Wolves and Stars

Find Your Place Through Elemental Magic

In Wolves and Stars You Will Learn:

How to Restore Right Relationship to and with a Wounded World

 How to identify, work with, and honor the six elements

To transform your daily experiences by seeing life as Oracular

 The fundamentals of Astrology and Star Magic

✺ Engaging with the Blessed Body Breath

 Apprehending the Astral Body

Working with Chakras, Zones, and Hot Spots


How to form alliances with faeries, angels, and other Intelligences

 Magical Practices to Honor and Connect with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Above, and Below

Plant, Animal, and Mineral Medicine

How to create a Holy Days Feast Calendar

I have worked with Briana for several years now....or more accurately, Briana has worked on my behalf for several years.

My decision to ask her to intercede on my behalf has proven to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

I don't have the purity, patience, or commitment to do the work she does on my behalf. The prayers and petitions that I have written are carefully and lovingly raised through her devotional candle ministry.....and as a result, I experience the impacts and blessings of her work, both as obvious blessings and in the ``little coincidences that aren't``.

Please don't misunderstand, I do my work.....but I can confidently state that I would not be living the blessed life that I am experiencing without Briana's intercessory work on my behalf. I am and will forever be grateful for her commitment to helping me create a life well lived. Thank you, Briana.

Basil Human

To say Briana ``Bri`` Saussy is an amazing sacred artist is an understatement.

In the time I've known her she has always brought her full self to every class she gives, offering insight from a wide range of lineages and practices with ease.

Her availability with clients is incredible- she actually does get back to you if she says she will- and her willingness to make sure what she's saying makes sense to you is refreshing when so many seem to have adopted the ``do as I say`` approach.

Her Fixed Star Society (FSS) offering is no exception. Where most astrologers do a basic ``weather report,`` Bri goes more in-depth. Her Mercury Retrograde workbooks break down the impact of the retrograde down to the client's house, and include questions and practices they may want to try as a way of engaging with the retrograde while staying sane.

Her FSS remediation work, where you can send in petitions for community ceremonies, is something I haven't seen anyone offer as regularly as she does. And even if you're not up for the in-depth, Bri's willingness to help people grasp astrology, whether from explaining what a Star Sign is to how you can use astrological knowledge to relate to your child (both inner and outer) is a big relief for those still learning.