Peace Water Working

A Ceremony for Protection and Peace

Although we are not even at the halfway mark of 2024, I have been working on writing descriptions for the astrology of 2025 and there is a theme that keeps coming up again and again. It is the theme of escalating international conflict and the increasing possibility of a hot war that involved many of the world’s major countries.

Long time followers of mine know that I am not an alarmist, and I am not convinced in the way many other astrologers are that a hot war is inevitable over the next few years. However, in 2025 we have Uranus moving into Gemini and Neptune moving into Aries and both of those are astrological indicators pointing to escalation and increasingly hot conflicts around the globe.

As I was writing about these events and reflecting on them, I found myself thinking not as an astrologer but as a mom, specifically the mom of two boys, wondering what could be done in the face of these forces. And the answer was, as it so often is, Make. Ceremony. We did this for Uranus in Taurus, and we are going to do it again for Uranus in Gemini. I thought I would wait until we were closer to the actual sign change but the Holy Helpers are very insistent that it needs to happen NOW.

And so, please join me for the Peace Water Working.

How it works:

The Peace Water Working is centered around the crafting of a magical container, a sacred vessel made to protect individuals, families, communities, states, regions, and nations from going to war or being drafted into war or conflict. It is also designed to confer protection, grace, and power upon those who are actively serving in the armed forces. Finally, and most importantly, the intention of this working is to spread peace, healing, and calm throughout all lands.

To participate you will send in a petition for the ceremony.

The initial assembling of the sacred vessel will take place on 4/23 under the Full Moon in Scorpio on 4/23.

From that day forward I will work with the magical container every day on behalf of all participants throughout Neptune’s time in Aries and Uranus’ time in Gemini. (Neither planet moves into those signs until 2025 but we are starting early because there is a need to).

All you need to do in order to participate is send in your petition.


WHAT: Peace Water Working

Your petition, placed into an exactingly made sacred vessel for peace and protection throughout the the Uranus in Gemini + Neptune in Aries transits. This sacred vessel is kept on premises with me and worked by me daily on behalf of all petitioners.

COST: $70