In the not so long ago past, Sacred Artists’ jobs were pretty forthright.

We worked with magic to make lives better.

We have always been aware of political and societal problems, but our collective and individual relationships with the living, breathing world, were relatively healthy and intact.

Now, along with working with magic and mystery to better lives, we are also faced with an individual and collective relationship to the living, breathing world that is not healthy, definitely not intact, and in some ways, bleeding out. In other ways, much stronger than we could possibly know.

Wolves and Stars opens with preliminary remarks and questions to consider about magic making, the elements, what seasons are and mean, and how we can live life in an oracular way.

Wolf and the moon

Then we proceed to spend time with each of the six elements that magicians started working with in the Egyptian and Persian empires and that we continue to work with today.

A good deal has been said about why we need Sacred Artists in the world.

Much less has been created around what it means to be a Sacred Artist in this moment of time and what right relationship with a wounded world looks like.

Over the next year that is what we are going to uncover in Wolves and Stars. We will do it with a unique telling of Little Red Ridinghood as our Guiding Story, and we will do it together.

Finding Place in a Wounded World through Elemental Magic

In this course you will learn:

  • How to Restore Right Relationship to and with a Wounded World
  • How to identify, work with, and honor the six elements
  • To transform your daily experiences by seeing life as Oracular
  • How to divine in a proactive, diagnostic fashion no matter what divination system you use
  • To create your own personal lexicon of signs and symbols
  • The fundamentals of Astrology and Star Magic
  • Engaging with the Blessed Body Breath
  • Apprehending the Astral Body
  • Working with Chakras, Zones, and Hot Spots
  • Working with our Active Imagination
  • Shielding
  • How to form alliances with faeries, angels, and other Intelligences
  • Making Air Magic with sacred words, petitions, sigils, and magical squares.
  • Divination with your Blessed Body
  • Recovering the Deep Well of Intuition
  • Dreams, Dreaming, and Magical Dreamwork
  • Encountering the Dream Queen
  • Dream Health Assessment
  • Potions and Potion-making
  • Making Sacred Waters and Washes
  • Spiritual Bathing
  • Spiritual Bath Recipes
  • Plant Medicine
  • Mineral Medicine
  • Animal Medicine
  • Working with Holy Helpers
  • How to form alliances with faeries, angels, and other Intelligences
  • How to create a Holy Days Feast Calendar

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