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Briana Saussy, often called Bri, is a best-selling author and teacher working within the Sacred Arts and on behalf of Soulful Seekers all over the world.


Whether she is working one on one with clients in a Sacred Arts Session, teaching through the Sacred Arts Academy, or creating custom ceremonies, the point of all of her work is to cultivate a deeper sense of healing, wholeness, and holiness on an individual and global level.


Her first book Making Magic is all about learning to weave all that is magical and extraordinary into your every day life. Her second book, Star Child teaches parents, caregivers, and those doing inner child work, how to work with astrology for more compassion and joy. Both titles are available worldwide at your favorite bookseller. She is currently at work on her third title.



Bri’s work has been featured in numerous magazines and journals including Yoga Journal, Enchanted Living Magazine, The Mountain Astrologer, and the Paris Review.

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