20 Question Tarot


20 Question Tarot: There are hundreds of books, guides, and websites dedicated to teaching us how to read tarot.

Many of these resources are useful and really quite good. And yet, tarot continues to be a sacred art that befuddles and confuses at least as much as it simplifies and clarifies. Something is wrong with that picture.

Moreover, too many readers from beginners to professionals have what I think of as the “boilerplate” reading, meaning if you have heard it once, you have heard it one hundred times.

So how do you find that unique understanding?

How do you tell the stories that only you can tell?

Tarot Meanings The Fool

Let’s not do that anymore.
The world does not need one more by the book tarot reading – what we need more of is your unique understanding of the cards and your one-of-a-kind way of telling their stories.

So how do you find that unique understanding?

How do you tell the stories that only you can tell?

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You begin with questions; twenty questions to be exact.

  1. Questions that will help you get a sense of each tarot card as a whole.
  2. Questions that will support you in connecting to specific attributes in each of the cards.
  3. Questions that allow the cards to speak directly and profoundly to your own experiences and life.
  4. Questions that, in answering, will show you exactly how to have a real, unique, relationship with each of those 78 cards.

The right questions and the answers they inspire are the keys to a deeper relationship with the tarot.

They will speak to your life and your own experiences and understandings. You will find the medicine that each card has to offer; discovering the broken places in people and culture, and then you will uncover the blessing way that is present in each of the cards. I can’t tell you what they are – no one can – but you can find them for yourself.

Tarot is one of the first sacred arts I learned and I deeply believe that every person can benefit from getting to know these 78 cards from the inside out. That’s the aim of Twenty Question Tarot.