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Hello, miracle!

Hi, I’m Briana Saussy, often called Bri. I am a best-selling author and teacher working within the Sacred Arts and on behalf of Soulful Seekers all over the world.

Whether I am reading Tarot cards, casting Astrology charts, teaching my community how to spin gold, or making magic, the point of all of my work is to cultivate a deeper sense of healing, wholeness, and holiness on an individual and global level. My book Making Magic is available worldwide from Sounds True Publishing and I am currently at work on a second title: Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology.

For a detailed take on what working with me is like, please see this Paris Review article by Esmé Wang from her bestselling book, The Collected Schizophrenias.


Make Some Magic

Briana Saussy making magic book

Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary is now available World Wide!

It is time for Making Magic.
Magic is found at the roots of our experience.
No matter who you are or where you came from, there is magic in your ancestral lineage. Through storytelling, practical guidance, and powerful prompts we will explore ways of directly engaging with the extraordinary forces of the universe in our everyday lives.
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Work with Me

The most important thing to realize about working with me is that I am not a specialist. I am a generalist who is happiest when I’m able to call on any aspect of the Sacred Arts that I think will help you accomplish what you want to achieve. My work broadly spans four categories: Magic, Astrology, Tarot, and Spiritual Services. You may click on the links below to find out more. I count among my clients New York Times best-selling authors, distinguished Academics, Doctors and Medical Professionals, Lawyers, and folks in business as well as many amazingly gifted artists and creatives. You may also study with me if you would like to learn about and explore the Sacred Arts for yourself.


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