Coming Winter Solstice 2023

Once we have established our knowledge and understanding of inner and outer magic, mythos, and mystery, it is time to get specific and discover different kinds of magical workings that are highly effective, traditions around typically taboo subjects like spirit contact, working with the elements in a magical context, integrating religious items and imagery into magical practices, the power of words, speech, and song.

How to pray effectively as a Sacred Artist and how to maintain ongoing relationships with our Holy Helpers.

Remembering Ways calls on magical traditions that will have something of the whiff of the familiar for each student because these are the particular details of the Sacred Arts that have been passed down generation to generation, albeit in fragmented and broken forms.

Together we will piece them back together and give them rightful place in our lives.

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In this course you will learn:

  • Working with Ancestors, Saints, and Sinners
  • Fundamentals of building successful rituals and ceremonies
  • Keeping a record of ceremonial experiences, successes, and failures
  • How to work with Prayers, Chants, Words of Power and Incantations
  • Earth Magic
  • Fire Magic
  • Water Magic
  • Air Magic
  • The Creation of and working with Sacred Vessels
  • Candle Work and Divination
  • How to create/integrate sacro-religio articles into your practice
  • How to bless and consecrate water and other fluids/libations
  • The art of making and keeping offerings
  • Advanced Active Imagination techniques
  • Advanced Spirit Contact Techniques
  • Advanced Dream work
  • Embodied Divination