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Hello, miracle!


Hi, I’m Briana, often called Bri. I am a writer and teacher working within the Sacred Arts and on behalf of Soulful Seekers all over the world.

Whether I am reading Tarot cards, casting Astrology charts, teaching my community how to spin gold or making magic, the point of all of my work is to cultivate a deeper sense of healing, wholeness, and holiness on an individual and global level. Currently I am hard at work on my first book: Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary which will be published by Sounds True in Spring 2019.

It’s amazing what kind of changes can take place when we stop seeing, believing, and responding to what we think is happening and instead see and respond to what is actually going on in our precious lives, right here and right now. Read the rest of my tale here.

And if you are brand new to my work, head here for a quick overview.

Spinning Gold ~ Self Study Version





What I have seen throughout my life whether in the country or the city, whether in the august halls of academia or the commerce driven marketplace, is that we all, all of us, have magic.

If you have been looking and longing for Spinning Gold but prefer a self-study option as opposed to the full experience then this is the one for you ~ your magic, your schedule, your terms.


Spinning Gold

A year-long course in fairy tales, myth, and the sacred arts. Learn more here.


Daily Blessings

Because the world needs less advice and more blessing. View the collection here.


20 Question Tarot

An email course of 78 lessons.  Learn more here.