Enjoy these complimentary resources, created with love for all those wishing to explore the world of sacred arts.

Blessing Ways with Briana Saussy

Blessing Ways

It is time for reverence to become more radical, in the deepest and truest sense, it is time for us to go down to the roots of what we hold most sacred. BLESSING WAYS is a gift self-study class. You'll receive an mp3 of our original class call, and the companion book in PDF.

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Talking Shop Archives

We’re bringing our Extra Sensible Perspectives to the metaphysical industry. Join us in our fast ‘n furious FREE teleraps where we get our third eyes trained on your spirit based business enterprise. We deliver the goods – no jive talking, no mystic-babble. All straight biz talk with a mystical slant.

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Spirits and Stars

Astro Rx 2017

Let us discover what is happening in the heavens so that we might be fully rooted here in this gorgeous earth. In this resource, we will go through the various phases of the moon, briefly look at what each of the planets will be up to in 2017, and of course I will give you pertinent retrograde dates and eclipse dates as well.

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Feast Days for the Radically Reverent

The act of blessing is transformative and also deeply universal. Feast Days can be found on various calendars but we celebrate them together with one thing in common – radical reverence; this is reverence that goes right down to the root of things in plain speech and in direct, heart-felt actions. Feast Days for the Radically Reverent are open to all people who would like to come together to celebrate, request, and bless.

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Sacred Arts Group

Join our community of sacred artists, gathered in participation on Facebook. This is a private group, so your request for admittance must be approved by me.

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Astro Rx

Astro Rx 2016

In this astrological guide you will find important dates and descriptions of celestial events; but more than that, you will find questions to ponder, to be inspired by, to journal about and to create with – practical questions evoked by each astrological happening in 2016.

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Talking Shop

Next Up: Book ‘Em: SEO Know How with Liz Lockard

Title: Talking Shop – SEO Know How with Liz Lockard

Wednesday, March 29th at 8:00 PM Central/FREE!
You put up your site and it looks great. You’re also creating regular content.
Yet when you check the stats…crickets.
Worse yet, when you search for your site on Google, it’s way back on page 34. In other words, so deeply hidden that it would take a special agent to even locate your business online.

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