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Here Be Dragons

Community Ceremonies

Every now and then as the spirit strikes, I create a community altar service around one of the “dragons” that many of us have personal experience with.

Specific petitions, blessings, prayers, and intentions will be written by each person who participates – because words really do have wings.

Once a month community ceremonies – everyone is welcome to participate. Check the Here Be Dragons page to find out what the current focus for the ceremony is.

Light the Way: Wealth and Wisdom Lamp

Lodestones, and pyrite and coins, oh my!

In November of 2018, a VERY BIG THING happened. It involved beautiful Jupiter, the celestial source of wealth, wisdom, energy, and fun, moving into its home turf and favored sign of Sagittarius – the fiery, freedom-loving archer. This happens every twelve years and this time around I wanted to create something that everyone in the community could participate in, I wanted to create a ceremony that would Light the Way into greater wealth (in every good sense of the word) and greater wisdom for all of our community.

Light the Way: Wealth and Wisdom Lamp includes:

Your petition, placed into an exactingly made magical lamp constructed and consecrated for drawing wealth, wisdom, and abundant good things into your life through the Jupiter is Sagittarius transit. This magical lamp is kept on premises with me and worked by me daily on behalf of all petitioners.

Cost: $70

Bull Strong ~ Wealth Stabilizing Rite

On May 15th 2018 the planet Uranus moves from the sign of Aries where it has been raising a ruckus for the past 7 years and into the sign of Taurus, the Bull.

This marks the beginning of a new seven year cycle that is going to shake up our most solid institutions and assumptions in both the personal and global spheres.

To give you an idea of what Uranus in Taurus can look like, the last time it occurred was between the years of 1935-1942 – a couple of events that happened during this time were the Great Depression and the beginning of WWII. Both changed our economy and global culture in ways we are still grappling with today.

To that end, and in honor of this transition I am creating a very special sacred vessel for our community. This is a wealth stabilizing magical container that I will work with daily for the full 7 year period that Uranus is in Taurus. And yes, the picture is not lying, our sacred vessel really IS crafted in the shape of a Bull!!!

What: Bull Strong Wealth Stabilizing Rite includes:

Your petition, places into an exactingly made sacred vessel for wealth building, preserving and stabilizing throughout the Uranus in Taurus transit. This sacred vessel is kept on premises with me and worked by me daily on behalf of all petitioners.

Cost: $70

Registration deadline: May 15th 2018

Devotional Candles

From the striking of the match and the lighting of the wick, to the incandescent glow of flame casting light on hope, faith, reverence, dreams, and all that we hold dear — candles point the way.

And we know that as the candles burn our intentions are heard and the obstacles barring our path fall away like so much melted wax.

What:Twelve Months of Lunar Lights – one devotional candle, lit once a month, on the full moon for 12 months:

Cost: $360 (MTS and Spinning Gold students please see your discounts)

Registration: Through January 19th at midnight.