Individual Devotional Candle Settings

Featured Candle: Calling in the Harvest

The first of August marks the traditional celebration Lamas - a day when many who seek to honor the land's natural rhythms and cycles celebrate the harvest of the first fruits.

It is an excellent time to ask yourself: what fruits are YOU ready to harvest?

What seeds have you sown and what intentions have you set forth that have yielded a good crop?

What perhaps has not been as fruitful as you'd like and could benefit from a little magical bump?

This will be the focus of our Lammas candle this year...calling in all that you have created so that your life is enriched as we head into the darkening of the year, and blessing especially the places in need of more fertility and vitality.

Candles are magical.

From the striking of the match and the lighting of the wick, to the incandescent glow of flame casting light on hope, faith, reverence, dreams, and all that we hold dear — candles point the way.

And we know that as the candles burn our intentions are heard and the obstacles barring our path fall away like so much melted wax.

How it Works

Your candle will be dressed, blessed, and set alight in my custom candle houses. My candles typically take between 8 – 10 days to burn out. Due to the number of candles that I set, I do not send out reports UNLESS something strange happens with your candle – in which case you will hear from me.

Traditionally devotional candles are lit for a wide variety of purposes including:

  • Prosperity: for individuals, families, homes, and businesses
  • Blessing: of homes or spaces, individuals, new children, animals, land, and creative or business ventures
  • Matters of the Heart: including love and marriage, reconciliation, and drawing the right partner to your side
  • Healing: of body, mind, or spirit as well as healing of a specific place or land, or beloved animals

I also sometimes create a FEATURE candle when the mood strikes. You may purchase the feature candle here and simply check the box on the order form that indicates you want the feature candle.

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Devotional Candles a la carte: $55 per candle.