Bull Strong Wealth Stabilizing Rite

On May 15th, 2018 the planet Uranus moved from the sign of Aries where it has been raising a ruckus for the past 7 years and into the sign of Taurus, the Bull Strong.

This marked the beginning of a new seven-year cycle that is going to shake up our most solid institutions and assumptions in both the personal and global spheres.

Bull Strong

To give you an idea of what Uranus in Taurus can look like, the last time it occurred was between the years of 1935-1942 – a couple of events that happened during this time were the Great Depression and the beginning of WWII. Both changed our economy and global culture in ways we are still grappling with today.

While this transit may not be easy, it will absolutely re-orient some of the fundamental assumptions we make and basic ways we engage with life.

Uranus is the planet of rock n roll rebels, it shakes things up and if need be, shakes things down to their studs in order to re-build with integrity and future-looking brilliance.

My experience with Uranus transits is that this is one of the areas magically where we are best served by working with the energy in an inner and outer manner.

Whatever changes we hope to see occur in the outer world of finance, money, sex, and pleasure (all areas that Taurus rules), we do our best work as magic makers when our inner world, especially our personal finances are stable and strong, Taurus bull strong.

To that end, and in honor of this transition I have created a very special sacred vessel for our community. This is a wealth stabilizing magical container that I will work with daily for the full 7 year period that Uranus is in Taurus. And yes, the picture is not lying, our sacred vessel really IS crafted in the shape of a Bull!!!

The ingredients of this particular sacred vessel will be all chosen based on their ability to grow, increase, and preserve the personal wealth of each participant in the rite. I have been creating sacred vessels like this for myself and my family for years and the results have been deeply excellent so I am really thrilled to share the offer with all of you.

If you want to keep your finances rock solid, growing, and strong during this next 7-year cycle then this is the magic for you.

How it works:

Bull Strong a Wealth Stabilizing Rite is centered around the crafting of a magical container, a sacred vessel made to hold, protect, increase, and stabilize all petitioners’ personal wealth.

To participate you will send in a petition for the rite.

The container will be assembled, and all petitions included, in the days leading up to May 16, 2018.

From May 16, 2018, forward I will work with the magical container every day on behalf of all who have written petitions for the entire time Uranus is in Taurus.

All you need to do in order to participate is send in your petition.