Custom Magical Commissions

Magic. Ritual. Ceremony.

You know, the REAL Stuff.

If you are carrying a situation, concern, BIG dream, audacious goal, or deep desire…

If you have tried other approaches and they haven’t worked out…

If you are ready for real and lasting transformation…

Then its time to bring on the Magic!

Candles, incense, prayers, and sumptuous altars.

Creating custom rituals and ceremonies is one of the most complex and gorgeous ways to bring the Sacred Arts together.

This is not a journey for the faint of heart, the skeptic, or the person who says that they want transformation…but doesn’t really mean it.

This IS a journey for the courageous and creative soul who wants to improve their circumstances, give themselves a magical edge, and/or go even deeper in their spiritual communion.

Working with Magic to address the BIGGEST moments in life is something everyone did, once upon a time…


In MOST parts of the world, supporting oneself through magical intervention is STILL considered a vital, necessary, and SMART move.

That’s because in MOST parts of the world people have not forgotten what their Ancestors knew…magic is alive, it is real, and it can be an absolute Game. Changer.

And people everywhere are starting to get hip to this fact. After all, its not a coincidence that some of the most successful people in their various industries – from A-list celebrities to NY Times best-selling authors, rely on magical support – if you know, you know!

So isn’t it time to give yourself the same deep support and competitive edge?

Isn’t it time for REAL MAGIC?

About Your Worker

Briana Saussy is a best-selling author, teacher, and Sacred Artist who has been creating custom rituals, ceremonies, and enchantments for clients all over the world since 2009.

As a ritualist, Briana’s clients include New York Times best-selling authors, business leaders, award-winning artists, authors, entrepreneurs, celebrities, yoga teachers, and business coaches.
Briana’s custom magical commissions are sought out and sought after because she brings an enthusiastic, practical, and no-nonsense approach to assessing each individual’s situation, crafting a ceremony that fits their situation just right and then delivering the goods.
Additionally, Briana has contributed to more than 7 books, including her two titles: Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary as well as Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology. She has worked with major publishers in the Mind, Body, Spirit industry like Sounds True, Weiser, Llewelyn, and more.
Briana’s work has been featured in the Paris Review, Yoga Journal, Mind Body Green, The Mountain Astrologer, Energy Magazine, Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine, and the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers. She is a regular contributor to Enchanted Living magazine.

How it Works:


Once you commission custom magical work from Bri, she begins focusing on your case.

She will be in touch with you personally to set up a time for an hour long Sacred Arts Session reading – you may opt to do this before or after your actual ceremony has taken place.
Then, she will request a petition from you to work with during the ceremony. Bri can take a full written petition or she can take your bullet points and craft a petition on your behalf. She may also ask for other items such as photos or personal concerns.
She will confirm for you when the ceremony is set to begin and end.
Bri will create your custom ceremony and send you a report once the ceremony has concluded.

What Kinds of Situations Can Magic Help?

Some of the situations Bri is most commonly called on to assist include…

-`⟡´- Sovereignty (for men and women who need support in standing firm in their truth and knowledge)
-`⟡´- Clarity and Wisdom
-`⟡´- Success and Mastery in any area
-`⟡´- Successful Resolution of Court Cases and Legal Issues
-`⟡´- Business Success
-`⟡´- Money Drawing and Increasing
-`⟡´- Saving Money
-`⟡´- Diminishing Debt
-`⟡´- Healing (physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual)
-`⟡´- Marriage Blessing
-`⟡´- Love Drawing
-`⟡´- Reconciliation/Returning a Lover
-`⟡´- Success in getting the promotion/accepted into the school or college or program
-`⟡´- Opening Roads and Opportunities
-`⟡´- Protection
-`⟡´- Uncrossing
-`⟡´- Blessing a new book/writing venture
-`⟡´- Drawing and Attracting the right publisher/team member/employee/employer to your side
-`⟡´- Victory in sports/arts/music/or any competition
-`⟡´- Protecting sensitive businesses from prying eyes and legal situations.
-`⟡´- Real Estate Ventures
-`⟡´- Investment Ventures

And then there was that time she helped one client score an incredible deal on an Aston Martin 🙂

Commission a Custom Ceremony Now

One payment


Best Value 

Two payments


Most Flexible


So if I commission magic to deal with a specific situation, goal, or desire that I have then I don’t have to do anything else, right?

Wrong, amigo. While magic should be part of any comprehensive plan, magic alone usually won’t get you there. There ARE exceptions but they are rare. If Bri agrees to take on your case then she may have advice for practical and magical actions that you need to take to ensure success.

Is the magic Bri makes really effective?

Read the testimonials. It really is. Also, you can’t be a professional ritualist for as many years as Bri has been unless your work actually, you know, works.

That said, magic is a funny animal and is not always predictable. For this reason NO work is guaranteed and when you commission custom magic from Bri you agree to these terms.

Is there anything I have to do?

95% of the work will be done by Bri, but she may have some suggestions for you as far as follow up work at home goes. She also will request that you send her a petition for your magical commission or that you send her bullet points so that she can craft a petition for you.

Will I have access to Bri?

You will have an hour long Sacred Arts Session with her either before or after your work has occurred.

How long does this take?

Every case that Bri takes on is different, but generally custom ceremonies last for two weeks – either from the New Moon to the Full Moon or the Full Moon to the New Moon.

Will I get a report once the ceremony is over?

Yes! A report, including a divination, will be emailed to you once the ceremony concludes.

What is the refund policy?

Bri begins working on your custom magical commission as soon as you order it…she holds it energetically and in many cases begins gathering the supplies she will need for your work, immediately. For this reason NO refunds are ever issued on custom magical commissions UNLESS Bri feels that she cannot take on your case, in which case you will receive a full refund.

Have another question?

Contact Bri and [email protected] and ask away!

What Custom Magical Commission Clients Have Said:

Bri Saussy keeps my magic + mojo in line and ON FIRE.
Erika L.
``I’m no stranger to mojo management. I’ve been around this shizzle for years. I’ve seen a lot + done a lot + worked with a lot of people. I don’t impress easily. But Bri’s shazam has totally wowed my face off.``
I knew I needed extra help and support.. from someone that had my best interest in heart. Unconditionally and at all times. No Matter what. I was guided to Bri through a series of events that I knew the universe chose her magical hands just for me.

I particularly appreciated how she frequently tailored her instruction to visual arts businesses for those of us who are (Sacred) Artists.

I loved this course.

Amanda B.
“I have been working with you for some years and each time the results were priceless! Thank you, Bri!”
I’ve studied magick myself for many years so I am well versed in it but Bri has a depth of understanding that surpasses any knowledge that I may have. And what really impresses me about her is that she still manages to remain humble even though she has gobs of mystical talent and wisdom.``
Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady