Hearth and Home, Vol. 3: Book Cover, Baby, and the Magic of Mercury Retrograde

Ceremony and Ritual



Happy New Moon in Aries and Happy Mercury Direct!

As you may know, one of the most effective things we can do when “Mercury Retrograde” or Mercury RX hits is to review, clean, organize, and make efforts at self-maintenance, inner and outer.

Here are just a few things that have been happening in my neck of the woods, under the auspices of the wandering planet:

1. Last week, we finalized the cover design for my book Making Magic, which you can see above. I was over-the-moon thrilled to find out that Sounds True had enlisted the brilliant art of Cassandra, who has done all of the art and site development for my website and is a beloved friend and my collaborator in the daily blessing collection. I received four images, but the above was the one that made the cut. We – including my husband and son and the creative design team at Sounds True and my fantastic editor – all agreed this one was just right. I’m so in love with it and I hope all of you are too!

2. One of the ways I’ve been working with that pesky Mercury RX energy has been to review and edit and re-structure the first manuscript of my book. I finished the chapters since the last time I wrote you, so the timing has been just perfect. For a couple weeks I have been in the refining part of what is a very sculptural act. The form is present, the various parts are mostly in the correct places, and re-arranging does have to happen. There are places where the work sings and others where life must be breathed into it anew. Even though the weather has been gorgeous I have been tied to my computer, and at the end of the day I feel covered in the glimmering dust of words and ideas and, of course, magic…

3. We have also been working with the frisky Mercury RX energy to get a ton of repairs done…our home is almost 100 years old and so there are little cracks here and crevices there that have to be taken care of. The magic of skilled handy people is a magic I have come to deeply appreciate – especially when I see them through the eyes of our seven year old – he knows that all handy people – the plumbers, painters, and masons are absolute wizards. He follows them around asking a million questions (I don’t know where he got the habit from…) and they are so patient and kind and they actually take the time to teach him little bits of their trades. We are also putting in some new landscaping (yes, more herbs and more roots for the making of more custom magical goodies)! This is part of my extensive Uranus into Taurus personal magic making protocol. I’ll be posting pics on insta as we go.

4. My belly is so big now I not cannot see my feet (sigh), and I am in the waddling phase. So many of you have written to me to ask me how I am feeling and how I am doing, and I am happy to report that I am feeling really well as I whoosh into the third trimester. The baby’s nursery is 90% there with the other 10% being the challenge of putting away all of the adorable clothes I have been gifted and lent by friends and family. Whatever else happens, this baby is going to be well-dressed, my friends! As I have told a few beloveds, we also have the car seat, so if the little man decides to come tomorrow we are ready to rock.

In other exciting news: just yesterday Jasper picked up his first real book to read just for pleasure. He has been learning to read over the last couple of years and has been working with the smaller books that are divided into various reading levels, but yesterday was the first time he pulled a book down from his bookshelf and started to read it just for fun, just for pleasure.

What was the book? My Spinning Gold students will not be surprised to hear that it is a collection of fairy tales; he decided to start with Sleeping Beauty…that thirteenth fairy is SO curious!

And so on that note I am sending love on the gorgeous spring breezes and the goodness of all growing green things!

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Star Stories: December Edition

Divination and Dreams



Blessings of the Season! December is a tricky month astrologically speaking as we have a deepening that occurs when three planets move into Sea-goat Capricorn (and Millenials begin to experience their Saturn Returns) and Mercury goes Retro. Read on for the full picture!

The Sun
At the beginning of the month the sun is in positive, cheerful, and bright Sagittarius. This placement has given us a sense of possibility and optimism over the past several weeks. Mystical interests are at an all time high when the Sun is in Sagittarius as is our feeling of generosity and joy – perfect for the holiday season.
Ask: How can I make it brighter?

On December 12th the Sun conjuncts Mercury RX which means that you have a special opportunity to see into the choices of the past year and get information relating to them. You might also have people from your past approaching you on this day so look out for that.
Ask: What has 2017 taught me?

On December 21st we celebrate Winter Solstice and Yule as the Sun moves into Capricorn. There will be a Feast Day for the Radically Reverent celebrating this time but I don’t have it up quite yet – first we have to honor Guadalupe! This is the shortest day of the year and the official beginning of Winter. Solstice keeps us firmly grounded in the liminal and reminds us that on the darkest and coldest nights, we can be the lights that shine out and show others the way home.
Ask: What light am I ready to shine?

The Moon
December’s Full Moon at 11 degrees Gemini occurs on December 3rd at 9:47 AM
Ask: What do my friendships show me?

On December 10th we celebrate a Waning Quarter Moon at 18 degrees Virgo at 1:51 AM
Ask: What does the need for perfection prevent in my life?

December 18th sees a lovely, bright, New Moon at 26 degrees Sagittarius at 12:30 AM
Ask: What am I ready to set free?

On December 26th we celebrate a First Quarter Moon at 4 degrees Aries at 3:30 AM
Ask: What does right relationship to new beginnings look and feel like?

December 31st comes to a close with a moon in Gemini celebrating all that is liminal, betwixt, and between before we kick off the New Year with a luminous Full Moon in Cancer.
Ask: What am I ready to leave behind? What am I ready to carry forward?

On December 3rd Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius and remains that way until December 22nd. Here are my tips on surviving a holiday retrograde period.
Ask: How do I engage with places, people, and ideas that are not immediately familiar to me? Do I wear exotic experiences or unlikely friendships like badges of honor? Do I hide from anything or anyone that is new and different or do I go seeking out after adventure?

Make a note that on Friday, December 22nd, Mercury RX is OVER!
Ask: What did the RX period teach me?

On Friday December 1st Venus makes a sign change from the deep waters of Scorpio into the bright and cheerful optimism that is Sagittarius.
Ask: Who in my life is in need of a cheerleader? (And then show up to cheer them on!)

Mercury and Venus hook up with a sweet trine on December 15th. Here we all have the ability to sweet talk anyone into anything. At the best this trine gives you eloquence and the ability to articulate and express your ideas in a compelling, even seductive, manner. At worst, this trine encourages gullibility – so easy to believe the words when they are all so nice, and superficiality as well. Go for the former, not the latter.
Ask: What love do I want to express?

On Christmas Eve Venus follow the trail blazed by Saturn and the Sun and also moves into Capricorn. This sign change for the planet of love and beauty can bring depth, seriousness, and ambition to artistic endeavors and romantic relationships alike. Marriage proposals that occur on or around this time will have a sincerity and seriousness to them that bodes well for long term togetherness!
Ask: What love am I ready to get serious about?

A potentially nasty Mars-Uranus opposition occurs on Friday December 1st after Venus moves into Sagittarius. This opposition has an explosive and often martial component. On a global level we should expect to hear about flare ups happening abroad and perhaps at home too. These signs together rule guns so gun violence might be something that we see as well. Those of you who hunt and everyone who is driving on this day should be extra careful.
Ask: What battles would I like to stop participating in?

On December 9th Mars heads into its native sign of Scorpio – a place it very much likes to be! Deep energy especially when it comes to engaging with the hidden, creating strong protection around yourself and your loved ones, and engaging passionately in all things are hallmarks of this combination. Mars in Scorpio can also bring out our more blunt, aggressive, unforgiving and stern aspects – so be aware of that given the holiday season and judge most mercifully as much as you can.
Ask: What mystery am I willing to fight for?

Jupiter and Neptune trine it up on December 2nd. This is the day before Mercury goes RX and so many of you might be out and about trying to finish up your shopping tasks. If that’s you my advice is: be extra careful with your wallet because Jupiter + Neptune love to splurge! That said, this is a brilliant time to make, find, sell or buy art and/or spiritual supplies. Looking for some spiritual supplies for holiday gift giving? Here are my favorites to buy from.
Ask: What dream is ready to be enlarged?

Saturn and Mercury have a conjunction on December 6th right after Mercury has gone retrograde. This meet up is all about discipline and applying Saturn inspired determination to ticking items off of your TO DO list.
Ask: What task needs to be wrapped up or re-done?

On Tuesday, December 19th Saturn makes a sign change moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn where it will remain for the next three years. This is significant in many ways. Saturn loves to be in its native sign of Capricorn. Its brings a level of seriousness and responsibility into the mix. Regions and terrain that have been unregulated should expect to begin to get tamed (this includes virtual regions like the web and digital currency markets). Millennials will begin to experience their first Saturn Returns during this time. Law enforcement, military order, and protection will all be emphasized during this time but so will mastery, dedication to one’s craft, and fiscal responsibility.
Ask: What do I need to master most now?

On Christmas day Saturn saddles up along side Venus in a nice conjunction. It can make Christmas seem more serious and you might have some Grinches that you have to be on the look out for. BUT it can also inspire love and compassion in the places and for the people that you usually have an especially hard time with during the holidays. This aspect can also encourage doing good for those who have less.
Ask: Who really needs care right now?

On Sunday, December 10th, Uranus and Mercury trine up to each other. Keep your eyes on the public square as people who come to notice on during this trine tend be talented visionaries. For everyone this gives you an opportune to time to review what you have learned over the past year about your legacy.
Ask: What do I find when I review my choices about legacy?

A Uranus-Sun trine on Sunday, December 16th encourages excitement, vision, legacy building, and is also perfect astro weather for banishing what is no longer needed.
Ask: What am I ready to release?

Neptune squares up with Venus on December 10th – this can create a hazy sense of where you are and what you are doing that you definitely want to be aware of. It’s a good day to relax and chill, not a good day to have a deep conversation about where you and your partner are romantically or a day for shopping. Make art as much as possible.
Ask: What creative vision or idea have I been ignoring?

Neptune and Mars get into a tangle of a trine on Thursday, December 28th. This is a great time to let your intuitive side flow (and perfect timing as it occurs during Omen Days). It will also energize your dream life and any healing work you have been dedicated to will feel as if it just received a power boost of energy and enthusiasm.
Ask: What am I ready (and willing) to see?

Pluto is nice and quiet in Capricorn, doing its deep seated work of utter and complete transformation.

From my familia to yours, may you have a bright, beautiful, blessed, safe, and fun holiday season!

Love and Stars,

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Your candles are allowed to burn without being disturbed and around the New Moon you receive a candle report detailing how the candle burned, what signs were seen, and what next steps you might want to consider.
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How to Handle A Holiday Retrograde

Ceremony and Ritual



The last Mercury RX of 2017 occurs right smack dab in the middle of our most festive and merry-making Holiday season. Here is a quick run down of what to expect, what to watch out for, and how to rock this retrograde while keeping your holiday cool.

Mercury Retrograde occurs from December 3rd 2017 – December 22nd 2017 and occurs completely within the sign of Sagittarius.

Traditionally Mercury in Sagittarius takes on the freewheeling and mystical vibe inherent in that sign. Sagittarius is Jupiter-ruled and so when Mercury is present within it we can tend to exaggerated thoughts, ideas, and statements. Sag is also known for being relatively blunt and straightforward (like any good Fire sign!) and so under the influence of Mercury RX + Sag we tend to lay things out in an unvarnished but also less than kind or diplomatic way – especially when we feel pressed for time. Finally, Sagittarius takes in the big picture but can sometimes miss out on fine details. What with all of the end of year partying and planning those details might be especially useful, so remember to double and triple check the fine print.

One thing that we are all going to be aware of during this Mercury RX is how the potential snags and interruptions can affect our holiday season. This is traditionally a time of travel, communicating with friends and relatives that we may have difficult or strained relationships with, and buying, sending, shipping, and receiving goodies from all over the place; Those are all potential areas where Mercury RX can cause a special kind of chaos.

On the flip side, because this retrograde occurs in Sagittarius where old Man Saturn is also hanging out, aside from the above, there is a real opportunity during this retrograde to get disciplined in whatever area(s) of life really require that here and now.
A good way to approach this particular retrograde is to work with its influence to consider what your big vision for your life is. The timing is actually excellent as this RX period ushers right into New Year’s Resolution making and goal setting – it is the perfect time to do a year/multi-year review and to get very intentional and deliberate in shaping the next phase of your journey. Philosophical, spiritual, and healing Sagittarius gives you the needed resources to both go deeper and shine brighter.

So, with that said, here are your Do’s and Don’ts for the last Mercury RX of 2017.

Do: Plan to shop, buy, and ship presents early. This is especially true if you are sending goodies to the other side of the country or internationally.
Do: Use the month of November to make all of your lists and check them twice – holiday cards, invites, party menus – anything that requires planning will benefit from the early prep work now.
Do: Consider going virtual. If you are looking at your calendar and ripping out your hair with frustration already then consider giving virtual gifts and sending out virtual cards – I even have a perfect gift option for you!
Do: Get a head start on any homemade gift making projects.
Do: Buy extra tape, wrapping paper, pens, holiday cards, and scissors.
Do: Stock up on host/hostess gifts.
Do: Double check travel plans and arrangements NOW.
Do: Keep an eagle eye on your bank account (Jupiter rules Sag and our wealth so double check your numbers).
Do: Remove yourself from negative people or situations before you say something you might regret.
Do: Allow yourself to feel the magic of the season and actually enjoy it.
Do: Go outside.
Do: Assess your daily practice, your year or last several years, and your core attitudes and beliefs.
Do: Set up any automatic payment plans now or wait until after 12/22 when Mercury is direct once more.
Do: Commit or recommit to any project or endeavor that requires long term discipline and wisdom.

Don’t: Wait until the last minute to hit the stores.
Don’t: Invite people to your party that you really don’t want to see.
Don’t: Force yourself to socialize.
Don’t: Fret about finding the perfect gift.
Don’t: Skip out on or ignore the details.
Don’t: Just say something, think about what you want to say and how you want to say it.
Don’t: Make excuses.
Don’t: Binge on anything – it will be twice as tough during this period to recover.
Don’t: Go on an excessive shopping spree.
Don’t: be flake or unreliable – carry your planner with you and keep your appointments.
Don’t: Be surprised if you have to wait longer, if travels are delayed, and if airports are a special kind of chaos. Bring a book and pack a full set of clothes in your carry-on along with a toothbrush and deodorant.
Don’t: Close yourself off to the liminal magic that happens right now just because you are busy.
Don’t: Forget to say thanks.

May your season be bright and your retrograde be rocking!

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Star Stories: November 2017 edition

Divination and Dreams



Lots of exciting starry goodness to share with you as we continue in this festive and liminal time of the year. Neptune gets busy this month and we have a special aspect between Saturn and Uranus that we will not see again until 2037.

And a little heads up: the next Mercury Rx begins on December 3rd and goes through December 22nd. As always I have plenty of Mercury Rx articles to get you ready – start with this one – and there are still a few spots left in the Mercury Rx Survival Kit so if you are Mercury sensitive then come join us!

Finally, November 4th is “fall back” when those of us in the US of A go back to “regular” time (can you hear Time God Saturn laughing?) Be sure to set your clocks back one hour on Saturday night before you hit the pillows.

The Sun

At the beginning of the month the sun is in the deep and tumultuous waters of Scorpio. This period marks one of the most liminal times of the year as it coincides with the many festivals for the Dead and kicks off the months ahead when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Plan accordingly like the soulful seeker that you are and don’t fill your engagement calendar until you are exhausted.
Ask: How can I go deeper?

On Tuesday, November 21st the Sun moves into Sagittarius. This brings a new breeze into our lives and an increased level of optimism. Mystical interests are at an all time high when the Sun is in Sagittarius as is our feeling of generosity and joy – perfect for the holiday season.
Ask: How can I make it brighter?

We end November on the 29th with a nice trine between the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries. This trine gives us the energy, pep, and even socializing spirit that is brilliant for all the parties and celebrations that accompany this time of the year.
Ask: What do I want to celebrate?

Star Power BundleThe Moon

The Full Moon occurs on November 4th at 11 degrees Taurus, 12:23 AM
Ask: What is luxurious to me?

November 10th gives us the Waning Quarter Moon at 18 degrees Leo, 2:36 PM
Ask: What does false pride keep me from doing?

The New Moon at 26 degrees Scorpio is on November 18th at 5:42 AM
Ask: What shadow am I ready to explore?

November 26th gives us the First Quarter Moon at 4 degrees Pisces, 11:03 AM
Ask: What does right relationship with my intuition look and feel like?



Mercury makes a sign change on November 4th moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Once in Sagittarius Mercury is know to be extra flighty and not as attentive to details. And we have a Mercury Rx in Sagittarius coming up at the beginning of December. So what does this mean?

Use the first week of November to double and triple check your plans for the holidays – especially flights and travel arrangements. If you purchase a lot of gifts that require shipping consider getting them sooner rather than later. On the flip side, you can use this time of Mercury in Sagittarius to really hone in on the big picture – perfect for end of year and beginning of year plan-making and goal-setting.
Ask: What is the big-picture story that 2017 has shared with me?

On November 13th Mercury squares off with Neptune and this energy can be a bit tricky to work with. Make sure that you do not buy into false ideas or illusions at this time and also make sure that you do not communicate them. It is a day when people may not say what they mean but, to give that a positive spin, it is also a day where there can be less speaking and more listening (and loving).
Ask: What do I need to know in order to discern the true from the false?


On November 7th Venus changes signs from her home-turf of Libra into the deep waters of Scorpio. All of a sudden love relationships, partnerships, even friendships reach a new level of intimacy and any place where those relationships refuse to go deeper is a place where we might see them break off and apart completely. This is a wonderful sign change for those who crave more or deeper intimacy and a tricky sign change for anyone who wants to stay in shallow, superficial waters.
Ask: What does deep love look like and feel like to me right now?

Venus and Neptune trine together on November 16th that supports fantasy, art, beauty, and romance with a capital R. The last time this trine occured was on August 12th so refer back to your notes from that period to see how it showed up in your life. If relationship stuff came up for you then, it may make a re-appearance now.
Ask: What is my intuition telling me about my relationship with (fill in the blank)?


Mars and Pluto square off on November 19th and this is a time and aspect to pay attention to. These two power houses speak to discipline and also risk. Use their celestial tension to help you assess risk with clear-eyed vision and also to cultivate the discipline that allows you to take risk and experience great reward.
Ask: Where, and why, am I willing to risk it all?


Lucky November 13th features a conjunction between Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio. This is a prime time to make or renew vows or promises and to set aside some time for your significant other. Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio can also herald awesome money moves, new investment opportunities, and energetically allows you to bless the financial sector of your life.
Ask: What blessing around love and/or money would I especially like to receive right now?


A Saturn and Uranus trine on November 11th ushers in Veteran’s Day in the US. This is an epic meeting of the ancient past (Saturn) with the radical future (Uranus). On a global level we might see some important new innovations in tech make themselves know at this time. Personally it is a time to reflect on how ancient virtues (like the willingness to sacrifice one’s life for one’s country) can support and enrich new possibilities (like gene therapies that can prevent life threatening disease). They may not seem immediately related, but they are. This is the last trine between these two planets that we will see until 2037.
Ask: How does my past inform my vision of the future?

On November 28th there is a conjunction between Saturn and Mercury. This heavenly meet up can often make us feel a little sad, melancholy, and fatalistic. But it can also be a great time to explore and think about areas that are hard or difficult for you and a good time to get legal affairs in order or pay attention to legal concerns. Its the kind of day to use your worst case expectation to up the ante on your insurance policy or create a Will.
Ask: What detail work do I need to apply myself to?


November 4th features an opposition between rock n roll Uranus and lovely and loving Venus. This aspect can challenge stable, romantic, relationships but it can also be channeled into doing something spontaneous and fun – road trips or pop up date nights are very much encouraged!
Ask: Where does my love life and partnerships need to be shaken up and thrilled?

November 25th features a trine between Uranus and Mercury just daring you to access your most brilliant ideas, think outside the box, and do something unexpected.
Ask: What brilliance am I holding right now?


On November 3rd we have a Neptune – Sun trine that can illuminate our next artistic vision, our intuitive knowing, and remind us that we are all in this together. This trine can also bring up deep and possibly sentimental emotions – those of you doing Ancestor work around this time should especially expect to be affected. The last time this trine occured was on 7/5 so check your notes from that day to see how things were feeling.
Ask: What mystical vision am I ready to fully illuminate?

On November 22nd the long Neptune retrograde finally comes to a halt and Neptune is moving in the right direction once more. Those of us who have an affinity with the watery planet (that is Pisces, Pisces at the Ascendant, Pisces Moon, or Pisces at any of the compass points) will feel this as a lightening and road opening experience.
Ask: What dream am I ready to believe in once more?



See the Mars entry for Pluto’s action this month!


Want even more Astro awesome? Check out the Star Power bundle and join my ongoing course on astrology, Star Magic.

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What to do BEFORE Mercury Retrograde

Divination and Dreams


ear Miracles,

Is there a way to prepare for Mercury Retrograde, you know, BEFORE it starts?

If you are Mercury sensitive then I recommend the Mercury RX survival kit. And no matter what your Mercury rx experiences have been, here are the things to check on BEFORE the speedy planet begins its apparent backwards descent.

Electronics: Anything with an electronic component – computers, televisions, smart phones, even appliances. Consider what the electric tools are that you use every day and start with those. Make sure you have light bulbs and printer ink at your house and ready to go. Obviously back your computer and phone up. You don’t need to use this pre-game time to organize files (that is actually a great thing to do during the retrograde), but do make sure everything is stored, saved, and accessible.

Physical mail and shipping items: If there are things you need to physically mail – letters, thank you notes, bill payments, invoices, etc try to get them out before Mercury goes retrograde. And, in my experience, I always run out of packing tape during this period so if you ship out things to people you might want to make sure your shipping supplies are nicely stocked.

Your vehicle: Again, you can get the tune-up or repairs during the retrograde period – I actually schedule ours to occur during retrogrades as much as possible, but make sure that the vehicle is in driving condition, check up on tires, make sure your AAA membership is up to date, that there is enough gas in the tank, etc. If you use public transportation make sure that you arrive earlier during the retrograde period to allow for the blocks and bumps that do occur with such systems from time to time.

Travel plans: If you are going somewhere and need to make reservations for flights, rental vehicles, and/or lodging, I recommend you get those tasks completed before the retrograde period begins. I have traveled, somewhat extensively during Mercury rx and not had a problem because I scheduled the travel and arranged it beforehand.

Relationships: Look at the relationships in your life; personal and professional. What are the relationships that are currently suffering from lack of clear communication and cooperation? Those are the relationships that are most likely to be affected during the retrograde period. Do what you can now to strengthen and shore up those connections – even if that means agreeing to disagree but not get into any tough discussions until after the speedy planet goes direct once more. And since we are talking about communication…

Communications: If there is a big conversation that you are finally, finally, ready to have then have it before Mercury goes retrograde or accept the need to wait until after it is direct. This can be anything from telling your lover you’d like them to move in to telling your boss that you want a raise. Also, remember that communication is never exclusively verbal; heed your non-verbal cues as well.

Writing projects: If you are waiting to start a big writing project go ahead and start it now. Projects started during Mercury rx tend to be harder to stick to, but projects already underway can benefit from the extra Mercury-infused scrutiny of this time.

Zodiac Sign: Consider the sign or signs that Mercury is going retrograde in; each sign gives the retrograde period a slightly different flavor. For instance, this time around Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo, that means that this is a prime time to reorganize your physical spaces, get medical check-ups and second opinions, and be especially careful with financial transactions.

Take it deeper: Finally, I encourage you to go deep with your retrograde experience; don’t keep it at a superficial and crazy-making level but allow yourself to see it as the reminder of our connection to the depths, the unseen, and the crossroads that it truly is.


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In Search of a Deeper Retrograde

Divination and Dreams


ear Miracles,

I think its time that we let ourselves get a little deeper with planetary retrogrades, use the time wisely, note it for the strange aberration that it appears to be. Most of us know that when a planet, say, Mercury, goes retrograde we should beware of various challenges and hiccups. We have heard the “RE” rule – that a retrograde period favors any activity that begins with RE – like review, return, repair, and rediscover. But many of us are far less familiar with one of the key ways in which our ancestors viewed retrogrades, which was with an understanding that whatever planet was in retrograde motion, that planet was making a descent into the Underworld and going through the Underworld throughout their retrograde period.

There are many reasons why the people who came before us and paid attention to stellar and planetary events chose to interpret retrograde motion as a kind of descent – I think one of the main reasons was the general belief that any “backwards motion” smacked of dangerous paradox and ambiguous or malignant forces rising to the surface and becoming more visible in every day life. (For instance, in more than one ancient Greek tragic play we see rivers running backwards as an indication that bad things are about to happen). To our ancestors retrograde motion was out of the norm, out of sync with regular and proportional motion and cycles, and as such, suspect.

For our sacred artist ancestors that suspicion morphed into opportunity: while others cowered in fear and waited for the heavens to naturally right themselves, the magicians and dreamers, poets and lovers chose to take the opportunity to align themselves with the planet’s backwards path and in so doing turned their attention to the areas of their lives that were in shadow – the places that are ignored, unseen, and unheeded because they feel a little too dangerous, too deep, and too hot to handle.

A big complaint about retrograde periods, especially Mercury in retrograde, is that it interrupts our daily routine and life. There are things you can do to address that concern and keep your ship sailing on relatively smooth waters. But there is also a needed flexibility during this time, a willingness to have “business as usual” interrupted so that the things we would rather not deal with but very much need to, can be brought to our attention and we in turn can have the space and time to meet them head on. After all, Underworld descents are always about finding blessing in the broken places – sometimes retrogrades show us how that process works quite literally and though we might be annoyed in the moment of having to deal with whatever, we would also do well to greet this time with profound gratitude and readiness for what might emerge.

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The Gifts of Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Divination and Dreams


ear Miracles,

Mercury is retrograde from April 28th – May 22nd in the sign of Taurus, the Bull, associated with the second house in the natal chart. First, off, for those of you who dread Mercury in Retrograde I want to remind you that I have a very popular service for this time of year – the Mercury RX Survival Kit. Many of the same people participate in it season after season because it is a lovely, inspiring, and magical way to connect to this special time of year.

Some of you may be scratching your head and saying Mercury, what? For those who do not know what Mercury in Retrograde is, I refer you to this post. Most of my readers do know what Mercury in Retrograde is and are familiar with the typical advice to engage in any “RE” activities, as in: reassess, restructure, repair, return, redo, etc. But there is a deeper way to think about the retrograde period of any planet, and that is to understand that during its retrograde cycle, the planet brings its energy, in combination with the energy of the celestial body it is moving through, to descend into the Underworld; and look at the unseen, untended, and usually ignored/disregarded areas of a specific area in one’s life.

With this in mind, let’s talk about Mercury RX in Taurus. Personally, I imagine this as swift footed Hermes riding the Bull down into the Underworld. What will he find? What does Mercury and the sign of Taurus typically ignore or not look at or not see during their daily routine? What unique gifts can this retrograde illuminate?

Here are a few to consider:

Care for the Body: this is a wonderful period to invest in some deep care for your body. Whether it’s the massage you have been putting off, the hair appointment that always gets rescheduled, or the visit to a health practitioner for a check up, Taurus loves and encourages right relationship to our physical body. Think about what you tend to ignore or look over or deny your body – it can be anything from regular exercise to enough water to a more beautiful and comfortable pair of shoes – now is the time to ask what is behind that neglect or choice to ignore, get clear on the answer, and take action to remedy it. One of my favorite ways to jump start paying attention to your physical body is by blessing it each and every day.


Care for the Home: Although the physical home is strongly associated with the sign of Cancer, the Crab, and the fourth house, Taurus loves its domicile and has a very domestic side. Taurus is also, as the first Earth sign in the zodiac, concerned with all foundational things and our homes are one of the most foundational aspects of our lives. This is a great time to get estimates on any kind of home repairs or remodels (there are those RE words again)!

While I wouldn’t advise starting new projects during the retrograde itself, getting estimates and planning out jobs is a great use of the time. You can dive a little deeper and ask what parts of your home feel good and in alignment and what parts do not. This is a lovely time to buy fresh towels, linens, pillows, and bed coverings as the Taurus vibe is most happy when comfort and home intersect. One of my favorite home routines to do every single Mercury Retrograde is to look at the “unseen” places in my home – under the kitchen sink, the hall closets, the cabinets above our fridge, and bring order and cleanliness to them. I have found over the years that as I cultivate a relationship with the physical unseen places around me I also deepen my relationship with the spiritual unseen places. Spiritually cleaning your home and vehicle are ways to honor this Mercury RX and to protect your property at the same time. Do be aware that during Mercury RX in Taurus home equipment (think washing machines, dishwashers, and microwaves) are more likely to be glitch or to break.


Care for Money and Finances: Taurus rules money, specifically our cash, cash flow, and salaries or wages. Pair this with Mercury’s association with electricity, communication, and transactions of all kinds and you can see where you might hit some financial snags during this period. Double checking bank accounts, making sure deposits and debits go in and out as they need to, and expecting down time due to tech glitches in your online banking are all good ideas. The gift here is the opportunity to really get clear on your thoughts when it comes to money, what you are earning, how you are saving it, and what kind of cash flow you are working with. The clearer your thoughts can be around these issues the stronger your actions will be in supporting and manifesting the level of wealth you aspire to. Taking some time to look at the aspects of earning and finances that you would usually rather not dwell on will be well rewarded now. Unsure about where to start with “money stuff”? I love Bari Tessler’s work.


Care for Intimacy: Venus-ruled Taurus is interested in all acts of love and pleasure, so no Mercury Retrograde in Taurus would be complete without recognizing that awkward moments, hurt feelings, and miscommunications around all forms of intimacy, including but by no means limited to, sex, are more likely to occur. Feeling into what intimacy looks like and feels like for you, acknowledging the places in your life where intimacy is present as well as the places where deep, intimate connection may be missing or degraded is well-supported at this time. Looking at your connection to pleasure, especially pleasure as it is felt and experienced in the physical body, is also good to do right now. Taking time out of your routine and schedule to have a long love fest is an ideal way to spend part of this particular Mercury RX. A fun way to ritualize this aspect of Mercury RX is to make a honey jar with your lover.


Going with the Flow: Finally, Taurus is really about flow and feeling good in all areas of our life. This means that this Mercury RX will most likely interrupt your normal flow and routine in various ways and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The key is to pay attention to what is happening around you here and now, we note these celestial cycles because they are a source of information, but we participate in them by putting the information we receive to good use.

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