Coming Autumn Equinox 2022

In Spinning Gold we looked within and discovered what we had within ourselves – the magic, mystery, and vast potential that we all contain. In Wolves and Stars we look outside of ourselves at the living, sentient, world. The foundations for right relationship are illuminated in Spinning Gold but the beings that we are in right relationship with take up the bulk of Wolves and Stars.

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Wolf and the moon


In this course you will learn:

  • How to identify, work with, and honor the four elements
  • To transform your daily experiences by seeing life as Oracular
  • How to divine in a proactive, diagnostic fashion no matter what divination system you use
  • To create your own personal lexicon of signs and symbols
  • The fundamentals of Astrology and Star Magic
  • Plant Medicine
  • Mineral Medicine
  • Animal Medicine
  • Discovery, Care, Feeding, and Creation of Talismans
  • Working with Holy Helpers
  • How to form alliances with faeries, angels, and other Intelligences
  • How to create a Sacred Arts Book of Hours