Coming Spring Equinox 2025

In the Three Rivers we bring all that we have learned in the first three courses together with an eye to practical application not only in the real world but in real life where we focus on the three areas that Sacred Artists are most sought after to address: Health, Wealth and Love. This course also features a bonus module called Working Between the Worlds, designed to help those who want to become professional Sacred Artists get their businesses up and running.

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River rapids


In this course you will learn:

  • How to establish a daily practice
  • How to assess health concerns
  • Different ways to attract a team of experts to support your health
  • Practices to support healing from illness or disease (on any level)
  • The fundamentals of energetic medicine and healing
  • How to protect and strengthen your health
  • How to get a clear picture of your money and financial stories
  • Ways to diminish debt and build capital
  • Why prosperity magic works and why it doesn’t
  • The just-right money magic for you
  • Mindset and Money practices to keep the river of abundance flowing
  • Healing financial wounds in your lineage
  • How to heal heart hurts
  • Methods to assess what stories about love and romance are found in your lineage
  • Magic for deepening intimacy and cultivating more satisfying love-making
  • How to draw, attract, and find the right lover
  • Ways to deepen a committed relationship/take it to the next level
  • The problems and promise of self-love
  • Rituals for marriage and children
  • Relationship as a spiritual practice