Feast Days for the Radically Reverent ~ Guadalupe and St. Lucia

Many of us are now feeling the approach of the holiday season. No matter what you do (or don’t) celebrate and who you do or don’t celebrate it with, this is a time of year that can be full of joy and delight or a time of year that feels lonely, isolating, and depressing. 


Some of us can even feel all of these things at the same time! This is one of the reasons that we come together as a virtual community to celebrate all of the different Feast Days we have for honoring our Holy Helpers, Saints, and Allies.


Within our community, La Señora, is a strong ally and Holy Helper for many and December 12th is the day we celebrate, honor, and thank Her, for her presence and attendance. Then, on December 13th we celebrate the Feast Day of Santa Lucia, she who sees in and through the dark…so in our community we are celebrating them, together!

December 12th Feast Day of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in Mexico City in 1531 to an indigenous man known to Spanish and English speakers as Juan Diego but known in his own tribal tongue as Cuauhtlatoatzin – which translates to something like “Talking Eagle”. Guadalupe is variously understood as the New World Blessed Virgin Mary, as a Catholic overlay of Tonantzin, the Nuahatl Goddess of life, fertility, and mothers, and as the patron Saint of Mexico. I understand her to be all of this and more. Having lived almost all of my life in “Guadalupe country” here is what I can tell you about Her:


Litany for Guadalupe

Wherever there is a need for nurturing, mothering, calming, nourishment – there She is.

Wherever there is a need for healing, soothing, anointing and blessing – there She is.

Wherever new mothers, new fathers, and children of all ages need care and support – there She is.

Wherever there is loss, sadness, gaping holes full of the howling winds of grief and sorrow – there She is.

Wherever there is joy, laughter, good food, families gathering, friends speaking, old ones remembering – there She is.

Wherever there is rich black dirt, red roses, chile, cinnamon, chocolate, bread – there She is.

Wherever Death has come, unbidden, unasked for, unexpected, unwanted – there She is.

Wherever it is the very simple things that are most needed: clean water, clean air, clean food – there She is.

Wherever creatures, any creatures, are harmed and then helped – there She is.

Wherever there is trying, working, struggling, failing, getting back up again, victory – there She is.

Wherever there is heartfelt prayer in voice, body, gesture, art making of all kinds – there She is.

Wherever there is storytelling, remembering, recollecting what matters most – there She is.

Wherever there is art, creativity of all kinds, carrying beauty from soul to world – there She is.

Wherever there is seeking for fairness, justice, and truth – there She is.

Wherever there are those who feel unseen, unheard, unwanted, disregarded – there She is.

Wherever there is quiet, silence, stillness – there She is.

Wherever there are blessings waiting in broken places – there She is.

Wherever there is a scarred and sacred heart, pierced and bleeding – there She is.

Wherever we are told She is not supposed to be/go, whomever we are taught are not as deserving or worthy of Her most blessed presence – She is especially in those places and with those people, (Our Lady does not much care for “rules”.)

Wherever there is love, and there is love everywhere, there She is.


So what might you say to Nuestra Señora – Our Lady? Whatever is upon your heart and on your tongue. She is first and foremost Mother to the World and all creatures, you and I included, who dwell within it. Bring it all to the table – there is space here.


December 13th Feast Day of Santa Lucia

Saint Lucy or Santa Lucia as I know her, is a light bearer and a light bringer. Her presence brings calmness, fortitude, and determination and she is a Holy Helper who is not afraid of the dark. Santa Lucia is the Holy Helper to seek out any time there is an issue with eyes or eye health, and she has traditionally been petitioned by those who wish to reverse, prevent, or cure blindness. Santa Lucia though is also the Holy Helper who aids and assists with vision – both the outer vision of the eyes but also, and as many of her prayers state, more importantly, our inner vision, our ability to see what others tend to miss, our talent for seeing our way in…and through…the dark. For she reminds us first and foremost that no matter what may be happening around us, there is always a way to let in the light.

As always, those who wish to add extra magic to their celebrations may order the custom candle for December: Joy. Find it here.



Our Lady of Guadalupe and Santa Lucia

Feast Days for the Radically Reverent

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What are Feast Days for the Radically Reverent?

Born into a family full of many devoted Catholic practitioners, Feast Days are one of the aspects of folk tradition that I love best. There are hundreds of Feast Days – in fact, according to official Catholic calendars every single day is a feast day – and that alone is a though worth pondering – what would happen if you treated every day as a feast day?

Years ago in my own practice I began creating altars and honoring ceremonies on Feast Days that have deep personal significance to me and inviting my community of soulful seekers to join in the process of honoring by sending in their own prayer requests, blessing ways, petitions, and thanks givings.

The results are always stunning. They remind me again and again that the act of blessing is transformative and also deeply universal — every year individuals from all over the world and many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds identifying as Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and followers of various alternative spiritual paths come together in blessing. It is a profound time always and one felt deeply by all participants.

These Feast Days can be found on various calendars but we celebrate them together with one thing in common – radical reverence; this is reverence that goes right down to the root of things in plain speech and in direct, heart-felt actions.

Feast Days for the Radically Reverent are open to all people who would like to come together to celebrate, request, and bless. They are 100% free of charge and always will be.