Miracles — Welcome to the Saussy Astrology Guide for 2024!

This is a post you will want to book mark and be able to refer back to as it has many of the essential astro dates you need to know.

Let’s begin to dive into the astrology of 2024!

We will begin with the various phases of the moon, check out the solar ingresses for 2024, and then look at things like those pesky Mercury Retrograde periods, eclipses, and the highlights for both the inner and outer planets.

Unlike the versions from year’s past of this astro guide, you will note that there are no questions or prompts to consider for each of the astrological events.

You can find all the prompts, questions, and detailed explanations for the events described below in the Planning by Starlight Planner!

If you want a taste of the planner, check out the pics sprinkled throughout this post! They are all created by Jacquelyn Tierney and they come from the 2024 version of Planning by Starlight!

Now, for those of you who are relatively new to Astrology, don’t worry.

I keep this guide simple and straightforward so you can get a lot out of it.

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Please note that all times given are in central time. If you need help with timezone conversation go here.

The Many Faces of the Moon



✩ 1/3: Waning Quarter Moon at 13 degrees Libra, 9:30 PM
✩ 1/11: New Moon at 20 degrees Capricorn, 5:57 AM
✩ 1/17: Waxing Quarter at 27 degrees Aries, 6:53 AM
✩ 1/25: Full Moon at 5 degrees, Leo 11:54 AM



✩ 2/2 Waning Quarter Moon at 13 degrees Scorpio, 5:18 PM
✩ 2/9: New Moon at 20 degrees Aquarius, 4:59 PM
✩ 2/16: Waxing Quarter Moon at 27 degrees Taurus, 6:01 AM
✩ 2/24: Full Moon at 5 degrees Virgo, 6:30 AM



✩ 3/3: Waning Quarter Moon at 13 degrees Sagittarius, 9:23 AM
✩ 3/10: New Moon at 20 degrees Pisces, 4:00 AM
✩ 3/17: Waxing Quarter at 27 degrees Gemini, 11:11 PM
✩ 3/25: Full Moon at 5 degrees Libra, 2:00 AM – Lunar Eclipse



✩ 4/1: Waning Quarter at 12 degrees Capricorn, 10:15 PM
✩ 4/8: New Moon at 19 degrees Aries, 1:21 PM – Solar Eclipse
✩ 4/15: Waxing Quarter at 26 degrees Cancer, 2:13 PM
✩ 4/23: Full Moon at 4 degrees Scorpio, 6:49 PM



✩ 5/1: Waning Quarter Moon at 11 degrees Aquarius, 6:27 AM
✩ 5/7: New Moon at 18 degrees Taurus, 10:22 PM
✩ 5/15: Waxing Quarter Moon at 25 degrees Leo, 6:48 AM
✩ 5/23: Full Moon at 2 degrees Sagittarius, 8:53 AM
✩ 5/30: Waning Quarter Moon at 9 degrees Pisces, 12:13 PM



✩ 6/6: New Moon at 16 degrees Gemini, 7:38 AM 
✩ 6/14: Waxing Quarter Moon at 23 degrees Virgo, 12:18 AM
✩ 6/21: Full Moon at 1 degree Capricorn, 8:08 PM
✩ 6/28: Waning Quarter Moon at 7 degrees Aries, 4:53 PM



✩ 7/5: New Moon at 14 degrees Cancer, 5:57 PM
✩ 7/13: Waxing Quarter Moon at 22 degrees Libra, 5:49 PM
✩ 7/21: Full Moon at 29 degrees Capricorn, 5:17 AM
✩ 7/27: Waning Quarter Moon at 5 degrees Taurus, 9:52 PM



✩ 8/4: New Moon at 12 degrees Leo, 6:13 AM
✩ 8/12: Waxing Quarter Moon at 20 degrees Scorpio at 10:19 AM
✩ 8/19: Full Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius, 1:26 PM
✩ 8/26: Waning Quarter Moon at 3 degrees Gemini, 4:26 AM



✩ 9/2: New Moon at 11 degrees Virgo, 8:56 PM
✩ 9/11: Waxing Quarter Moon at 19 degrees Sagittarius, 1:06 AM
✩ 9/17: Full Moon at 25 degrees Pisces, 9:34 PM – Lunar Eclipse
✩ 9/24: Waning Quarter Moon at 2 degrees Cancer at 1:50 PM



✩ 10/2: New Moon at 10 degrees Libra, 1:49 PM – Solar Eclipse
✩ 10/10: Waxing Quarter Moon at 17 degrees Capricorn at 1:55 PM
✩ 10/17: Full Moon at 24 degrees Aries, 6:26 AM
✩ 10/24: Waning Quarter Moon at 1 degree Leo at 3:03 AM



✩ 11/1: New Moon at 9 degrees Scorpio, 7:47 AM
✩ 11/8: Waxing Quarter Moon at 17 degrees Aquarius, 10:55 PM
✩ 11/15: Full Moon at 24 degrees Taurus, 3:28 PM 
✩ 11/22: Waning Quarter Moon at  1 degree Virgo, 7:28 PM



✩ 12/1: New Moon at 9 degrees Sagittarius, 12:21 AM
✩ 12/8: Waxing Quarter Moon at 17 degrees Pisces, 9:27 AM
✩ 12/15: Full Moon at 23 degrees Gemini, 3:02 AM
✩ 12/22: Waning Quarter Moon at 1 degree Libra, 4:18 PM
✩ 12/30: New Moon at 9 degrees Capricorn, 4:27 PM

Let the Sun In


1/20: Sun enters Aquarius 8:07 AM

2/18: Sun enters Pisces 10:13 PM

3/19: Sun enters Aries (Spring Equinox) 10:06 PM — Vernal/Autumnal Equinox

4/19:  Sun enters Taurus 9:00 AM

5/20: Sun enters Gemini 7:59 AM

6/20: Sun enters Cancer 3:51 PM — Summer/Winter Solstice

7/22: Sun enters Leo 2:44 AM

8/22: Sun enters Virgo 9:55 AM

9/22: Sun enters Libra (Fall Equinox) 7:44 AM — Autumnal/Vernal Equinox

10/22: Sun enters Scorpio 5:15 PM

11/21: Sun enters Sagittarius 1:56 PM

12/21: Sun enters Capricorn 3:21 AM — Winter/Summer Solstice

Lunar and Solar Eclipses in 2024

There are four eclipses in 2024, they occur in the signs of Libra, Aries, and Pisces. You can learn more about eclipses and how to work with them here

In short, I have found that eclipses are very useful for breaking long-held patterns of thought, behavior, attitude, and action that no longer serve. 

Many astrologers talk about eclipses in negative terms but don’t let that keep you from noting eclipse times and trying your hand at working with them in an intentional manner.

If you want to truly optimize your eclipse experience then join the Fixed Stars Society here we make Eclipse Magic every single time an eclipse rolls around.

.·:·.☽✧ 3/25: Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Libra at 2:00 AM

.·:·.☽✧ 4/8: Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Aries at 1:21 PM

.·:·.☽✧ 9/17: Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Pisces at 9:34 PM

.·:·.☽✧ 10/2: Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Libra at 1:49 PM

Mercury Retrogrades for 2024

Every planet has retrograde periods but most people are only familiar with Mercury Retrograde – mostly because many astrologers and non-astrologers alike make this period out to be terrible, full of bad luck, and extremely frustrating. It can be, but I prefer to practice with Mercury retrograde instead of in resistance to it.

You can learn more about Mercury retrograde in my Mercury RX archives here and check out this article to start to get a sense of how you might deepen your retrograde experienceIf you are what I call Mercury-sensitive you will want to make a note of the things to do BEFORE Mercury goes retrograde and join the Fixed Stars Society where we always engage with the Mercury RX Survival Kit.

In 2024 all of the Mercury Retrogrades all occur mostly in Fire signs with the exceptions being the first retrograde period of the year which begins in December of 2023 and in the sign of Capricorn and the third retrograde period of 2024 which begins on August 4th in the sign of Virgo before Mercury retrogrades into Leo.

When Mercury retrogrades in Fire signs, we often find that impatience, aggression, and anger get the best of us. The vibe is hot and bothered and these retrograde periods make conflict much more likely on both personal and global levels. Watching out for accidents, arguments, and scattered energy is a smart move during these periods. These are excellent periods to look at things like exercise, fitness, creative work, and nutrition.

For a detailed write up on what the Mercury Retrogrades have in store for us make sure you snag the Planning By Starlight Planner!

Here are the dates for the 2024 Mercury Retrogrades:

December 13th 2023 – January 1st 2024: Retrograde starts at 1:09 AM in Capricorn at 8 degrees. Mercury stations direct on January 1st at 9:08 PM in Sagittarius at 22 degrees.

April 1st 2023 – April 25th 2024: Retrograde starts at 5:14 PM in Aries at 27 degrees. Mercury stations direct on April 25th at 7:54 AM in Aries at 16 degrees.

August 4 2024 – August 28th 2024: Retrograde starts at 11:56 PM in Virgo at 4 degrees. Mercury stations direct on August 28th at 4:14 PM in Leo at 21 degrees.

November 25th – December 15th 2024: Retrograde starts at 8:42 PM in Sagittarius at 22 degrees., Mercury stations direct on December 15th at 2:56 PM in Sagittarius at 6 degrees.

Inner Planet Awesome: Mercury, Venus, and Mars

These three inner planets move through the sky and around the zodiac relatively quickly which means that they make many transits throughout the year.  Besides the Mercury Retrogrades listed above, there is a Mars retrograde in 2024 at the end of the year that carries into 2025. Happily there is no Venus Retrograde to contend with this year!

Mars Retrograde: December 6th 2024 – February 23rd 2025

Mars Retrograde begins at 5:33 PM in Leo at 6 degrees and stations direct on February 23rd 2025 at 8:00 PM in Cancer at 17 degrees.

For more on Mars Retrograde please see this article.

Outer Planet Amazement: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto


Jupiter in Taurus and Gemini: Beauty and Brilliance


Jupiter in Taurus

May 16th 2023 – May 25th 2024 ~ Jupiter enters Taurus at 11:19 AM and remains in Taurus until May 25th 2024.

Jupiter in Gemini

May 25th 2024 – June 10th 2025 – Jupiter enters Gemini at 6:15 PM and remains in Gemini until June 10th 2025.

Jupiter Retrograde

There is a Jupiter Retrograde in 2024 in the sign of Gemini.

October 9th – February 4th 2025: Retrograde starts at 2:05 AM in Gemini at 21 degrees. Jupiter stations direct on February 4th at 3:40 AM in Gemini at 11 degrees. For more on Jupiter Retrograde, please see this article.

Saturn in Pisces: Getting Real with Spirituality


Saturn in Pisces

March 7th, 2023 – May 24th 2025 and September 1st 2025 – February 13th 2026

Saturn Retrograde

There is a Saturn Retrograde in 2024 in the sign of Pisces.

June 29th 2024 – November 15th, 2024: Retrograde starts at 2:07 PM in Pisces at 19 degrees. Saturn stations direct on November 15th at 8:20 AM in Pisces at 12 degrees. For more on how to work with Saturn Retrograde, refer to this article.

Uranus in Taurus: Little Earthquakes


March 7th 10:28 AM – July 7th 2025 and November 7th 2025 – April 25th 2026
For more on Uranus in Taurus, see this article and offering.

Uranus Retrograde

There are actually two Uranus Retrograde periods in 2024, both in the sign of Taurus.

August 28th 2023 – January 26th 2024: Retrograde begins at 9:38 PM in Taurus at 23 degrees. Uranus stations direct on January 26that 10:47 PM in Taurus at 19 degrees.

September 1st 2024 – January 30th 2025: Retrograde begins at 10:18 AM in Taurus at 27 degrees. Uranus stations direct on January 30th at 10:22 AM in Taurus at 23 degrees.

For more on Uranus Retrograde, see this article.

Neptune in Pisces: Sail Away

April 4th 2011 – March 30th 2025


Neptune Retrograde

There is a Neptune Retrograde in 2024 in the sign of Pisces.

July 2nd, 2024 – December 7th, 2024: Retrograde starts at 5:40 AM in Pisces at 29 degrees, and stations direct on December 7th at 7:22 AM in Pisces at 27 degrees.

For more on Neptune Retrograde, see this article.

Pluto in Capricorn and Aquarius: Climb and Summit


Pluto in Capricorn

January 25th 2008 – March 23rd 2023
June 11th 2023 – January 19th 2024
September 2nd 2024 – November 18th 2024

Pluto in Aquarius

March 23rd 2023 – June 11th 2023
January 20th 2024 – September 1st 2024
November 19th 2024 – March 8th 2043

Pluto Retrograde

There is a Pluto Retrograde in 2024 in the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.

May 2nd 2024 – October 11th, 2024: Retrograde begins at 12:46 PM in Aquarius at 2 degrees and stations direct on October 11th at 7:34 PM in Capricorn at 29 degrees. For more on Pluto Retrograde see this article.

Here is wishing you all an incredible 2024!

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