Witch In Your Pocket

What would your life be like if you had a witch in your pocket working magic on your behalf every single month?
That was the question that gave birth to a Witch In Your Pocket.

The answers? Nothing short of incredible…marriages that seemed impossible to manifest, better jobs, increased vitality and health, more money, and of course, most important to me, a deeper and longer term relationship to your own special magic.

Witch In Your Pocket

This is a service I started offering to a few beloved clients who had asked for a retainer service several years back.

Last year I formalized it and have been working with a gorgeous cadre of souls on a monthly basis and after a full year of running a Witch In Your Pocket I am happy to announce that my clients are LOVING the year long magical and divination service as much as I do!

Maybe you too are ready to have a Witch in Your Pocket?

Here is what this year long magical retainer service includes:

  • A monthly phone meeting during which we may divine, do some astrology, engage in magical coaching, or cover whatever you need.
  • Custom ritual work every month with the petition of your choice performed on the Full or New Moon as we choose.
  • Monthly ritual reports and mini divination
  • Mystical trouble shooting and magical coaching whenever you need it
  • Close contact with me. WIP folks have my cell number, we are in frequent radio contact and I am constantly making magic for them because…that’s what a witch in your pocket does!

If you are interested in working with me in this capacity then contact me so that we can schedule a free 15 minute chat to determine if this service is right for you!

Kind words:

“I feel like participating in WIP has enabled/aided me to more deeply follow the moon cycles and the rhythms of the stars in a way that I wouldn’t have done even with a class. There’s been a greater trickling/overflow into my everyday life…it has been perfect!”


Briana, it has been such a pleasure to work with you these last couple of years. You have such a sweet, pure spirit that compliments your knowledge and professionalism. The intricacies that go into your work with me are always beautiful and full of miracles. I owe the significant progress in my personal development since we started working together to your work on my behalf….such a fantastic investment of my time and money. I am truly a blessed man.