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Spinning Gold: What I have seen throughout my life whether in the country or the city, whether in the august halls of academia or the commerce-driven marketplace, is that we all, all of us, have magic.

It’s why we thrill to stories like Harry Potter and the Golden Compass, why we delight in tales of mythic rings and otherworldly requests — they hit upon a cord that vibrates deep within the body and soul singing out, I remember this, I remember this.

Time out of mind, magic has always been taught through stories. Indeed, it is part of a greater story, a family of practices and ways of living that I call the Sacred Arts.
We listen, learn from them, and discover practices that illuminate our path. These stories and practices remind us of our forgotten knowing – how to take the straw of life and spin it into gold.

Knowing this is true has very little to do with belief and everything to do with being ready… to learn to trust your experience, to commit to life-changing work, to remember what you have always known. If you are ready to live your most magical life, then you are ready to start Spinning Gold. Welcome.


Briana Saussy Spinning Gold
Spinning Gold
Spinning Gold

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