Star Child

What are the stories the stars tell about our children? Every person alive is born under a particular snapshot of the celestial relationships occurring at the time of their birth. This picture―a natal chart―offers us a powerful tool for insight into our children’s temperament. In Star Child, renowned spiritual teacher Briana Saussy presents the first comprehensive guide for using astrology to better understand our children―and become more joyful and effective parents as a result.

Brief Summary

Help your child make the most of their unique gifts, challenges, and potentials with a guide to parenting by the stars.

Astrology, when used correctly, can be a practical and magical map of our greatest gifts, challenges, and potentials―a map that is extremely useful when it comes to parenting. With Star Child, Saussy teaches parents how to read this map―with an eye to the houses, signs, and planets that are most emphasized for kids. Twelve chapters explore the characteristics of each sign, offering insights into friendships, creativity, education, and more, as well as guiding fairy tales and practices for parents and kids to do together.

As a mother of two, Saussy understands that our kids aren’t just smaller extensions of ourselves―they’re independent beings with their own thoughts, worries, hopes, and dreams. Though knowing how to best support them can feel challenging at times, we have the stars to guide us.

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