created a little companion booklet. Now it is available for everyone, totally free. Enjoy and ask for the help you need.