Spinning Gold 2018-2019

Weaving the worlds together
through story & the sacred arts

Spinning Gold

What I have seen throughout my life whether in the country or the city, whether in the august halls of academia or the commerce driven marketplace, is that we all, all of us, have magic.

It’s why we thrill to stories like Harry Potter and the Golden Compass, why we delight in tales of mythic rings and otherworldly requests — they hit upon a cord that vibrates deep within the body and soul singing out, I remember this, I remember this.

Recipe for Spinning Gold:
1 dash of Hogwarts,
1 heaping cup of fairy tales,
Stir in plenty of folk magic,
Warm over the fires of soul-seeking,
Serve with a whole lot of love.

Time out of mind, magic has always been taught through stories. Indeed, it is part of a greater story, a family of practices and ways of living that I call the Sacred Arts.

We listen, learn from them, and discover practices that illuminate our path. These stories and practices remind us of our forgotten knowing – how to take the straw of life and spin it into gold.

Knowing this is true has very little to do with belief and everything to do with being ready… to learn to trust your experience, to commit to life-changing work, to remember what you have always known. If you are ready to live your most magical life, then you are ready to start Spinning Gold. Welcome.

Welcome to Spinning Gold Story Threads~

Autumn 2020

Gathering the Bones with Santa Muerte

and Liberating Innocence from the Sugar

House with Hansel and Gretel

Where do we come from?
Where are we going?

2020 has been a year of tending to our dead and listening to our Ancestors. We have had an unprecedented number of souls join the realm of the Beloved Dead world wide and we have experienced cultural crises coming to a head that demand we all become more familiar with our lineage, more aware of our Ancestors and better able to listen and learn from them. 

Why is this work so important?

Because we cannot rightfully and righteously care for our Descendants, or plan for the future, we cannot conceive of a vision for what is possible, next, and needed, if we are not truly grounded in the past and specifically in our past. 

In order to create what can be, we must be aware and learn from what has been, thus, we must speak to our Ancestors.

There is no better guide for this journey than Santa Muerte, Lady Death, Skeleton Sister to La Señora, and the tale of Gathering the Bones. In the first week of this training we will encounter Santa Muerte through story, active imagination vision, and magical practice. We will also explore some of the thornier issues around honoring our Ancestors – from practical how-to’s to refined ceremonial and magical practices. 

The goal of the first part of this training will be to familiarize ourselves with a Holy Helper who can act as guide and intermediary between ourselves and our Beloved Dead, to deepen our communication with our Beloved Dead, and to plumb the depths of our inheritances – ethnic, cultural, financial, relational, spiritual, and health-wise to sort the wheat from the chaff and establish a strong foundation held fast by our Beloved Dead from which we can call in and dream up the Future.

Ancestor honoring is a two-way street. 

Our Beloved Dead make themselves available to offer insight, blessings, and protection but they also ask something in return from us, and that is that we care as best we can for our Descendants, for the ones who come after us, and after we are gone. 

The first essential step in this process is dreaming into and calling up a vision of the future for our Beloved Ones to Come that is grounded in the principles of Wholeness, Health, and Holiness. The challenge we face in doing this is that all too often the visions of a “good” future that are fed to us by dominant cultural forces and society at large are fattened up on sugar-spun fantasy and lack true nourishment – no meat, no honey, no solid root vegetables. 

With a solid foundation built of the love for and from our Ancestors we are able to liberate Innocence – that is, true and essential self – from the Sugar House and begin calling forth into creation a deep and meaningful vision of what is to come. The story of Hansel and Gretel is the perfect illustration of how we go about setting ourselves free.

The goal of the second part of this training will be to familiarize ourselves with the Challengers who seek to devour and deplete our visions of the future, learn both practical and magical ways to recognize and protect ourselves from these Challengers, and discover a clear-cut process with accompanying rites and ceremonies that aid us in liberating our innocent and essential selves and restoring the vision of the future we carry within us to its central place in our lives and stories.

In a time when so much has been dismantled, taken apart, demolished, and destroyed it is especially important to hold a strong and fast vision of what is possible, good, needed, and desired as we move forward. Traditionally it has always been those touched by magic…the dreamers, artists, witches, magicians, poets, and storytellers. This training calls upon sacred arts and the stories those arts spring from to support seekers in doing exactly that. 

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What Is Spinning Gold Story Threads?

When Spinning Gold was first introduced to the world, 7 years ago, I had no idea how many lives it would touch and how this work would grow and evolve. As 2020, a year truly like no other has unfolded, it has become clear to me that running a year long virtual course during this time did not make sense for me personally, nor did it align with what my community was in need of. However, it was equally clear that working at the intersection of Sacred Arts, myth, and story is one of the places where I am happiest and fertile ground that our community members love as well. After many weeks and months in contemplation, trance, and prayer, the concept of Spinning Gold, Story Threads was born.

Think of Spinning Gold, Story Threads as smaller morsels of the full Spinning Gold program. With these stories and teachings we get to drill down deeply into a few specific areas both in terms of practice, magic, and reflection. Although I am not sure how this portion of the Spinning Gold program will evolve, right now it feels very seasonal to me and that may be reflected as we go forward.  These shorter study periods are perfect for busy people with busy lives who nevertheless want magical and sacred arts education that is grounded in tradition, knowledge, integrity, and kindness.

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“Bri is a whip-smart teacher who effortlessly guides her students towards a deeper (and practical) understanding of the sacred arts. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness her incredible skills as a teacher, mentor, and speaker first-hand. When you study with Bri, it’s like getting access into a secret library of magical goodness with a professor that lovingly reveals the secrets of the universe in the most intimate and imaginative way. Her teaching is deep, pragmatic, and effective. Want to get your head wrapped around oracles and mysteries? This is your guide to knowing the unknown.” —Theresa Reed, A.K.A The Tarot Lady

“Bri’s Spinning Gold is the dream of what I would have wanted when I first started out on my path.”

Joanna Powell Colbert

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“I feel like I have many more tools in my sacred, magical toolbox. I love how every month is focused on a particular theme that we build on as the month goes on.”


“I’m especially enamored of getting to listen to tales PERIOD, the way I’m encouraged to dive deeper into other fairy tales and stories I encounter in life, and the fact that the magical lesson extracted from each story is not always the one I would have expected. It feels like a deepening of the worlds around me, both seen and unseen. Heaven!”


“I think one of the really wonderful things about Spinning Gold is that you can incorporate and adapt the practices to work with your personal spirituality/belief system. Yet at the same time the teachings are so very spiritual – all about right relationship and goodness…and also very, very practical.”


“There is one thing that I look for in a teacher: love. You can discern fairly quickly in a conversation with someone if they have a real passion for their work – if it moves them on a soul level. Briana Saussy loves her work, and that is what drove me straight to her. I was so inspired by the way she approaches her craft. She has such a heart for the Sacred Arts she practices, that teaching them seems to come naturally for her. She is generous with her time, knowledge, and assistance.

As a student, you are never left hanging, or feeling like you missed something. And once you are in, you’re in. Bri’s open-hearted approach to sharing her expertise means that students become part of her Sacred Arts family and get a first look at new offerings, classes, and services, and get one-on-one access to her. When you are teaching the stuff of Spirit and Magic, you need to know your craft well. Briana has grown-up in this work, but doesn’t rest on her laurels – she is always seeking knowledge and insight, and practices what she teaches. I unabashedly recommend her and her work often. She is one of the most brillant, magical people I know, and I am wildly proud to call her one of my trusted mentors.”

Jen Rue

“I’ve been a student of Bri’s since I first met her four years ago. From the beginning she has consistently been compassionate, loving, kind and always forthright and fair. As a student and graduate of the Miracle Tree Sessions, her teachings have revolutionized the way I move through the world. Her approach is direct, yet gentle; patient while remaining goal-oriented. She assumes a level of confidence in her students, even if they don’t yet have it in themselves.

The material Bri presents in all the classes she offers is beautiful to look at, as well as being structured in a way that packs in a lot of information without ever being overwhelming. Her writing is thoughtful and rich, coming from a lifetime of knowledge and experience, while remaining easy to understand. Bri gives deeply of her time, heart and soul; her dedication to her students is unsurpassed. I am grateful and honored to call her my mentor and teacher.”

Sara Magnuson