For Mind, Body, Spirit...Business!!!

``Mind, Body, Spirit…Business was packed with informative, practical, and inspiring information. Briana is beyond generous sharing her knowledge and her experiences running a Sacred Arts business.

I particularly appreciated how she frequently tailored her instruction to visual arts businesses for those of us who are (Sacred) Artists.

I loved this course.``

Rachel S.
Bri Saussy keeps my magic + mojo in line and ON FIRE.
Erika Lyremark
For Mind, Body, Spirit...Business!!!

``While I was taking the Mind, Body, Spirit Business intensive, I was faced with a choice that led to me opening my own legal practice. It wasn’t anything I had been prepared to do in that moment but it was the next best step for me. What surprised me was that so many of the MBSB lessons were applicable to opening my new practice. I have continued to go back to what I’ve learned in MBSB as my new business grows and evolves. It was such a great investment and I had no idea how that knowledge would end up being used (and how quickly) but I am convinced that being in the course gave me the confidence and wherewithal to make a leap I really needed to make.``

Kasey Corbit
For Bri's General Practices

I’m no stranger to mojo management. I’ve been around this shizzle for years. I’ve seen a lot + done a lot + worked with a lot of people. I don’t impress easily. But Bri’s shazam has totally wowed my face off.

Fabeku Fatunmise
For Ceremonial Services

I knew I needed extra help and support.. from someone that had my best interest in heart. Unconditionally and at all times. No Matter what. I was guided to Bri through a series of events that I knew the universe chose her magical hands just for me.

Amanda B.
For Mind, Body, Spirit...Business!!!

There were MANY valuable things I learned in the Mind Body Spirit Business course. Briana's approach is fantastic for those of us running heart centered businesses, and it really resonated with me. Since taking the course I'm more relaxed about my business, and trust more in my ability to move forward in ways that support my spirit as well as my business.

Suzanne L.
For the Devotional Candle Lunar Lights Service

Bri’s full moon candle report is a little sprinkle of encouragement + shimmer-dust, every month. I love her individualized insights, her predictions, and most of all — her massive heart.

Alexandra Franzen
For a Sacred Arts Session

Thank-you so much for your amazing help!! You answered questions I had but didn't know how to ask.

Susan Barnes
On Magical Coaching:

Firstly, I wanted to say a big 'thank you'! I did the ritual you suggested for the lunar eclipse back in May and have really felt a palpable change in how I see myself, so again, thank you for your pointers!

For the Triple Threat Candle Service:

This candle service is AMAZING and transformative!

Amanda M.
For Bri’s Ritual Work:

“I have been working with you for some years and each time the results were priceless! Thank you, Bri!”

For Mind, Body, Spirit...Business!!!

When Bri announced her business class I breathed a sigh of relief, to say the least. Finally, a business class for me. Someone wanting to start my own Sacred Arts business. And finally, a trustworthy experienced guide. One I knew would give me the nuts and bolts I needed, while also incorporating integrity and a spiritual aspect.

I was not disappointed. I received all that and more. I was educated, encouraged, and uplifted. I came away believing and trusting in my purpose and my alignment with creating my own spirit-filled business.

My one of favorite quotes from the class: ``You have a deep, one-of-a-kind voice that needs to come out into the world. You have a calling that you're turning into a business. This is bridge building. We don't do our businesses for the responses but for the work itself. In time others will show up.``

Theresa S.
For Ritual and Ceremonial Services

I’ve studied magick myself for many years so I am well versed in it but Bri has a depth of understanding that surpasses any knowledge that I may have. And what really impresses me about her is that she still manages to remain humble even though she has gobs of mystical talent and wisdom.``

Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady
For Sacred Arts Sessions

Bri — I just wanted to tell you the reading schedule ideas you gave me are working BRILLIANTLY. I have created a workflow and I’m getting all kinds of new clients trickling in.``

Melissa Haney
For Queen, Crone, Crown, and Center:
“I wish I had had this story and support when I was in my actual mid life/meopausal years. The information on the medicines from the forest and the other recipes was my favorite part...I also enjoyed the story of the handless maiden and how it connected to the phases of a woman’s life.

I love everything you share, Bri``

“Before I came to the workshop, when I thought about mid-life, I felt ``in the forest`` but I didn't have that metaphor for it...which made it feel more like wandering aimlessly but after the class I felt like I now have tools to navigate the path. I loved all the different resources - story, herbs, magic, AIMs, I now feel like I have some tools to carry with me as I go forward!”
``Before doing Queen, Crone, Crown, and Center when I thought about mid-life I felt uncertain and a little depressed about it. Now, I’m intrigued about what's to come and excited to continue to learn about this time and use what I learned in class in my daily spiritual practices. I really loved the guiding story and how the motifs apply to transitions in a woman's life, the source material for Hecate and Aphrodite and how multifaceted they are compared to how we've come to see them through patriarchal lens and how they show us ways to reframe how we see this time of life, AIMs/Journal Prompts and the insight from them, the herbs and magical practices.”
For Sacred Arts Sessions:
As an intuitive I can tell quickly who has talent and who doesn’t. Bri is attuned and clear and knows how to deliver the information beautifully but also has an amazing breadth and depth of skills that most healers don’t have. She knows a lot about alot. She’s an interesting mix that translates into a powerful experience. She’s part of my personal Wise Woman Council and I trust her (and love her!).
Lisa Claudia Briggs