Mercury Retrograde in Libra: Balance is the New Little Black Dress

When Mercury retrogrades in the sign of the Scales, there is often more panic than usual. Libra is the sign of marriage, love relationships, and really ALL of our important relationships, and as we know Mercury Retrogrades can be…disruptive to say the least. balance 

Because I’m a sun sign Libra, you might think that this is my least favorite retrograde, but actually, the opposite is true. Why? Balance, baby. It’s the new little black dress – the thing you slip on when you need to remember just how amazing you really are! When Mercury retrogrades through Libra we have a golden opportunity to review where balance is missing from our lives…and to course correct.

Some people say that achieving balance is not really possible, but I’d counter that and say that it is only not possible if we don’t really see balance for what it actually is: a fluid, ever-moving, ever-changing, relational dynamic.

What brings balance today may not do so tomorrow and quite likely won’t do so 6 months from now. Most essentially, balance is not a point of rest but a point of motion grounded in right relationship.

Some years really knock our inner sense of balance and peace out of joint. Necessity shows up in powerful ways that the world as a whole cannot ignore, and all of a sudden the things that allow for expansion and ease, toughness and grit, go right out the window. I feel like we have collectively been in a couple of years where that is the case, where we have altogether had to push aside the things, experiences, relationships, learnings, and practices that bring true balance to our lives.

So embrace this Mercury RX period! It gives us deep support in looking at our lives and naming the missing pieces that will make things feel just right.

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