Is the world bigger or smaller than it was for our Ancestors?


That question…and the side you find yourself landing on, says a lot about the wound at the center of our relationship to our world and our place within the world.

Is the world bigger because we know more of it, or is it smaller? Is the world smaller because we are all more connected to each other…or does that make it all more vast?

These questions are not the ones to begin with. 

Begin instead at the very beginning and ask:

What is this world that we speak of? 

Is it a specific place? 

A tiny blue dot floating in space? 

Is it the land where you live now or the lands that your Ancestors came from or the lands you imagine moving to one day?

What is the world?

We cannot know our place in the world if we don’t even know what it is. 

This is why initiation mattered so very much once upon a time. 

Initiation is not the beginning of a journey as we are so often told. 

Initiation is rather an orienting to what there is and what comes next. It is, as the root of the word has it, “an entering”, a “going in”.

Initiation allows you to see the world, our world, your world, in the most unexpected places. Like the color red, or frost on leaf or wood smoke in air. 

And initiation is something most of us have not received. 

Here now, is a wound.

And so let us find medicine for it. 

Medicine that is Plentiful

The Medicines that help us orient, find our way, and remember our True North are not exotic or only available to those with the right amount of money or influence.

They are everywhere, all around us, outside of us and within us too…and they always have been. We call them the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water…and they are the foundation of much magic and medicine making.

Medicine that is Practical.

Understanding the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as well as Below and Above is not an abstract act. Rather, it is deeply practical. When you understand how the Elements show up for you and when you understand how you can in turn cultivate right relationship to them, you will be able to see…and speak…to the living world.

You’ll be able to fully embrace your place within it.

Medicine that is Magical.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Above, and Below are the foundations of much of our global magic making. Your magical practices, your magical sensibilities , and your sense of what it possible are only as strong as your relationships with each of these precious Elements. Embrace them, get to really know them from the inside out, and watch your magic making take on new life.

There is Medicine to Heal this Wounded World…and our Place within it…


Are you ready to discover it?

Are you read to, listen now, make it your own?

If so, then you are ready for Wolves and Stars.

Start Wolves and Stars!




 How to Restore Right Relationship to and with a Wounded World

How to identify, work with, and honor the six elements

To transform your daily experiences by seeing life as Oracular

The fundamentals of Astrology and Star Magic

Engaging with the Blessed Body Breath

Apprehending the Astral Body

Working with Chakras, Zones, and Hot Spots


How to form alliances with faeries, angels, and other Intelligences

Magical Practices to Honor and Connect with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Above, and Below

Plant, Animal, and Mineral Medicine

How to create a Holy Days Feast Calendar


Wolves and Stars is the second year-long course in the Sacred Arts Academy Training Program. It is comprised of 7 teaching modules that are kicked off by the guiding story of Little Red Ridinghood. We work with a month on/month off schedule so that learners have time and space to implement the content they have immersed themselves in.

Each month of the course features a teaching call with me that is available to the entire group – current students as well as alumni.

The general syllabus includes:

MODULE ONE: Origins, Orientation, and Oracles

In Module One, we begin by looking at the structure and pacing of Wolves and Stars and consider what materials you might want for the course.

Then, we dive into our relationship to land, place, seasonality, and time. We follow this up with teachings on Oracular Living – not so much a practice but a way of being in the world that we will return to again and again. And finally, we start to get to know the Elements, think and feel into where they show up in our daily lives.


We began Wolves and Stars Module Two by stating our intention as we engage with this program. We write it down and spoke it out loud.

Then, we turn our focus onto Place. Beginning with the practice of Cultivating Calmness, we learn to place ourselves in time beyond time and space beyond space. Next, we work on Grounding, Centering, and Anchoring and discovering our unique and specific place here and now.

After getting familiar with the magical practices of Cultivating Calmness, Grounding, Centering, and Anchoring, we look at the specificity of place, learning about geographical features that have long been considered sacred and discovering which of those features are present where we live.

We then expand our understanding of sacred space by exploring magical microcosms. Learn how to build and work with an altar, and how to make a sacred vessel.


In Module Three we begin by focusing on both the inner and outer presence of the element of Air.

Our outer relationship with Air begins to develop as we work through our correspondences, while our inner relationship focuses on our breath through the Blessed Body Breath practice.

We discover our innate abilities to see, sense, feel, and know forces that may be invisible but are nonetheless present leading up to the practice of Apprehending of our Astral Bodies. We develop the idea of the Unseen more fully, calling in the faculty of active imagination to assist us.

We also have the opportunity to reflect on how time and space become much more permeable during Active Imagination Meditations and we learn to work with that Active Imagination to create powerful and protective Shields.

As we round out Module Three, we return from our inner focus and again began to look outward at the ways in which two of the primary magical tools of Air: pen and paper, might be worked with in the form of petitions, prayers, and magical squares.


At the beginning of Module Four we dance with the element of Fire and  focus on deepening our relationship with that element through considering the correspondences.

Next, we consider what “energy” actually means and what “running energy” means in a Sacred Arts context. We experience Parts One and Two of the Radiant Heart Rite AIM, and we discover how to maintain boundaries that mean something. We learn about the Sacred  Art of magical protection.

We then move on to develop a deeper relationship to our passions, working with feelings of anger and sexual arousal and placing them firmly within the Sacred Arts experience. We also began to consider our relationship to the Divine and Spirit and began getting a sense of what devotion really looks like for us. Part Three of the Radiant Heart Rite is performed during this time.

Finally, we expand our awareness of the element of Fire by exploring Candle Magic from top to bottom!


Module Five begins with a deep dive into our relationship with the element of Water through considering the correspondences that align with us for this element. We then look at the difference between Intuition, Impulse, and Instinct. We continue our deep work with Intuition by looking at the Sacred Arts of prophecy and divination as well as exploring our own deep well of Intuition.

No deep dive on Intuition would be complete without some considerations on dreams so we learn how to work with our dreams, create a bedtime ritual and encounter the Queen of Dreams in an AIM. Finally, we learn all about the magical side of the element of Water by exploring potions, sacred waters, washes, and spiritual bathing.

We encounter themes of Necessity, Sovereignty, and Authenticity along the way as we clean out our own horror stories and learn to identify the needed medicines for healing and repair.


Module Six takes us out of the classic four element model and moves us into the realm of Below.

Here we learn about the themes and patterns of the Underworld. We began exploring our relationship to this element through working with the correspondences that resonate for and to us. The process of dying, the care taken after death for both deceased and living ones, and the ceremonies surrounding death and dying were considered in depth during this module. Ancestors and the concept of lineage are explored as well.

We learn traditions for honoring and relating to Ancestors and we also learned how to begin exploring our lineage and all the ways it effects our present experiences and our future legacy. We culminate this work with a potent Ancestor Encounter and are given tools to plan our own magical and meaningful memorial.


Continuing with our “extra elements”, what is Below is reflected by what is Above and it is the element of Above that we focus on in our last module. We begin by discovering some of the themes of the Heavens and the realm of Above. We also began to identify what our relationship with the realm of Above is as we worked through our correspondences.

We then engage with the longest AIM within Wolves and Stars, the Descent and Ascent, where we learned to dscend and come back up from the realm of Below.

We discover the roles that our descendants play and ways that we can consciously craft our legacy, learned about angels, faeries, and creating our own personal calendar of Feast Days.

We conclude our work in this course by spending time studying the heavens, learning the basic skills of astrology and engaging in an AIM with our Celestial Spirits.



Modules are delivered through the private classroom. Modules are composed of MP3 audio files, pdf’s, and videos.



Wolves and Stars begins on the Autumn Equinox each year.

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About the Teacher

Briana Saussy is a best-selling author, teacher, and Sacred Artist who has been facilitating women’s groups and teaching women’s mysteries since she was (16!) years old! Bri is now 42!

As a Sacred Artist, Briana’s clients include New York Times best-selling authors, business leaders, award-winning artists, authors, entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, and business coaches.

Briana’s work speaks to anyone who is looking for range and comprehensiveness of vision, which is required for a genuinely pragmatic approach to spirituality. 

She is well-grounded in the world’s great religious and intellectual traditions, as well as western psychological practices. 

Bri holds a B.A. and M.A. in Eastern and Western classics, philosophy, mathematics and science from St. John’s College (Annapolis and Santa Fe), and is a student of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit. 

She has also trained at the Cross-Cultural Institute founded by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés Reyes.

In her teaching, Briana is noted for a practical, grounded, and supportive approach to the mystical and magical while also invoking the depth and range of story, myth, and folk traditions from around the world. Briana is the founder of the Sacred Arts Academy Training Program, the first of its kind and only of its kind four year comprehensive training in the Sacred Arts.

Additionally, Briana has contributed to more than 7 books, including her two titles: Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary as well as Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology

Briana’s work has been featured in the Paris Review, Yoga Journal, Mind Body Green, The Mountain Astrologer, Energy Magazine, Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine, and the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers. She is a regular contributor to Enchanted Living magazine.

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Questions and Answers:

I’m excited about working with Bri…does she facilitate Wolves and Stars or will I mostly be interfacing with teaching assistants?

Wolves and Stars has no teaching assistants, Bri manages the entire program.

What is the cancellation policy?

Wolves and Stars begins on the Autumn Equinox each year. Once the course has started there are no refunds and no cancellations.

How is Wolves and Stars delivered?

Wolves and Stars is composed of 7 modules that are delivered every other month. Each module consists of lessons that may be accessed via video (with closed caption options), audio, or in written form.

I don’t live in the US. Can I participate in this course?

Absolutely! Wolves and Stars has alumni from Europe, Mexico, South America, and Southeast Asia!

I don’t identify as a Witch/Pagan/Christian/Magic-Maker…is this still appropriate for me?

Of course! Wolves and Stars focuses on translating and passing on perennial, foundational, Sacred Arts teachings that are appropriate for ALL people no matter what spiritual traditions you do (or do not) identify with.

I have a question that I don’t see answered here….help?

Sure! Email [email protected] to get the help you need!

Praise for Wolves and Stars

I feel like I have many more tools in my sacred, magical toolbox. I love how every month is focused on a particular theme that we build on as the month goes on.

–Jenn, Student

I’m especially enamored of getting to listen to tales PERIOD, the way I’m encouraged to dive deeper into other fairy tales and stories I encounter in life, and the fact that the magical lesson extracted from each story is not always the one I would have expected. It feels like a deepening of the worlds around me, both seen and unseen. Heaven!

–Paige, Student

I think one of the really wonderful things about Spinning Gold is that you can incorporate and adapt the practices to work with your personal spirituality/belief system. Yet at the same time the teachings are so very spiritual – all about right relationship and goodness…and also very, very practical.

–Heather, Student

Bri’s Spinning Gold is the dream of what I would have wanted when I first started out on my path.

–Joanna Powell Colbert, Student