Money Stay With Me Sacred Vessel

It's Not How Much You Make...It's How Much You Keep!

Anyone who has worked Money Magic knows that there are several different approaches to take. There is magic to draw more money in, magic to grow the amount of money you have, magic to eliminate debt, and then there is my personal favorite kind of money magic: Money Stay With Me magic!

Because when it comes to money, it really isn’t about how much you can make…it’s about how much you can keep. And as it turns out, there is magic to support you in doing exactly that.

Let Me Make It For You!



How it works:

The Money Stay With Me Sacred Vessel Service begins with a Treasure Box that is loaded with the materia magica associated with KEEPING. MORE. MONEY. and your petition.

I will work with this sacred vessel several times a week on your behalf.

You will experience your money, staying put and your dollars stretching farther.

All you need to do in order to participate is send in your petition.

At the end of the month you will have the option to renew or have me ritually dispose of the Sacred Vessel.



WHAT: Money Stay With Me Sacred Vessel

Your petition, placed into an exactingly made sacred vessel designed to keep your money with you and make your dollar stretch farther. This sacred vessel is kept on premises with me and worked by me weekly on behalf of all petitioners.

COST: $75 ~ with the option to renew or ritually dispose at the end of the month.